Gallaudet University Library: Behind-the-Scenes

Uploaded by GallaudetVideo on 14.07.2011

JANE NICKERSON: Every time I need materials, books, videos,
and other materials to support my classes,
I come to the Library.
The staff here help my students
find everything they need.
JIM McCARTHY: The Library really likes to communicate.
We have a blog that includes signed book reviews,
interviews with staff, and news about the Library,
and we are available to chat on instant message
during most of our opening hours - its really nice.
The Gallaudet University Library has many buried treasures,
including the children's book collection,
which supports Education majors and faculty --
but it's only a small part of Gallaudet's
whole collection of books here.
KELLY HARRIGAN: If you want to study alone
or with a small group, the Library's perfect!
There are comfortable couches, private study desks,
and a little alcove with a nice view.
Some rooms even have access to technology like TVs
to use to prepare for your presentation!
It's awesome!
RIAN NORRIS: At the Gallaudet University library,
you have access to many different research resources.
It doesn't matter if it is your homework
or a research project, or simply finding out about something -
you can find it here in the Library.
As a student/staff/or faculty, anyone can check out a book
from any of the schools in the consortium
of 8 DC-area universities.
So if Gallaudet doesn't have it, chances are -
another school will, and the best part is - its free!
You can be home and look for something
through the databases online.
When you arrive to the Library, you can check it out.
LIZZIE HENRY: I focus on electronic resources
here at the library.
We have many journals and articles
on every topic possible.
We also have LibGuides, which are created
by the Librarians who works with faculty.
They are designed specifically
for the students in a specific course
or for a specific research topic.
The journals and articles and the LibGuides
are available online on and off campus
anywhere and any time!
BENJAMIN LEWIS: I'm in graduate school for Deaf Studies,
in the Sign Language teaching track
and the librarians help me find specific books I need.
They help me research better!
KATHY WOOD: I really like to bring students here
to the Library because I like them to meet
our Librarians, the professional staff
who know everything about the Library.
Secondly, I like how students learn about databases
and know what we have to offer.
Third, I like how students learn how to find
scholarly articles for their research papers.
When we finish class, we're already here
in the Library so they can get right to work!
JERRI LYN DORMINY: Not everything happens
in the library.
The Library also offers workshops in the classrooms;
the Librarians work with the Faculty
on designing the curriculum; and they work
with First Year Experience on the Common Reading program.
JIM McCARTHY: We take an active hand in contributing
to the education of Gallaudet students
and supporting its faculty.
You just learned a few of the perks we have for you,
there's more!
Come, stop by, and check us out.