How to use Nunn Design Prong Settings for Chatons and Make a Pair of Earrings

Uploaded by Beadaholique on 09.11.2012

Hi this is Julie with and today I want to show you how to use these new
Nunn Design Prong Settings for Chatons and Make a Pair of Earrings
so what you're going to need is a prong setting and what't great about
these is they have a loop
on each end which will allow you to make an earring such as this
They have four prongs and a nice deep well and I have this pretty czech
glass bead
pointed back chaton which is perfectly fitted for the setting
just drop it in there. You might have to
move it around a little bit
that's a really nice snug fit. You can see that it fits nice and flush in there
and then what we need to do is we need to
close up
the prongs
there's a lot of different tools you can use. Some people actually like to
use their pliers like the flat part of it
I prepare to use a popsicle stick just because it's a little bit
gentler on the stone. I don't worry so much about cracking the glass
so I'm going to just take my tool, if you have a burnishing tool that would work
well as well
holding my glass chaton in place and holding the back of the
setting as well so I have a good grip sandwiching them in there
take my tool
and I'm going to press
the prong down
carefully work it
go from all sides
and press
you can see we're getting there. They're not fully press down but they're all curving
inward and I wanted to go all the way around, start to press them down and then
I want to go back
and finish pressing them all the way down and curve them up and around
that one id now flats
you can even take your tool or something like this popsicle stick
and press and push at the same time
take a look at it. They all look pretty good. This one can go down a little bit
just slow and steady. You don't want to crack the glass
now that chaton is in there it's not gonna go anywhere and it looks
very professional and polished
and if you've seen so of my past videos you know I'd like to show you how to use
this in a practical way. I want to show you really quickly
turn this into an earring. I have a pretty silver plated key charm
the little oval jump ring
and a silver plated earring hook
open up my jump ring
slip it onto the loop at the top of the charm
slip it onto one of the loops on the setting
close that something back up
open the bottom loop of the earring hook the same way you open a
jump ring, just twist it out
put this on facing forward
close that loop back up
and we have a very pretty and very quick, very easy yet very elegant
and polished pair of earrings
Again these are the new prong settings by Nunn design. We just put a pretty
czech glass pointed back
chaton in there and we've added a charm, added an earring hook
and suddenly have a really lovely pair of earrings