Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance - [Part 9 ~ The Grid 2/3] (English Subs)

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Sam: Wait here for a second.
Riku: Just when I was beginning to get bored.
Riku: What the?
Riku: Sam!
Kevin Flynn: You are?
Riku: Riku. I'm going with Sam to the portal.
Kevin Flynn: I am too.
Riku: Where?
Kevin Flynn: To the portal of course
Kevin Flynn: We're going to use the Solar Sailer to get there.
Kevin Flynn: It should be in the underground dock. Let us go
Sam: Father... your disk
Sam: It's gone.
Kevin Flynn: Yes.
Kevin Flynn: She's in stable condition.
Sam: We have to get the disk back or else CLU will go to the outside world!
Sam: If that happens he'll destroy reality, right!?
Kevin Flynn: Don't do anything else!
Sam: What are we going to do now?
Kevin Flynn: Who knows... Nothing... We'll do nothing.
Kevin Flynn: We'll just keep waiting
Kevin Flynn: Let us use the Solar Sailer and sail to the portal at full speed.
Kevin Flynn: We have to get there before CLU does.
Kevin Flynn: Look after Quorra.
Sam: This will help her?
Kevin Flynn: Maybe
Sam: She's a program you wrote right?
Kevin Flynn: A part of her is
Kevin Flynn: Anything other than this is very...
Kevin Flynn: I do not understand
Sam: Quorra's an ISO
Riku: ISO?
Kevin Flynn: A completely new life form.
Kevin Flynn: Quorra is the very last of them.
Sam: Are they an invention of yours?
Kevin Flynn: They just appeared, out of thin air.
Kevin Flynn: But not from a place.
Kevin Flynn: If the right conditions are met they appear.
Kevin Flynn: They are pure life forms beyond what the human mind can comprehend.
Kevin Flynn: Even though control, order, and perfection were sought in the system it was useless.
Kevin Flynn: I tried to show the world the magnificence of the ISOs
Kevin Flynn: There we go.
Kevin Flynn: It'll take some time before she reboots
Riku: You tried to show the world? How'd it go?
Kevin Flynn: CLU happened.
Kevin Flynn: CLU cannot accept anything unless it is perfect.
Kevin Flynn: Within the ISOs lay untold possibilities, but...
Kevin Flynn: CLU deemed them incomplete and imperfect then destroyed them.
Kevin Flynn: So cruel...
Kevin Flynn: But that is all my fault
Kevin Flynn: CLU is me.
Kevin Flynn: I sought perfection and looked down on everything I saw.
Kevin Flynn: Even the things I cared about.
Riku: A person's spirit of inquiry sometimes narrows his field of vision and swallows him up in his surroundings, causing him to fall into sorrow.
Riku: Ansem was created by Xehanort's pure thirst for knowledge.
Riku: There is not a person that does not seek knowledge.
Riku: So that means, anyone can give birth to an Ansem.
Riku: Darn! Looks like they found us!
Kevin Flynn: Looks like the course has been changed.
Quorra: Goodbye
Kevin Flynn: Don't go!
Sam: Wait!
Kevin Flynn: She acted as a decoy.
Sam: We can't just let them take her
Riku: I agree.
Kevin Flynn: No, wait Sam.
Kevin Flynn: Go to the portal and erase CLU from the outside.
Sam: But we have to save Quorra!
Sam: On top of that we have to get your disk back!
Kevin Flynn: Sam, I'll be fine. Go.
Riku: I don't want to meddle in familial affairs but...
Riku: shouldn't we at least try to get the disk back?
Riku: Before CLU destroys the world.
Riku: Let's go Sam.
Sam: We'll get a ship on the flight deck.
Kevin Flynn: What are you planning?
Sam: I'm a user. I'll improvise
Sam: Riku, I also want to help Quorra.
Riku: Of course
Sam: I think the disk is in the Throne Ship.
Sam: I saw it dock here just a moment ago.
Sam: There.
Riku: Understood.