Sony VAIO PC Windows 8 Start Screen

Uploaded by SonyListens on 26.10.2012

This video is going to show you an overview of the new Windows 8 Start
Screen on your Sony VAIO PC.
When you first log in your computer, you'll be at the Start Screen.
The Start Screen completely replaces the start menu that existed in previous
versions of Windows.
From the Start Screen, you will see several tiles. These are applications and
software that are installed on your Sony VAIO PC.
These tiles can be customized to personalize your experience.
To open a tile, just click on it.
To go back to the Start Screen,
select the Windows key.
These tiles can be rearranged to fit your needs.
You can drag them to where you want them located by clicking on a tile and
dragging into the new location.
You can also separate apps into groups, by dragging them across separators from
one area to another.
If you have a number of apps that you would like to view, you can scroll
horizontally by using the scroll bar,
or the left and right arrow keys.
You can also zoom in and out on your tiles by clicking on the lower right
corner of the screen.
Zooming out, allows you to see how you have your groups aligned.
To zoom back, you can either click on the right corner
or click on a tile.
You can right click on a tile or multiple tiles, and it will give you
several options. On the bottom right of the Start Screen options bar, you will see
All Apps.
By selecting this, you will be taken to the App screen
Once in the App screen, you can open an app by selecting it,
or you can right click on an app and you will have several actions you can take
from this screen.
Remember, if you want to get back to the Start Screen, hit the Windows key.
I hope you've enjoyed this video.
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