Blood letting therapy using leeches (Jalauka avacharana) or Hirudotherapy.

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Putting a wet cloth on the leech gives it a moist medium helping it to attach itself easily. is also to avoid it getting too far away from the site.
It is stated in Ayurveda that when the leech attaches itself and starts sucking....
it's head assumes the shape of the hoof of a horse.
here one can clearly see the leech filling itself up.
once the leech has finished sucking and seems to be full....
it is taken and put in a solution of water and turmeric powder.
this solution acts as a disinfectant.
also, it irritates the leech and stimulates it to vomit all the blood
Dr. Yogesh is helping it by squeezing it gently.
here you can clearly see that the leech is uncomfortable.
the same leech must not be used at least for seven days.
it must be allowed to rest before using it again.