The bonds of military partnership are on target

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For Captain Christopher Baszuk of the Polish Armed Forces, learning how to
operate a Patriot Missile System is serious business.
I try to do my best to do this reloading.
[McCabe] Alpha Battery, 5th Battalion, 7th Air Defense Artillery,
brought six launchers with them from their home station in Germany.
The training modules are currently based at K-721,
home station for the Polish 16th Mechanized Battalion.
This phase of the training is focused on some of the Patriot's basic aspects:
raising the mast, running the cables,
loading and reloading of the massive missile cans.
Specialist Steven Faddis says the key to it all is balance.
It's not just about work, work, work. Be serious when the time comes, and have some
fun. [McCabe] Faddis is one of a hundred air defense
specialists deployed from US Army Europe.
The idea is to build muscle memory through repetition.
You guys are really great. Great to work with. I couldn't ask for anybody better.
[McCabe] Is he a good teacher? >>Yes. He is. The best.
[McCabe] Forty Polish officers are taking part,
primarily from the Polish Air Force Missile Brigade.
Most of them have master's degrees in engineering, and we're out here.
They're picking this stuff up quicker than I do.
[McCabe] The rotations are set to run for 30 days every 4 months.
Each cycle will concentrate on a different set of tactics, techniques, and procedures.
In the meantime, there is serious work to be done,
balanced in a framework of partnership. Gail McCabe, Morag, Poland.
[♪upbeat music♪] That's the Army Today from Soldiers Radio and Television, Atlanta.