Yaarana (1981) w/ Eng Sub - Watch Online - 7/13

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Go get your luggage.
The kind ol people l have to deal with!
You! You haven't left yet?
Beat me. Thrash me as much as you like. Punish me.
l will not protest.
l will not complain.
But please paci_ my lriend.
l am alone in this world.
Bhishen means eveything to me, mother, lather, brother.
He means eveything to me.
lt is because ol me that his eyes brimmed with tears today.
l have committed a grave sin.
You tell him, l.
Kishen, something unbelievable happened today.
This stadium has never been house lull.
People are lighting to get tickets.
Mr.Bharat, there's a call lor you.
There are no tickets available.
- Can l get tickets? - Impossible!
Sheela, Julie here.
So you have lorgotten your childhood lriend?
Oh, Julie! Tell me, how are you?
Where are you calling?
Outside the stadium.
Where your brother -in-law is going to perlorm.
You went away to London but on one condition.
ll you can arrange two tickets lor me.
Sory, l cannot do anything.
And hencelorth, don't mention that guy's name to me.
But l had heard Kishen is a vey good lriend ol your husband
He's an enemy, and the cause ol my problems.
- Mummy, l want to see Kishen uncle perlorm. - No!
Don't be stubborn! Get in!
What other papers do l have to sign?
Please lorgive me.
- Where is Bhishen? - Didn't anyone tell you?
He called to say he couldn't come.
Madam has left, and also took Munna along.
Why did you let her go? Why didn't you stop her?
l tried hard, l begged and implored her.
But she relused to budge.
What is this going on, son?
Why are calamities belalling us again and again?
Don't cy, mother. l draw my courage lrom you.
ll you cy like this, even l'll collapse.
- l cannot sing. - But the tickets have already been sold.
- l cannot sing. - But atleast listen to me!
No, l cannot sing without Bhishen's presence.
l just cannot.
Don't be alraid, have courage. We are all with you.
l cannot sing. l said l won't sing!
Listen! Call Komal immediately!
What is this l am hearing? You won't sing?
You heard right. l cannot sing..
..in the presence ol so many people.
l cannot sing with so still take the courage..
Does only Bhishen mean eveything to you in lile?
Yes, whom else do l have?
Don't l mean anything to you?
Don't you care even a little for me?
l owe you many lavors, Komal.
Favor? Don't call love a lavor and abuse it!
Yes! l love you!
But you only care lor your lriendship.
What do you know about love?
You were a dimwit, you are a dimwit even today!
l'd thought, that after the programme..
..when eveyone would be praising you ..
... l'd come running to you and say that l..
..l love you.
But you shattered all my dreams.
Now l hate you!
You shattered all my dreams!
l hate you!
You shattered all my dreams!
''You made such a impression on my thoughts.''
''yet what subtle thing did you wish to tell?''
''That made the whole atmosphere change''
''And make the whole world seem beautilul''
''ll you say, l'll sing lor you all my lile''
''l'll keep writing melodies lor your lips''
''The world will search your image in my songs''
''Touching my heart..''
''All the world...''
... is cray about beautilul women''
''Then why does the world say that..''
I I ... it is wrong to woo''