Dialing In "Crossroads" on Spider IV (75 & up) | Line 6

Uploaded by line6movies on 25.04.2011


Hi, I'm Tal Morris and I'm using the Spider IV amp
to dial in the live Eric Clapton tone from the song "Crossroads".
Eric was using guitars with humbucking pickups such as an
SG, a Les Paul, a Firebird and an ES-335.
So I've got my historic SG right here.
I'm using the Crunch Red channel on the Spider IV. It has that killer
crumbly, slight fuzz sound that the Crossroads song is known for.
It's not too gainy and the envelope of the distortion is a bit dark
and reacts to the pick attack in a very dynamic way, meaning
how hard or how light you pick, it's going to respond and sound very different.

It's important to mention
that Eric used a very light pick attack. He did not hit the strings
very hard. He had a strong fretboard hand and a very light picking
hand. So the setup of the amp is like this.
You might want to experiment with the Drive setting, depending on your pickup type
or how high or how low your pickup is. It's also very important to mention
that Eric messed with the controls on his guitar a lot. During this time
Eric was using humbucking pickups. So I have my SG here
and it's on the treble position. Eric did a lot of experimentation
in regard to how the amp responds when you change
the level of your volume or your tone. So make sure that you experiment
because you might have a different type of humbucking pickup
but the point is that you want to get the slightly crumbly tone where it reacts to your
pick attack.