Awesome Ab Moves | A-List Look With Valerie Waters

Uploaded by LivestrongWoman on 02.11.2012

Hi, I'm Valerie Waters with the A-List Look. And today I have for you Awesome Ab Moves.
I'm gonna show you three new moves to do with your Valslide and three moves if you don't
have your Valslide. Mix and match or do them just as they are -- I know you are gonna love
these awesome ab moves. So if you're ready, let's get started. You're gonna need your
Valslides, and we're gonna start with them under our feet coming to a push up position.
This first exercise I call Windshield Wipers. So you're in a real strong push up position
and you're gonna go 10 windshield wipers on each leg. So you take it out, bring it in,
other leg. Now the key here is to not let your hips dip and to really take that leg
super far out. Keeping your core tight. That's 4, 4, 5, 5, 6, 6, 7. So good. You should be
feeling these. That's 10 and 10. From here, we're gonna go into Valligators. I'm gonna
scoot back a little bit because this one travels. So, again, push up position. Feet in the middle
and here we go. Walk it out, then you push back. It's even harder on the way back. Go
forward and push back. That is so good. And now the next one, you need them under your
hands. And this one is really advanced. It's called a Valslide Slideout. Now, I'm gonna
do it on my knees. If you're really strong, take it from a push up position, but that's
like super, super advanced. Okay, so here we are on my knees, I'm gonna bend one tricep,
I'm sliding the other arm way out, and I'm coming up. So this is core but also tricep.
Really tough. We're getting 5 on each side. That's 3. One more each way. That was so good.
Now you could just stop right here or you could do this two more times. But now I'm
gonna show you variations that you could do that you can add in either with this routine
or any other A-List Look routine that you are doing if you just want some new ab moves.
So this next exercise is a Plank with a Leg Lift. So this is kind of a two for oner. You're
in push up position, so your core is working just because you're holding this plank. But
now I'm gonna lift my leg for 10, so I'm also getting butt. This is one of my new favorites
-- I love it in that hateful kind of way. 9 and 10, switch. 1, 2. Keep that core really
strong, don't let the hips drop. Keep your arms straight, try not to sink into your shoulders
blades -- 9 and 10. That was so good. Now we're going right into a side plank, but we're
gonna do a Side Plank with a 2 Second Hold. So instead of just holding it top for 30 seconds,
we're gonna come up and go 1, 2 and then dip down. 2, 2. Be sure you're in a super straight
line, head and everything. That's it. That's 5, 2. This is so good -- 7. It's just a great
variation of a side plank. And 10. Switch sides. Elbow right under the shoulder, super
straight line. Look straight out and up you go -- 1, 2, 2, 2, 3, 2, 5, 2, 6, 2. That's
it. Keep that head in line. Don't rush them. Last one. Oh my gosh that was hard. That was
so good. Okay, now you get this last one -- it's a Plank Walkout. So it kinda looks like a
Valslide Slideout, but you don't need anything for this. Push up position, what you're gonna
do is you're gonna walk your hands out until you get to a place you can't hold it. Now
maybe for you, you can go further. This is about as far as I can go, right? And then
I walk them back in until my hands are right under my shoulders. So walk them out until
you get to where you can't hold much longer, right back in. And I would do 5 rounds. This
is 3. And in. Good. Now it may not look like I'm going out that far, but trust me, as soon
as your hand is in front of your shoulder you are working. Last time. And in. And that's
it. These are my awesome ab moves. I hope you liked them. I know I totally felt them.
Hopefully you did too. So, feel free to do this workout as you see it or mix and match,
either way is great. And I'm Valerie Waters. You are just one workout away from a good