Bulandi (2000) w/ Eng Sub - Hindi Movie - Part 12 (Last)

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Mother! Are you at peace now, you old vixen?
- Why did you do this, Aunt? - l've punished him.
He wasn't my child, but cancer!
He killed that teacher, and had Arjun ostracized. He!
And poor Arjun got punished.
You were unjust, Dharmaraj. You gave a wrong verdict!
What are you doing, Aunt? Don't accuse him lalsely.
Brother, you haven't erred. You can't do a mistake.
The conditions were such, that even lather would've done the same.
Yes. l am not saying your verdict was wrong. But il...
l've said something silly, please lorgive me, son.
Oh God! How did this happen?
Thinking that you were unjust, you sacriliced your lile.
l killed this man ol justice, l took his lile.
Daughter-in-law, Arjun Thakur is leaving lor the Court.
Get the buggy ready, Ramu.
May l go?