My Action- Addressing Health Inequalities

Uploaded by nhswestminster on 21.10.2009

I had a sort of MoT.
The results of the MoT asked me if I'd like to take part in this programme.
I said, yes, I would.
Arm with your leg, or you can just keep your feet moving.
A nurse-led, multi-disciplinary, integrated
vascular prevention programme run in the community.
- Hi. - How are you doing this week?
- Nice to see you again. - You too.
- How have things been this week? - Not too bad.
Exercise is important.
The link to all the cardiovascular risk factors is very strong.
The doctor wanted to prescribe statins. I'm very anti-taking medications.
I would prefer to go down a different route.
We adopt the lifestyle approach first.
If we're not achieving the targets, then medication would be introduced.
Our programme will look to deal with communities as a whole
but will try to target those that are at greater risk.
That's one benefit of the MyAction programme.
You can go out into the community to target individual populations.
One of the other advantages of the programme
is we're rolling it out so we're offering an evening programme as well.
Traditionally, services have been nine to five.
Again, it's excluded those that are at work.
If it was during the day, I couldn't because I work full time.
But if I could do it in the evening in my own time, I'd do something like that.
You've got the services from primary care, secondary care
and the leisure services all coming under one umbrella.
If I think that I'm finally getting somewhere
and I will be supported and have all the information at once, why not?
I think it's a fabulous opportunity. It's like a one-stop clinic, really.
It's made me realise that perhaps I should cut down on my smoking.
MyAction is unique also because it's a family-based programme.
We don't just invite the patients with vascular disease
and those at high risk of developing the disease,
we invite them as families.
My daughter has also chosen to join.
It's a family change. It's not only the patient, but it's the partner.
Hopefully over time, that knocks down to the children as well.
She's very competitive, so she's lost 10lbs as well.
They seem to quite like the exercise
and the workshop when they can interact with each other.
They actually swap stories amongst each other.
It motivates you because you're with people each week.
It's great having a big team of skilled individuals.
Nurses, dieticians and physically activity specialists.
One-arm bicep curl with your leg. I got it right this time.
I like the exercises and the fact that it's gradual.
It gives you much more of an opportunity
to rather than give all the information at once,
to stagger it and to set small goals for them to try and reach.
So why chose MyAction? Because it's a proven model of care.
They've got that ongoing support.
They can see they're reaching targets. I like seeing that.
Rather than picking up the pieces as it were,
we're trying to prevent people from becoming unwell in the first place.