Bill Cocreham - 2011 Peoples Health Champion

Uploaded by PeoplesHealth on 13.10.2011

Announcer: Saints fans please turn your attention to the big screens to honor
today’s Peoples Health Champion Bill Cocreham.
Bill Cocreham: I’m 85 years old and being involved with BREC has been a
great part of my life.
Donna Klein: On July 24, 2003, at the age of 77, Bill Cocreham successfully
negotiated the donation of the old Sears building to the Baton Rouge Recreational
Parks Commission.
Bill’s accomplishments on behalf of BREC are many and various. He has also been
instrumental in the development of the Santa Maria Golf Course. He has worked
and developed donations of a building and property that now houses Highland
Road Observatory that BREC, in conjunction with LSU, developed into a
first class operation.
It takes a special person who has compassion and who has zeal and wants
to better the community to devote the kind of energy that Bill has devoted to
BREC. His recommendation is get involved, stay involved,
and you’ll live longer.
Bill Cocreham: I always say “never retire,” because it adds to your longevity.
Donna Klein: Congratulations, Bill. I am ready for your next project.