The Romanovs: An Imperial Family Part 7

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I caught it.
OLGA: Alyosha, don't go too far!
ANASTASIA: There are leeches in there!
There are no leeches in here! It's wonderful water...
Take your clothes off, Nicky, it's hot...
How was the water?
Take your shirt off.
What is this?
What, this?
This, My Dear?
Ah, these photos?
Yes, these photos...
From where?
This is a memory about "Swan Lake" by Tchaikovsky.
It was a wonderful performance.
We were there together with Papa and Mama.
What have Papa and Mama to do with it?
Who is this creature?
This is a swan.
A swan? Are you not ashamed?
Alix, My Dear if you don't like them, I'll throw them away.
Alix, My Dear, wait...
I'll explain everything to you in a minute...
You misunderstood me...
This is the village of Pokrovskoye, the home village of Starets Grigori Rasputin.
Do you remember my dream?
The dream beginning to sing,
the blossoming blossom
The disappearing day,
light going out.
Opening a window, I saw a lilac bush.
It was the spring day flying away.
Flowers breathed out.
and shadows of exulting copes have moved on dark eaves.
The melancholy choked,
the soul was engaged,
I threw open the window,
trembling and shivering.
And I don't remember
from where it breathed against my face,
Beginning to sing,
burning, she ascended the porch.
Opening a window, I saw a lilac bush.
It was the spring day flying away.
ANASTASIA: Who is it?
I don't know.
TATIANA: Where did he learn to play?
ANASTASIA: I saw him on the train.
Ah, this is a soldier...
I know him... He was a sea cadet in the fleet.
Now he is a rifleman.
How do you know all of this?
He told me himself.
Where did he tell you this?
We went fishing together.
Ah. .
He is a virtuoso. Where did he learn to play?
A person of natural gifts.
Let me listen...
This is something very familiar. Am I right?
This is Reginella - Neapolitan romance. Did you forget?
MARIA: I don't remember.
Davidov sang it at our party in Livadia.
"What the roses were then... "
Ah, I remember now.
Alexei Nikolaevich, would you please invite the lady for a dance?
I am drawing.
What if the lady asks?
What if she insisted?
Very well
Thank you.
Thank you.
You are welcome, Your Majesty.
Soldier, what is your name?
What is your first name?
And your name is Anastasia Nikolaevna?
That is correct.
And your name... ?
And my name is Olga Nikolaevna.
You play the mandolin very well.
You sing very well, Your Majesty.
You have a very nice voice.
Thank you.
Hey Denisov, take Semyenov and go clean the Tsar's toilet.
Yes, sir.
Excuse me. . Service.
Double time!