Continuum Ep 07: Lost In Myspace

Uploaded by ContinuumTheSeries on 14.08.2012

I just can't accept the idea that I'm sent here to kill you.
- That doesn't make any sense. - Why would the computer say that? - I don't know, but...
- I don't trust her. Do you? - No.
Not really.
I don't trust you either.
Yeah... Yeah, I get that feeling.
here we are together.
- What did you say? - Nothing.
- Look, you mentioned the virus. Do you remember anything else? - No.
- What kind of virus was it? Maybe HIV. - No, HIV was eradicated years and years ago.
I'm not sure how I actually know that, though.
Right. I mean something like that, an epidemic, a plague...
Look, all I remember was it was supposed to wipe out everything.
- Was supposed to? - Yeah.
No, you didn't say it did wipe out everything.
You said it was supposed to wipe out everything.
Maybe they found a vaccine.
You said that as if it was a force.
As if it had to be stopped.
You'd definitely wanna stop a virus.
You would.
What're you looking for?
I really don't know. Just...
Something. Anything that might help.
I didn't see that before.
Well, at least we know your name is Raegen.
Computer wasn't lying about that.
What's the "IT Department"?
Not "it".
IT - Information Technologies.
You work on computers?
Looks that way.
- So, is your memory coming back? - No, I don't think so.
Wait, wait! No, this is a good thing.
I mean, if nothing else, maybe you can...
you can fix the computer's database, memory thing, whatever it is.
Look, I'm sorry. I... I...
- I just got caught up in- - No, it's okay. It's just...
I don't know you like that.
But the video...
- It looks like- - We apparently did know each other...
quite intimately. It's just... I don't know.
There is an unknown ship approaching.
You should head to the bridge.
- Tara? - Yes, Raegen.
- How do we see the other ship? - Use the video display.
How do we do that? I don't see any controls.
Everything is voice command.
Video display?
What's going on?
You do not have voice command authority on this ship.
Do I?
Video display.
- Where is the other ship? - It is approaching from the starboard side.
I can position a camera for you if you like.
- Please do. - Yes, lieutenant.
Another one! That's what we saw earlier.
Yes, space debris.
They're people, not debris.
- I show no signs of life. - How...
Why are they out there?
I do not know.
Can you tell if anyone is alive in there?
I am scanning now.
My initial reading indicates there is no one on board.
How can she be sure? How can you be sure?
Let me correct myself.
There are no signs of life on board.
- So there could be some dead? - Yes.
But I am reading nothing.
No computer life, no human life.
Why would there be another ship that looks a lot like ours and...
floating dead bodies out in wherever the hell we are?
Again, I do not know.
They're trying to escape.
It was an escape shuttle.
Escape from where?
From the Mother Ship. No one was supposed to leave.
Then, were we escaping, too? I mean, that ship feels a lot like ours.
We didn't.
The computer did.
English subtitles by BugHer0