Tito's Storyline 025 (English Subtitles)

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And what do you say, Tito? Do you like one? -The space in this one is not bad. I'd like something with a terrace.
With a terrace. Let me borrow your pen, and note that down. And tell me, how about this one? This is a bit smaller and has a terrace.
You're not going to believe me, Tito, you're not going to believe me.
Right there, in that apartment, in that terrace.
I had my first big romance.
Yes, it was with a Greek shipowner.
50 years old, give or take. Demetri was his name. He asked me to diner, took to me his apartment, and right there I had a great revelation.
I discovered I liked men. -Bruno, I don't want to be rude, but I don't care about your love affairs.
Excuse me, Tito. I didn't want to offend you with my confessions, but you reminded me of it.
See you in the afternoon then, Tito? -Yeah, I think so. But in case I can't, I'll send you an assistant.
No, no. YOU can't do that to me. If Cristóbal entrusted you with this task, it's because you have the sensibility to do it, dear.
I'll try, but I'm very busy. -My confessions made you uncomfortable, right?
Sorry. But Demetri was someone very especial in my life. He showed me a world I didn't know and that let me be (myself).
But it's okay. I won't mention it again. -Never mind.
See you in the afternoon.
Forgive me for having made uncomfortable.
How is it going, Tito? How's everything going? -Which version do you want? The bad one or the worst one?
The issue with the apartment has me complicated. It disrupted my day. Excuse me.
And what the matter with him? He's got a very rotten mood.
Well there's a world in every head, bro, and a heart in the chest. The poor guy has his bad days too, right?
I don't know. Well, could it be that he had a problem with Bruno or what?
Find out, It wouldn't be bad for you to lend him a hand, right?
Here you have the bill of the last board's meeting.
Do you need anything else, or should I go look at apartments?
Let's see, tell me something, Tito. Ever since I left you in charge with the apartment hunting, you're tense, bad-tempered. And I can even say, nervous.
Tell me. Did you have a problem with Bruno Rivera, or what? -With Bruno, with Bruno Rivera? Please, where do you think that-?
Tito, I know you perfectly. Look at you. You even got pale.
Is something going on that I should know about? And I'm not going to accept dodging the issue or excuses.
Tell me. What problem did you have with Bruno?
Problems with Bruno? But where are you getting that from? Why would I have to have problems with that guy.
Well what's the matter with you then? -Well I don't know. Work overload, or fatigue, stress.
Let's not say more about it. Take some well-earned vacation time. -No, no. Cristóbal. You're exaggerating, I'm good. Seriously.
Look, I don't know if lately if I've been giving you the impression that I'm an insensitive dictator.
And if it's like that, I apologize dearly.
But first of all, I'd like to think that we're friends overall.
Cristóbal, of course we're friends. But.. -But what?
Then why is it that everytime I try to talk to you friend-to-friend you get on the defensive?
On the defensive? Me? No. Let's see. Haven't I've been in all your private matters? Your problem with Marisa and more?
Tito, this time it's not about me,
But you.
We never talk about you. And I wouldn't butt in if I didn't feel like you were going through a difficult moment.
Cristóbal, no difficult moment. It's what I told you. It's streess and that's all.
And like always, I'm going to get over it. So can I go look at those apartments now to be finished with it, or do you prefer to look at them?
Alright Tito, I won't insist anymore.
I would go, but I have finish all the work I haven't done because I went to the meeting with my dad.
Are you sure you don't have any problems with that? -I don't.
I'll hand you a report later. Excuse me.