The Making of TWO IS TOO MANY ( deaf 35mm filmmaking ) ( CC )

Uploaded by Silencebound on 10.02.2011

The first-day film production of Robert Hoskin's first-ever new feature-length deaf comedy movie,
"TWO IS TOO MANY", filmed entirely without sound recording at Hastings, Victoria, Australia, on Saturday 9th October, 2010.
Almost ready !
Robert, deaf film director and 35mm cinematographer, has casted five real-life deaf performers, Joseph A.P. Heenan,
Linda Mathers, Greg Bell and newcomer Jessica McKenzie along with Japanese deaf actress Yasuko Tsuchiya to star in his 35mm film.
Gee, light meter problem with that cloud !
The film "TWO IS TOO MANY" is a comedy film with potential meaning element based on it's title.
The all-deaf filmmaking team of Silencebound Film Productions, which is very small group -
almost without extra assistant staff, of course, that his film is an ultra-lowest 'shoestring' budget.
To avoid any further unnecessary budget spending, very fortunately enough, Robert is expertised in filmmaking
activities field that he has committed himself for more than 35 years as he is 48 years old today, such as that he is a 35mm cameraman.
Action !
Some of the deaf actors is amateur performers but done very professionally on their real natural
signing movements which is called 'Auslan', as to expressing themselves their actual signing dialogues
that director Robert gave them the raw dialogue lines, as to preventing any tight-written dialogue lines being converted into unnatural mess.
While filming them one longest uninterrupted take of more than 4 minutes, to settled their performance minds.
This is excellent opportunity way, dispute that it is a comedy movie with profoundly-serious feeling.
Great, that's it ! Great !!
That's fast ?!?
Bit hard to deal with mixed of clouds and sun ! But, luckily, passed it !
Got it with 4 mins, great !
Let's clean it up again !
All seated actors is still chomping their Drumsticks on hands after succeed this static 4-mins long single shot take.
Robert is intenting to produce a deaf drama with 'cult-status' theme, but later changed it into
'comedy' genre with seriously-abided comic-looking performance from two high-profiled stars.
Sometimes Robert made last-ditch script changes due to impactness of storytelling element.
4 mins fast ! I thought that we've passed over one minute with our anxiety for
more remaining time, and then . . . Robert yellin' out at us that the shooting is finished quickly !!
I become puzzled at him, but I'm very relieved ! Four minutes passed ! Ah, great !
Now for the next scene cut, hmm . . .
Kevin Lane, production assistant, is wiping out some old bird shits from this bench as what
Robert has ordered him to. Understandably, no one is laughing at him except Greg Bell,
who laughing and taunting at Kevin, is offering him something silly. All deafs is laughing only when
being exposed to comical incidents and events without sound, by their eyes only first.
But director Robert has wanted something totally different out of the deaf culture by
creating artistic merit element with bigger format presentation like 35mm film which
that all the deafs has had no history with it for very long time until Robert finally achieved this medium at last.
However, Robert himself felt that producing 35mm shorts is really not enough . . .
Bit cold out there and warm here. Nearly finished filming, and then go to your home and chompin' all
your foods from the refrigerator, like this ! All gone to missed it out, and then you're speechless !
Sorry about you . . .
After made seven 35mm deaf-drama short films under his credit, Robert has longevity wanted to
make a big feature movie being produced by a deaf filmmaker, and finally captured it on his mind
with "My Imported Wife" as his would-be 'first-ever' feature film, but has decided to produce his film
"Two Is Too Many", instead. As you've witnessing him doing it as he doesn't want to wait for it too long.
Action !
He is shooting the scene at three deaf actors for another 4-mins long uninterruption static take . . .
According to his twenty 4-minutes uninterrupted long take shot cuts, which combined into
a 80 mins entry at screening time, as Robert only gave the actors raw dialogue lines, to
make sure that they puts their performance paces to accurate level without brief
shot-by-shot cuts alone within 4 minutes at each scene, preciously.
Noticing that the stopwatch is ticking to 3 mins and 20 seconds, and keep counting . . . Greg is pretty concerning
at him doing the long continuous filming for overlong than 4 mins. Something goes very wrong with his camera . . .
Later, Robert has found out that his camera's 35mm magazine have blocked the film inside !
Bit difficult here . . . I think it's better . . .
I think it's better !
You 'looking around', like this. Come on.
'Deaf, you ?' . . . Hmm . . .
Trolley to pull back straight, then turn it bit around and stop it, and I will pan the camera.
Yasuko, turn your eyes to road after looked at shop windows, as don't need to turn back at it.
Don't need that ? Only looking at them ??
Don't have to look back at it again - Only to road, you know.
Robert is directing at Yasuko, who starring as a Japanese lone female traveller named 'Yumi', as she is
rehearsaling her first scene with her backpack that appears throughout the whole film from start to finish,
including her 'head to toe' clothes which is unchangeable all thru the film, as it is a 'complete one-day' story.
Robert intented to do this way, dispute the length of film production is bit over 3 months long !
Yasuko doesn't wearing her white jacket in the film, as she is only rehearsaling with it due to breezy wind.
Robert is going to shoot this scene with a supermarket trolley that is to be gripped back by Kevin.
Come, Yasuko - Too slow ! Bit increase walking speed pace, the better !
Naturally ?
First start over there, and looking at windows as normal - And walking on . . .
Walking normally ?
Watching over there . . .
He frequently communicates to Yasuko by Japanese sign language at home, but she learning
much more Auslan signings from him in favor to contacting more deaf Australians around her.
Right !
Yasuko stripped off her white jacket for this scene, as Robert is preparing to pull the motor of
a portable generator for 240V to 16V power supply to Arriflex IIB camera, placed under the trolley.
Kevin gripping the trolley back slowly, with Robert in it as he is filming at Yasuko, and then . . .
one guy shopper pulling his finger up at them. There is a threating rift between the fingered guy and deaf filmmakers.
Kevin argued at him after informed Robert that guy has ruined his film, as the argument is heating up . . .
Then Joseph and Greg raced across the road to swaying him off to avoid further incident.
Robert is very unhappy about that guy, but has decided to shoot an additional scene to weed-out 'unwanted extra' from his film.
Two weeks later on Sunday 24th October, 2010, Robert continues shooting the outdoor scenes with his
two 35mm cameras, Arriflex IIB and IIC models, on same location area, after became dissatisfied
with 'Bench' scene that has been filmed with a single camera. But very fortunately, he recently bought a
second-handed Arriflex IIC camera with 250mm zoom lense for $1,100 from eBay. He mounting the two cameras
on tripods to filming at five stars together in the 'Bench' scene at the same time. That's for the first time
ever for him as a filmmaker during his 35 years reign in the filmmaking field.
Now, Robert has infuriated at political posters being pinned-up unexpectedly at the store windows,
showing then-opposition Liberal Party member Neale Burgess. Robert didn't vote him but to Country Alliance Party, instead.
Robert has intented to strip it all down, but instead of that, he set-up his camera to block away that
unwelcomed posters off from the film, mainly for the continuity reason. He is filming at Greg Bell as 'Jim', who is
twist-walking away from static whirring camera for the main store toilet, in his comically performance form.
Next, it's Yasuko's turn to walk-away from the camera . . .
Filming OK ? Hmm, thanks !
Lucky, fine day ! Thanks, well done !
She is great ! She's famous !
His deaf film teams has met a very unhappy experience involded in film shooting at Greg's gripping scene near
the K-Mart chain store. While in midst of filming at Greg, then one of the kid scooter rode in the filmed scene
at background, and waving so prankly at Robert's whirring camera. Greg does his acting as normal but
Robert was very furious at that kid, while holding his heavy handheld 35mm camera by his hand in the gripping trolley.
He didn't stop the whirring camera as have to continue it till to the end of the film roll.
After 'print' the scene, Robert then furiously walked up to the kid scooter group and grabbed him,
pulled his blue jacket up to pushing him with his scooter almost to the ground as a big warning gesture.
Unfortunately, Joseph didn't filming that incident on video, but finally he captured it on video, as . . .
they have met with a very rude awakening.
That's them ! But that three scooter kids wasn't from the actual 'waving prank' kid, who has ruined the scene.
One of them are scathing at Jessica and Yasuko. Jessica is also videotaping at them, as a big
warning reference. Robert paid no attention at them, as he setting up his camera for other shot cut.
Then that kid with scooter smashing down his newly-bought energy drink can on ground and throwing it at them.
The splattering can nearly smash at Robert's 250mm zoom lense attached to camera, placed on ground.
Again, Robert has continued to ignoring them, not trying to lose his precious film production time.
But, before shoot this video, there was an another rude encounter with the same kid group that
one of them threw the same item at the pedestrian crossing. Robert then ordering Jessica to call police
to stop all their nonsenses. But, however, the kids has disappeared away . . .
Your waving hand, not yet here !
Start . . . Start from there ?
Don't waving yet, but you come here with it.
Sunday 7th November, 2010. Robert is studying the chosen scene shot with his Director's Eye Viewfinder.
He is filming at actor Joseph A.P. Heenan as 'Barry' on a bench near Hastings Library.
Very quiet surrounding with Greg and Yasuko, as no incident was occurred there.
Robert wants to speed-up his production time for the sake of his tighten-scheduled actors, not himself.
Okay !
Joseph, two takes is much better !
My eyes blinked at 1st take, but 2nd take is okay.
This is very highly critical and anticipated film shooting of the two deaf performers at Jacks Beach
Reserve location, about 4 kms south from Hastings, on Wednesday 11th November, 2010.
Robert has chosen this location very carefully for a major reason prior to writing his script draft.
It featured 2 full-naked performers dancing slowly with great romantic blossom outside in the brightest
sunlight surrounding. Robert has conceived his idea based from his decision to presenting his film title
"TWO IS TOO MANY" a top-priority meaning of the whole film, if provided with a nude scene.
Without it, then his film would be a big disaster with scathable commentaries from others.
Robert is setting up his camera here with Greg, posing his great anxious instinct to forseening
if any unexpected passer-bys entering the unsecured area, then he will stop shooting so abruptly
and losing everything. This is his most suspensing task of his filmmaking career. The filming of
this scene lasted for more than 4 minutes on a single uninterrupted shot, without any onlookers.
Robert is very relieved that his film shooting went very expectantly fine.
Howdy ! Today is hot day ! Oh, yuck !
Joseph and I are going to dance together closely, to showing the beauty surrounding here. Great !
Lovely day ! But eerily quiet here. But it will show the developed film, so I won't reveal about it.
Better to leave it in the shelves for later.
The final day of film shooting with all the actors and film production team, on Sunday 16th January, 2011.
Robert is shooting the last scene, overbaked with sunburn on his face, at Joseph, Linda and Jessica.
Yasuko is assisting him by securing the unbalanced tripod on uneven long spiked grass behind the bench . . .
Hey, Robert ! Look at that !
Filmed long enough !
Hey, everyone !
Yah, finally at last !!
Then they all celebrating to achieved their three hard months' working on "TWO IS TOO MANY".
Robert has shot all the film scenes, and added it up to 2 hours and 20 minutes of unedited 35mm footage.
However, it will edit down to approximately 80 minutes, and will be released to public on middle of 2011.