LAS PLANADAS EXTREME TOUR ( Cayey, Puerto Rico ) - Apoyemos el turismo interno!

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We are passing by the worst way of the route!
The steeper!
Let's be fearless guys!
We found a Taíno here!
Taino petroglyphs
Poisonous spiders.
Indian Cave
Prehistoric Arts
Encounter with Nature
Beginning the journey to times past ...
Let's go guys!
We are Ready to ride down there!
We are ready, pumped!
Willy is shittin' bricks, but that's all right...
The pang of Conan is coming very powerful...
We look forward!
Watch!.. Willie Joe is Pissing there!
eehehehee... The first Piss of the morning!
Should we take our rope... oh what? will be worth taking it?
Bring it in case we need it!
The rope! should we took it?
Yes, for the cave!
To power down so!
Willie Joe!
wepaaa!, We are the guerrillas!
Beware of the Machete!
Be careful there!
hehee...Neither the guerrillas know how to do this!
This place is amazing brother!
Look at this view man!
And yet we do not see the cave?
Wow...there it is down there!
Wow!...where we go!
I Told René and I said: there it is, down there?
Yes it is down there on that rock over there ...
there is the cave
Over there? the gray spot there?
Hold on! I am not aware of the camera If I sink into this hole by...
Dont worry I threw the rope!
Falling there, is not a joke! come back up!
to come back up! yeah!
Up is going to be easy ...!
Now going through the worst way of all the route!
The steeper!
But ...
Let no fear!
Courage and forth!
As Willy said ...
People...this is Las Planadas neighborhood..
We found a Taíno!
There he comes!
We are amazed!
Well lost, we are in a jungle
Excuse me!...Can you help with some cash?
This are one of the old refuge to guard against hurricanes used by the elderly when they lived here after the Tainos
Turn on this radio!
It still works!
Bottles of rum?, were spout probably... Typically rum produced in the mountains of Puerto Rico.
Turn down the volume!
Turn down the volume!
Stop it... please!!
Where Are We Going Now?
Come this way!
No, is over here!!
This way?
Wake up Puerto Rican!!
Telemundo Follow me!
Let's go!
Wowww!!! Eating mango!
Fresh Mango!.....They are fresh!!
No way, there is nothing better than this! There is no way!!!
From the ground!!
Does It taste good?
Not even in Chinatown!
What did you find carlos?
A mango.
Survives here!!...Eating Mango all week.
Diarrhea without fail!!
I'm already squishy!
Ricky check if you can take this...ahhh ...are you filming video?
I thought it was the camera!
Let me take your picture
That's a ... video Ricky?
We are here taking the Coke freezer!
This is where they used to cooled Malta India!
The indians!.....Malta Indians!!
Willie check if you are still cold coke willie!
That's the new bending machine model 2012.
I get thirsty when I see it!
When I see it I get kidney stone!
You have to zoom it!
Zoom it, Zoom it!
Needless my brother!!! hahahaaa!!
One bite of these venomous spiders can affect our expedition. That's why we have made and continue our trek quiet!
Do not touch it!... let's go guys!
We here at ¨Las Planadas Extreme Tour¨. We are now reaching the archaeological site.
Ahh... we have 2 minutes left to get there!
to get there!!!
We are having fun!!
Looking for a pond.
For a swim time, because ...
I'm sweaty look at me!
You got it? houses were before!
...Picture picture!!!
Is that on Carlos?
Excuse me?... Excuse me?...
Hello, Hello, good afternoon?...
Woooo...You scared the hell out of me!!
Who threw a picture?
There is a mirror in there and I saw the light in the mirror!
Are you kidding me!!
Yes, look at the mirror behind the back there! woo..!
Here we have another old hurricane shutters!
They are spacious.
Yes, there!
We are in the lunch time!
We are eating snack to get back to the track!
We are in the lunch break!
With sausage, ham and cheese.
Sausage, ... bread.
What is this rock here?
The petroglyph of....
With his kid!
I found something here.
The Pyramids of Giza
Is that done by human or natural?
What Cell Phone Company Do You Use? It has signal here?
Carlos did you eat?
Oh yeah, I'm ready to go!
Are we going to the river?
As we see here we got signal!
Look at the old instrument I have to use here, we got here unarmed. We work indian style!
We have gone back in time to eighty years old!
The Bamboo...
hahaha... Chillin broo!
I found.....what the heck I found!
Ahh, looks the JUTIA Do you see?
Your aunt's bones? Yes!
The complete fossil... let's take a look at the bones.
An extinct animal in Puerto Rico.
and...... I'm throwing the knife, to kill the boredom!
What music are you listening to?
Motorama music from Russia!
And the bamboo for collection
Look ... I found the acorn Anacaona!
Does the brain of whom?
The acorn of Anacaona.
The Popola!!! hehehe!
The stone seemed to play ball ...
If they hit someone with that...uff!
Those were the breast implants at that time!
I have not found not even a construction stone!
Look at the seafood the Indians use to bring from the sea! and them the snails buried here!
In those times here in this area was the tainos dump who inhabited "Las Planadas" better known as COCHERO where they deposited the remains of food and other utensils into disuse.
Here we are in the pond. A river that I don't know the name, but as you can see is full of stones, big stones!
People without water.
We are in drought.
We need a river to deep water, it's hot!
We can jump over there René, look!
Is there a pool here right?
Let's go there!
There is water but ...
At the other spring water site!
The one coming out of the river right?
But, right there is the cave!
And the church!
And there is Ricky!
(Music Effect)
ohh God... with effect and everything!
We completed the second facet of today, We arrived at The Indian Cave!
We need the Indian enter the cave!
Also Ricky need to drink water.
Ohh my Goddd!!
Look I see the highway there!
Look up!
There are some waterfalls that way, right?
Already twelve years since stair use to be here the entrance to the cave has disappeared.
But our climber does not give up today, their risky challenge of entering it!
Just a rope that is not for such activity and a wooden pole are those who endure!
And to get back down?
To get down is easy!
You jump!
This rock so smooth!
He has nowhere to put your fingers!
If the ladder were here ...
The ladder broke years ago ...
And was old when we came last time, eleven year ago!
be careful!
Forget it, Surrender ... just take a picture and done!
I can, I can do it!...
We do not need an emergency here!
The only thing will happen is that I fall down hard...
And you're going to hurt your self!
Hey....let's use this rock there!
With the fate of the rope was anchored in the rock to pull it, whether it would be impossible to climb the steep rock.
Just put the foot in the hole!...
Which one?
By the stick!
Right at your knee!!!
Boy...if you fall and kill up there ...
If you fall we have to call an helicopter, you hear?
Look over here to just take a picture!
Hey listen! What about putting the sneaker into the gap beside the stick!
That's what I was thinking now.
But I have to put this ... on the right!
but the stick is going to move!
The stick...
The stick is going to be there on the wall. Once Anchored there!
When I was climbing in the Andes ...
I spent those things and had to turn back home!
Barefoot is best!
hahahaa...where is the zoom of this camera?
Top ... above!
Ahh ok now I do.
From Cayey Puerto!
That's it!
¡Extreme! .... the Indian Cave!
Well people here is the famous Cave of the Indian!
Let's see ... what we find and what we not find here.
This is our cave kit
The head lamp.
All Sweat because the walk was amazing ...peeep!!!
I'm sorry for my expression!
It was a hard "F" walk!
Root in the cave where several petroglyphs made by the Taino Indians.
This cave was very magical-religious activity, this is believed due to the Taino petroglyphs and artifacts archaeologists have found in the area.
If you don't hear me talking, is because I'm scare like a shit!
This is another chamber.
That way.
Once we went to that area!
But today, I'm not going to do it!
Are you okay?
Yes...I'm ok!
Taino petroglyphs. Below is a modern graffiti. Fortunately, not painted over them.
I my phone rings now, I'll shit me up!
I was kidding!
Bats must live here...
A white powder there ... do not know what the hell is!
So ...
There is another face!
And here's another chamber!
I move the camera a bit to see if there ...
I'm not going to enter but I want to see what's there!
Is not so far but ...
The nerves also causes me any more away from the end
There is another the side!
In which we got last time.
But you have to get on the floor and ...
Did you see the petroglyphs ... at the Wall?
Yes I have recorded!
Is small the entrance to the right, is it?
Yes, that is shorter.
Those are two, but is too low to enter!
This one!
Well now people the challenge is outta here!
This is the famous hedge
Above you there is another cave in the side there!
The Indian cave wife!
hahaha...The Indian wife live there?
The second floor? ...forget it, I'm not going there!
We will now see the culmination of this second facet, of the expedition today!
This is Discovery Channel!
Sponsored by ...Rolon Supermarket!!!
Lower the right! Low right now, Jose
And lean on the broken wall.
Wooo.. perfect!
If it were easy to climb!
Beware you don't fall hard the stick is facing the center of you ass!
Ok, that's it ......
That stick is hard hear me...
It is true down was easier.
Now you fall to the final step!
At least it was there!
No, the rope is not important!
Jose gave the last words!
We did it!
We are alive!!!
It's a Wrap! ...We made it???
Yes, yes!!
Mission accomplished!!!!
It's a wrap!!!!
Mission accomplished for today!!!
Tomorrow we return to the mission! No way!!!
We come over early as five o'clock .. No way jose!
In twelve more years here!!!!
Fuck it!!
Hey...I forgot a bag of mangoes down there!
Hahaha ... we forgot the keys guys!
¡Tan, Tán! THE END!