The Gift (Moviestorm machinima)

Uploaded by sherwinliu on 26.07.2011

Keep going. Keep going.
Just... Keep... Going...
Large double caffeine...
... nonfat latte?
You got it.
That's him, huh?
Shush! Hi, what can I get you?
A large coffee for here please.
Man, he looks cold cold cold!
Did you take a good look at him? He has... very soulful eyes
Woo, "soulful eyes!" So watcha gonna do?
Nothing! Here you go.
Just waiting for the knight to come and rescue you?
Phil, large double caffeine nonfat latte!
Double caffeine nonfat latte?
That's what I said.
Small coffee to go please.
Ah, yes!
They always say the knight rescues the maiden. But how do you know if the maiden doesn't save the knight?
What are you talking about?
Anyhow, if you're into rescuing, how about rescuring Greg over there?
Hey. Can I have my usual?
I'm sorry?
My usual. Can I have my usual?
Which is...
Uh, a cappuccino please.
I know the Peterson acquisition is unfortunate.
A surprise party in your office. Act accordingly, and please don't hold it against me!
What, is this!
So, how old are you, Phil?
Still young enough for the 70-hour work week.
I know how old. You're right at the age when people either make it or break it.
Is that right?
Is your exhibition next week or the following week?
The following week.
So are you all coming to my art exhibition?
I do oil paintings. A bunch of friends are organizing a show, for fun.
For fun?
Actually, it's my passion.
Do you want to be a lawyer or do you want to be a bum?
Relax. Can't an old man kid?
Not if you're Keith Mandelbrot!
Keith is a jokester.
Stacie, I heard you're leaving.
Yes, I'm starting law school in January.
I'm sorry!
Looks like our associates have a little too much time to kill.
By the way, is everything alright with the Peterson acquisition?
Remember, a man's moral compass is subjective, but a corporate lawyer's code of ethics is not.
I want you to know, we're restructuring the firm.
A few associates will be made partners...
... I'm to nudge the rest of the senior associates to seek other opportunities.
I see.
You're in, Phil. A partner.
Almost. Don't screw it up. And don't tell anyone yet, right?
Larry, I'm home!
Did you have a good day?
I love you Emily.
I love you Emily.
I love you Emily.
One day, you'll say it to me.
I love you, Larry.
I love you, Larry.
Are you there? Come keep me company.
Why the sad song? Isn't this a happy day? You're getting promoted.
I am.
You worked very hard for this.
I did.
You should be pleased.
But what's the point? I run and run. For what?
Each and every day, I do wha'ts expected. Shut myself up, perform my function, be part of the big machine.
Don't question, don't reflect, don't even think.
Just do, move, and keep going!
At the end of the day, I wash up ashore, half-conscious half-dead...
...all consumed to the last drop.
But the damnest thing is... what's left after all that.
Survival costs more than its worth.
But isn't there music?
"You, alone, alone, O imaginary song"
"Are unable to say an existence is wrong"
"And pour out your forgiveness like a wine."
Without music, what would I be?
The next candidate for your new assistant is here. Hereís his rÈsumÈ.
Great, thanks. Let him in.
Phil! Long time no see. Ten years?
How have you been?
Good! I had a very productive year.
But a composer still needs to pay his rent and secure health care.
Philip Glass used to drive a cab. Iím not complaining. But you, a lawyer?
Beats driving a cab.
Are you still writing music though? You were gifted.
Turns out, Iím good at this too.
So you joined the dark side?
Nothing fancy like that. Just trying to be responsible.
Everybodyís a slave, so you might as well be the best?
No, I want the best as my secretary.
I have a feeling that I wonít be a good fit for this position. Heck, I make a lousy assistant.
Iím sure youíll make an excellent assistant.
Forget about it. All I want to say is youíre lucky to have another talent. For me, music is the only thing.
Itís not quite like that.
Thank you for coming. It was nice seeing you.
I wish I had your courage.
It's not too late.
I'm sorry?
Gauguin was 37 when he went to Paris to paint full time. He was 51 when he went to Tahiti.
Itís not too late for you.
I very much doubt it.
King George the Fifth, Blue Label. An experience to have.
You look... wilted, for a man whoís about to make it.
A man contains his excitement.
This is it, Phil. This is as good as it gets. Enjoy. Gloat!
I am!
What more in life can you possibly want?
Thatís a great question.
Iím sorry about Marie.
I got over it.
Good. As you should. Iím not worried about you. A partner at this firm can start a new family anytime he wants.
You as a living proof.
Well, let me tell you: Iím content.
My son, from my other marriage, wants to major in literature.
I said, fine, as long as you go to law school after that.
And the contempt in his eyes...
What a privilege to be so young, hopeful, and... naive.
I have three novels in my drawer. Who doesn't?
But sooner or later, people grow up. Life is a tough fight. You give it your all or perish.
Would you repeat that if you heard it?
Phil, I know about your hearing loss. Itís progressive, isnít it?
All the more reason to dedicate yourself to work.
Weíre all prisoners of our lousy bodies. Terrible inconvenience.
But life is gentler to a good corporate lawyer. You know what I mean?
Good. Now, everything depends on the Peterson acquisition.
Donít disappoint me, son. I put my neck out for you.
I wonít.
Relax, canít an old man kid?
I love you, granny.
Oh no!
Hey, Emily?
Greg, here. Iím sorry. I asked Zinnie for your number...
Is everything okay?
I was baking cookies but burned them all!
Thatís why youíre crying?
Whoís crying! Iím not crying!
Hello? Is it a bad time to talk? Or would you like me to throw away your number?
No! No, Greg! Iím glad you called.
Really? Awesome!
Are you there? Keep me company.
Itís hopeless.
I can't.
I got it...
I got it. I got it... No... Fuck!
Shut up!
Itís over.
Iím just a machine, loaded with law clauses and run by appointments. What justifies a life like that?
You need somebody to love.
Fuck love.
How do they do it, Marie?
How do people give up what they live for, and then still go on living?
Boxing is not just about training, you need guts and a tough mind.
If you have what it takes, you can go all the way, first the national title and then the world championship.
Thatís a big dream.
Hey, a manís gotta dream big right?
Itís Godís gift, the ability to dream. Whatís your dream?
I donít know. A knight in shining armor?
A pumpkin pie!
A pumpkin pie? Thatís your dream?
Sometimes big dreams hurt people, make them blind to the gifts they already have.
So youíre saying dreams make people unhappy?
Iím saying happiness is a warm pie.
You should try my grannyís pumpkin pie. Thatís what love tastes like.
I hope I will some day.
I was expecting mail.
I was in the neighborhood, so why not deliver the paper in person and make you a free woman a day earlier?
Were you drinking?
You look gorgeous by the way.
Thanks. For the document I mean.
Itís better this way.
Sure thing.
You know I still care about you.
Whoís that fellow in your apartment? Is he your...
... date, yes.
Where were we?
You, still caring about me.
Yes. But the love is gone, so whatís the point?
It might have been different if we had kids. That might have tied me down.
I would never want to tie you down.
But thatís what people do, Phil. They make all sort of bonds to hold their lives together.
MARIEíS GHOST Thatís how they do it, Phil. Thatís how they go on.
Not for me. No fucking bondage.
Call it whatever you want. But people arenít free. They arenít meant to be.
I have to go.
You know my number if you ever feel guilty enough to give that... holy matrimony and the whole deal another try.
Relax, canít an old man kid?
You forgot to sign the paper.
Really? Thatís funny.
I had a hectic day. You know how it is... Whereís my pen?
Here. Use mine.
Always prepared!
Have it then, cunt.
Marie, Iím sorry.
Yes, me too.
Are you there? Come, keep me company.
"You, alone, alone, O imaginary song"
"Are unable to say an existence is wrong"
WOMAN (O.S.) No, it looks scary.
MAN (O.S.) Címon. Iíll show you around.
Hey, I had a really good time. Did you?
Yes, I did.
Well, Iím glad.
But Greg, itís getting late. I have to...
Will you give me my pumpkin pie?
I want my pumpkin pie.
Greg, youíre hurting me.
Youíll like it. I swear.
Let me go!
I said, stay, still!
Get. out.
Run. Now!
EMILY (O.S.) And this is how the maiden saved the knight.
CHILD (O.S.) And they lived happily ever after?
Yes, honey, and they lived, happily, ever, after.