Kabbalah, Science, Islam & Armageddon with Billy Phillips

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Kabbalah Science Islam Armageddon with Billy Phillips
A special message from London, England
The honorable Imam Mohammad Yazdani Raza (Misbahi)
In the name of Allah, the most merciful and most compassionate
my dear respected honorable elders
esteemed guests
on this beautiful occasion
of meeting between people of illumination
and desire to be immersed in the Light
of the holy Zohar
and the Light of the holy Qu’ran
The Zohar and the Kabbalah
of course, teaches
the correction of the self
just life the Qu’ran says:
"No one can change that which is
in a nation up until the change that is in themselves"
God almighty says in the Qu’ran:
"Those who struggle and strive towards our path will indeed guide them."
It’s up to us
how much we give ourselves to struggle
in the path of the source of Light.
We had a beautiful conversation with honorable Billy Phillips
and in our conversation we learnt the importance of this Light and illumination
and how this Light and illumination has been mentioned throughout
the divinely revealed in scriptures
and this Light and illumination
has continued up until it appeared in the religion of Islam
in the form of our beloved prophet - peace and blessings be upon him
something that the Zohar also points out towards.
We are most delighted
to learn
that there is
a wonderful commonality
we should pave towards that direction
and embrace God almighty
himself took this pledge
right at the beginning from all of the prophets
from Noach, from Abraham, and from Moses
this is what brings us together
so long as we come to recognize this
I am very much sure
and put all trust in God almighty who is the Creator of our souls
our souls have been introduced in the realm of souls
that came from the source of Light
and we shall go back to that same source of Light
I now introduce you to honorable Billy Phillips
with whom I had the delightful conversation about these issues
and who is of course student of honorable Rav Berg and Karen Berg
we bid you well
and attentive listening
and time of illumination
Sallam, Shalom, and peace to you all
Good evening everybody
I think
that introduction is well worth the wait.
Probably never happened in history
where we have our Muslim brothers
embracing the Zohar to such a wide crowd we see here this evening
that would see this on the internet and on television, probably in Europe
so let’s have another round of applause for the honorable Imam Yazdani.
The honorable Imam Yazdani (Misbahi)
So to begin
I’d like to share a story, a parable
that probably most people have already heard
but there is a wonderful profound secret inside this story
that has never been revealed
We will reveal that secret at the end of the lecture
but we’ll tell the story at the beginning
and the story is: a student asked his teacher, a great kabbalist
to show him the difference between heaven and hell
well, all of a sudden, he finds himself in a room
where these people are walking around a big vat with long spoons.
And the spoons are dipped inside this magical potion
that delivers immediate ecstasy of Paradise.
And these spoons are handcuffed to their hands
and the teacher said
This is Hell.
And the reason was
when they try to turn those spoons around and get them into their mouths
they couldn’t
And that frustration of being so close to paradise
so close to rapture, ecstasy and bliss and you can’t have it
they were crying and wailing 24 hours a day.
The student said: please show me Heaven.
He finds out it’s the same room
same vat, same magical potion, same long spoons
the spoons are dipped inside, but here everybody was ecstatic
they were literally in a state of bliss
because in this room everybody turned to the right
with their spoon and fed their brother.
This story is a nice story, you can probably find it on the internet
this story on how you compare Heaven and Hell.
But there is a profound kabbalistic secret and technology
in this story that holds the secret to understanding what we’ve all learned in Kabbalah
the essence, the DNA of the force called Satan.
The word Satan first appears in Human History in the Torah.
That’s the first time the word Satan every appears in history
and it doesn’t mean demon or devil, it means an Opponent
And the other secret of the history, which we’ll discover
it holds the secret to the physical and biological immortality and resurrection of the dead
which is what Armageddon and that whole time period is all about.
Kabbalah Science Islam Armageddon
First we begin with Kabbalah
2,000 years ago it was called mysticism
even to this day they call it mysticism, but the reason is quite simple
You can try to describe a computer even 300 hundred years ago
They would call it mysticism
So Kabbalah spoke about concepts that was literally light years ahead of their time
concepts that we see today in modern medicine and physics
As we’ll see in tonight’s class
even concepts that are 25th century physics
that will even still sound far out to us.
One of the most important concepts of Kabbalah
in fact, the whole purpose of Kabbalah, is one thing.
Kabbalah is here to teach us that death is an illusion.
Kabbalah is here to teach us that immortality is the only reality.
And everything we do in Kabbalah is for one purpose
which is to bring paradise and immortality to all of mankind
every thing else is commentary
everything else we do at the Kabbalah Centre
everything kabbalists have done through history
everything we do on the Sabath, on Rosh Hashanah, on Passover coming up
everything is geared to bring that illusion of death to make it disappear
and bring the reality of immortality to our physical existence.
That’s all Kabbalah does.
And it took until this century
for physicists, for scientists to arrive at the same conclusion
that immortality is the only reality. What do I mean?
Everybody here is made up of molecules.
and what are molecules made up of?
I can’t hear you: atoms.
Atoms are immortal
So everybody here this evening is made up of atoms,
and the atoms that make up your chairs, your tables, and yourselves
those atoms, says physics unequivocally
those atoms were created 15 billion years ago in the Big Bang.
So this leads to the question,
if atoms are immortal
and we’re made up of atoms, why aren’t we immortal?
It’s a good question, right? What’s the problem?
Physics tells us
this is incredible
even they don’t really understand it.
In fact, there was one physicist, his name was Ludwig Boltzmann
who committed suicide because of the paradoxes associated with this idea.
But basically, physics will tell us death is a statistic
it is not a law of physics
there is nothing in the laws of physics that demand that we die
that demand that we age and decay and reach an end of life
because we shrink down to the level of your cells
then shrink down further to the levels of molecules
and shrink down further
picture it in your mind, to the level of atoms, atoms never die.
So I want everybody right now to hold hands.
I don’t care if you’re sitting beside a stranger, let’s break our nature tonight.
Everybody hold hands.
Now let’s assume everybody here is an atom
and now, the fact that we just held hands and bonded, we’ve created a molecule.
We don't have time for this because we're an hour late.
If this table bonded with the table over there, and this table bonded with the table there, and we are all holding hands
that means that the molecules just created a cell.
And if different cells start bonding with other people from another rooms
we're creating the organs of the body
on the count of three I want you to let go
One, two, three, let go
the molecule just died
but we are still here.
The circle died but we are still here.
So Kabbalah teaches, and physics confirms
though the constituent parts are immortal
the forms that those parts create
are not immortal
they come apart - so, it’s like a Lego man
You know you take Lego building blocks and you put those building blocks together, and you have a Lego Man.
Wow, Lego pieces create Lego Man
But if a little child comes along and says “You know what, I wanna build something else.”
He takes it all apart. Lego Man disassembles. Lego Man is dead and gone
but the individual Lego pieces are still here.
Simple, right? So if Lego pieces make a Lego Man,
and snow particles make a snowman,
why don’t immortal particles make immortal man?
One reason and one reason only
and I’m gonna now give you the definition of Satan:
Space comes between our atoms
why don’t we see immortality?
Here is what I mean:
atoms are immortal
and they can go forwards and backwards in time says physics
There is no time at the level of the quantum of molecules and atoms
there is nothing in Newton’s laws of mechanics
that prohibits atoms from coming apart and from coming back together again
so when our atoms come apart and space comes between the atoms
and they stop bonding, it’s a wrinkle.
And more wrinkles, and you begin to age, because space comes in
and the atoms float off into the atmosphere, and we begin to decay.
But there is nothing in Newton’s laws of motion and all the laws of physics
that wouldn't allow those molecules to come back
so physicists will tell us
if you light a tree on fire, that tree turns to smoke and ash, right?
But why can’t those molecules of smoke and ash suddenly become a tree?
Physics says they can
The reason we don’t see it
the reason you don’t see molecules of smoke and ash suddenly rearranging
into the form that creates a tree
is because of statistics
The odds are against it, I’ll tell you why
But not because of law
There’s no law in physics that will stop the atoms from reassembling in the form they were originally in.
Everybody with me?
Can’t hear you.
So, the problem is
if you had a 52-piece picture puzzle
and you take that puzzle apart
there is 51 correct moves to put that puzzle together.
Guess how many wrong moves there are, wrong combinations, just for that 52-piece puzzle?
Anyone guess a number?
There is more wrong combinations
than there are seconds that have passed since the Big Bang 15 billion years ago
That’s how many incorrect combinations
with a 52-card deck you can rearrange it
more seconds than have passed since the Big Bang.
This puzzle, more wrong maneuvers than there are seconds that have passed since the Big Bang
And science says, that’s why you won’t see a tree all of a sudden popping up out of the blue
or a dead relative, and having all those atoms recombine
because the odds are against it.
It could take billions and billions of years but science says it will happen.
So Kabbalah says
paradise is still here.
Why don’t we see it?
Space has disassembled Paradise.
Let’s now explore Science and Kabbalah.
And we’ll begin with the moon.
There’s a crater on the moon called the Zagut Crater
It’s named after Kabbalist Abraham Zacuto
He’s got a crater in the moon named after him.
Who was he?
Abraham Zacuto was the guy who advised Columbus
gave him navigational charts, astronomical tables
Columbus and Zacuto were the only two people who were convinced the world was round.
The rest of the world thought
if Columbus tried to sail to the New World
he’d fall off the edge of the earth.
That was the predominant view in physics.
Columbus met with Zacuto.
And then they presented their plan at a conference in Salamanca
with Columbus was the “astronomer Abraham Zacuto
who materially promoted Columbus’ undertaking.”
That’s from a book, Dr Meyer Kayserling, who wrote it back in the 1900s.
“It was the Zohar that influenced both Zacuto and Columbus.
The Zohar provided knowledge of a round earth
and the idea of many geographical continents, supporting Columbus’ endeavor.”
If you look in the Zohar, what do you find?
“The Earth revolves in a circle, like a ball.
Some people are above, some are below.”
“There is a location,” says the Zohar, “on the globe where it is light to some inhabitants
while it is dark to others.
This creates day on one side, night on the other.”
“The different appearances of the inhabited world,”
meaning the different races of people
“is directly dependent upon the difference of the cosmic force
that exists in seven major geographical locations.”
2,000 years ago, the Zohar said, “No, no, no, no.”
There are seven continents
and each continent emits a special spiritual force
and that’s what gives a certain culture, physical appearance, etc. of each of the races on those continents.
The Zohar spoke about time zones.
“There is a location where the day is very long, almost always light,
and the night is very short.”
“These mysteries have been entrusted to the masters of Kabbalah,
but it is not known to those who mark out the boundaries – the geographers
because it is a very deep secret.”
This was written 2,000 years ago.
If you read the writings of Abraham Zacuto
the guy with the crater on the moon
who advised Columbus
he says, “The Zohar enlightens the entire World.
The Zohar is the Study of Light which includes all the secrets …”
Isaac Newton: Law of Attraction
white light contains all the seven colors of the rainbow
the most brilliant scientist in human history
next to Leibniz and Einstein.
A long-held secret was buried with Isaac Newton.
Isaac Newton, it turns out, wrote more about Kabbalah and mysticism
than he wrote about science.
But they buried his spiritual Kabbalistic and mystical writings
they kept them with his family and wouldn’t release them to the public.
But in the early 1900s, his family was so broke, his heirs
they auctioned off his mystical writings at Sotheby’s in 1935, I think it was.
Then his writings got shipped to all the universities.
Just in the last 10-15 years did scholars go into Newton’s writings
and realized he was up to his ears in what they called back then mysticism.
“Newton had kept a lot of these beliefs secret,
not because he wanted to, but because he’d be fired if his real beliefs came out.”
“Moses knew the whole of the scientific truth – of this Newton was certain.”
These are quotes from scholars and scientists who’ve been through the writings of Newton.
Meet Dr. Matt Goldish, one of the first scholars
one of the first, not the first, to go into the writings of Newton
and here’s what he says:
I came across Newton’s notes on Kabbalah when I was first starting to study the Newton manuscripts.
And I was completely blown away.
I had seen references to it in secondary works.
But to see it in Newton’s handwriting
and to see what he was writing about it
and how he was thinking about it and how carefully he was considering the ideas,
was a real revelation to me. It was unbelievable.
Isaac Newton has a famous story.
He took an Exacto knife
and he stuck the knife, the blade, into the back of his eyeball.
Famous story.
Almost blinded himself because he was obsessed with understanding optics,
how the eye works, how light works, what is the nature of light.
Eventually, he came up with a better solution, after nearly going blind.
He opened up his Zohar.
You see, Newton, it’s Newton who was the guy who realized that
if you shine a white light through a prism
you’ll find the seven colors.
Prior to Newton, everybody thought each color was its own entity.
That there was a red light, and a green light, and a yellow light.
No, it’s all contained in the white light.
Get a load of this.
This is Isaac Newton’s Zohar.
This is archived at Trinity College, in Cambridge.
If you open up that Zohar, or our Zohar, you’ll see this quote:
“…colors blend with each other … except for the white color in which all are incorporated …”
Newton himself wrote that Plato got all of his ideas from the Kabbalists, quote
This is in Newton’s own handwriting, I saw the handwriting myself, I have it on microfilm
I didn’t have time to prepare it for tonight.
“Plato travelling to Egypt when the Jews were numerous in that country,
learnt there his metaphysical opinions about the superior beings
and the formal causes of all things,
which he calls Ideas and which the Kabbalists call the Sfirot.”
The 99% reality.
Leibniz was even smarter than Newton.
He invented Calculus.
He is the true father of the modern day computer.
Any learned physicist will tell you, he was probably the most brilliant mind of the Renaissance.
Up to his ears in Kabbalah.
“It appears that Kabbalah is a certain kind of more lofty metaphysics which reveals very splendid matters …”
Leibniz wrote in a letter
he had plans to build a learned society that was based on “… Kabbalah, Calculus, mysticism and mechanics.”
These are the other greatest minds of the Renaissance, the Scientific Revolution.
These are the Einsteins, the Stephen Hawkings of the Scientific Revolution.
They believe, listen to me carefully,
that when Moses stood on Mount Sinai
Moses was given an ancient, primordial wisdom, in addition to the Torah.
A secret wisdom that they called the Prisca Theologia
which means the primordial, ancient wisdom.
And these great physicists, Newton included,
believed that Prisca Theologia could unite Christians, Jews and Muslins
could reconcile all the laws of physics with all the laws of spirituality.
They were all looking desperately for the Prisca Theologia.
“Kabbalistic writings represented to them the first and purest source of that divine knowledge.”
The wisdom of Kabbalah “… offered them nothing less than a blueprint of utopia.”
The U.S. government just did an exhibit, about two years ago, on Paracelsus.
Paracelsus is the guy who’s the father of modern medicine. Genius guy.
According to the U.S. government and National Library of Medicine,
“The effect of Paracelsus on medicine was enormous.”
Paracelsus says he got everything from Kabbalah.
Here’s a quote from Paracelsus:
“All of you who seek land beyond the horizon
who teach so much wisdom
remember you must take unto yourselves the teachings of Kabbalah
if you want to accomplish this.”
Medical Science in the Zohar
18th century, 200 years ago.
Swiss biologist Dr Albrecht von Haller discovered that the liver’s bile helps to digest fats.
Before this, no one on earth had a clue for 2, 3 thousand years what the liver does.
Finally, in the 18th century, von Haller comes along and says the liver helps to digest fats.
2,000 years ago, the Holy Zohar says
"the liver, together with the lobe, and those arteries devour the fatty parts of the blood
and then everything is offered to the heart.”
I’m giving you one quote. It’s like reading a medical text if you read this whole section.
1964, the winner of the Nobel Prize was Dr. Konrad Bloch.
You know what he figured out in 1964?
Konrad Bloch discovered that high levels of cholesterol in the bloodstream
cause fatty deposits on the inner walls of the arteries.
And this fat in your arteries is what causes heart attacks.
2,000 years ago, Rabbi Shimon of the Zohar wrote
“From the liver emerges the gall
the impure fats and bile
bile is all cholesterol, by the way
which is the sword of the Angel of Death
from which come bitter drops to kill human beings
the gall overcomes the arteries of the heart
and all the arteries in the limbs of the body.”
This, the Zohar says, causes heart and brain disease and all illness
and it goes on and on and on.
1959, they still, the Food and Drug Administration
if you read the quote, didn’t establish relationship between cholesterol (bad fats and good fats) and our arteries.
Only in the last, what, 20, 30 years
we now know about good cholesterol, bad cholesterol, good fats, bad fats.
Rabbi Shimon said 2,000 years ago
“… in the body there are both pure - good fats - and impure fats
clean blood without this waste matter - of bad fats
and blood contaminated with waste matter"
So there’s blood with fats, there’s blood without the impure fats.
And there are pure fats.
"If the liver wishes to offer the impure fats to the heart,
it only takes the pure fats from the blood.”
Meaning, the Zohar says
the dark side within us sucks out all the pure fats from our blood
and only the impure fats get offered to the heart
leading to heart disease and sickness.
A cardiologist, New York City, Harvard-trained cardiologist Dr. Arthur Spokojny
a long time student at the Center, shares a story.
When he first opened up the Zohar and read this chapter.
Dr. Arthur Spokojny, cardiologist, New York City Hospital
Ten years ago, someone gave me the Zohar.
And they told me that there is a particular portion in the Zohar
which talks about the human body and diseases.
Naturally, I’m a trained cardiologist, so I’m looking for the heart.
So I looked up everything about the heart.
And that was easy because there was an English translation available for that portion.
What do I find?
I found that the Zohar tells us
that a heart attack is caused by blockages in the coronary arteries.
That may not be surprising to a lot of people
but you have to know that medical science
only knows about that fact
that a heart attack is caused by artosclerotic plugs in the arteries
it’s a thing they only know about 60 years max.
Now here you have a text, 2,000 years old
which in diminutive detail tells you what causes a heart attack.
It blew my mind. I couldn’t believe it.
How does someone know 2,000 years ago how things work?
The Zohar, if you’ve taken Kabbalah 1, I’m sure you’ve covered it
speaks about a Big Bang creation of the universe.
Talks about a universe that has 10 dimensions
which is exactly what Superstring Theory says, and the Big Bang theory.
So we took the Zohar
to one of the leading physicists behind String Theory and Big Bang Theory, Dr. Michio Kaku
and here’s what he had to say.
Physicist Michio Kaku
I’m a theoretical physicist
and I like to say that I walk in the footsteps of giants like Albert Einstein and Nihls Bohr.
I’m not a philosopher.
However, I am rather dazzled by the fact that
many of the basic mysteries that we find in String Theory
and the theory of everything
seem to be mirrored in the Zohar and in the Kabbalah.
As a scholar, the most amazing thing of all
is the degree to which modern astrophysics sounds like a Kabbalistic text.
It’s rather amazing.
This uncanny reflection
of some of the most advanced cosmology coming from our satellites
coming from our atom smashers, coming from our blackboards
they are mirrored in the Zohar and ancient Kabbalistic texts.
That is just a very short, little peek
at how the Zohar has influenced science
and how the Zohar is the science of both the physical and spiritual realities.
The Zohar tells us there to 10 dimensions of true reality.
But we’re not concerned, says the Zohar, with the upper three dimensions
because only the lower seven influence our world.
So the 7 dimensions are what the study of Kabbalah is really all about.
And the Zohar says this is why there are 7 colors in the spectrum.
This is why there are seven notes of music
why didn’t nature create 8 notes of music?
This is why there are 7 seas.
This is why the Zohar says there’s 7 continents.
And this is why we have 7 days in a week.
Traditionally, up until the year 1541, about 500 years ago
to explore the wisdom of the seven Sfirot
the 7 heavens above us, you had to be 40 years of age.
This is the cave of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai, the author of the Zohar.
Rabbi Shimon entered this cave 2,000 years ago
where he received Kabbalah from Moses and Elijah the Prophet.
The result was the holy book of Zohar.
The Prophet Muhammad went into a cave at age 40
and he ascended into the 7 heavens
to receive the divine wisdom from the Angel Gabriel.
The result was the holy book of the Qu’ran.
The Qu’ran calls the Prophet Muhammad “an illuminating lamp.”
The Zohar calls Rabbi Shimon, “the Holy Lamp.”
Both the Qu’ran and the Zohar speak of 7 levels of heaven
and 7 levels of hell.
According to the Qu’ran, there are four archangels:
There is Gabriel, who is God’s stenographer
There is Michael, the champ who fights God’s battles
that’s Michael defeating Satan
There is Azrael, the Angel of Death
and there is Israfel, who will sound the trumpet at the Redemption.
According to the Kabbalist Eli Benamozegh
“We are thankful to be able to go to Kabbalah
for information that is hopeless to be found in traditional Judaism or Christianity
in regards to the four angels who preside over the whole celestial army
called in Islam: Gabriel, Michael, Azrael, and Israfel.
Where else can we find this, if not in the Kabbalah?
Kabbalah alone recognized these four archangels
who surpass all others in dignity and power"
Resurrection of the Dead
According to the Qu’ran
there is one bone in the human body that does not rot in the grave.
From this tiny bone, says the Qu’ran, the full body will be resurrected at Judgment Day.
There will be 40 days of rain, which will rise 12 cubits high.
And it will cause the bodies in the earth to sprout forth like plants.
According to the Zohar
there is a bone in the body called the luz bone, located right here in the back of your head.
This bone does not rot in the grave.
This bone is indestructible.
This bone has zero enjoyment from eating and drinking in this world.
So there is no negativity, no selfishness, no desire from this bone
and therefore, remains immortal.
From this one small bone, the entire body will be resurrected.
Whereas the Qur’an speaks about 40 days of rain
the Zohar says there will be a supernal dew
that will ignite this bone and cause the resurrection.
According to the Prophet Muhammad,
written in the Qu'ran, older than the Qur’an
older than the Gospels, older than the Torah
is the holiest book that the Qu’ran calls "The Book of Abraham”.
Except Muslims to this day do not know where is this Book of Abraham.
They don’t know.
It says in the Qu'ran
“O followers of the Book, why do you dispute about Abraham
when the Torah and the Gospels were not revealed till after him
do you not then understand?”
But they don’t know where the Book of Abraham is.
Abraham wrote the first ever book of Kabbalah
called the Sefer Yetzirah 4,000 years ago, the Book of Formation.
The Book of Formation is the DNA, the essence, the heart and soul of the Zohar.
The Book of Formation was like Einstein’s formula, E=mc², right
5 characters, it’s a formula.
But if you unravel that formula
you get pages and pages and pages of mathematical equations, right? Everybody with me?
The Book of Formation of Abraham is a code.
The Zohar is the unraveling of the spiritual equations
that define time, space, matter
the human soul, the human emotions, the resurrection of the dead.
Here it comes a startling passage in the Zohar 2,000 years ago
5-6 centuries before Prophet Muhammad appeared in the world.
A startling passage of the Zohar
Says the Zohar
“Once the sun comes forth
there are those Arabs who worship and bow down to this light
calling this light, ‘God of the shining pearl'
and their oath is by ‘Allah of the Shining Pearl'...”
The Zohar identified the name of Allah
as the God of the shining pearl
600 years before the Qur’an and Prophet Muhammad came to this reality.
And the Zohar is speaking about the name of Allah and this Light
in the context of comparing it to the other idol worshippers in the world.
Because there were other idol worshippers who were worshipping the sun
and so the discussion is
Are the Arabs worshipping the sun?
And the Zohar says no
they are worshipping the Light that is the essence, the spiritual cause of the sun.
And they entered that Light by the name Allah, the God of the shining pearl.
The Zohar continues
“Now you might say: ‘This worship is in vain!
But since ancient primordial days, the Arabs have discovered wisdom through it.”
The Zohar is already sanctifying the name Allah
before Muhammad and the Qu’ran even came into this world.
The Zohar says
“When the light of dawn is first seen
there’s a spiritual leader over the sun
who goes forth, with the holy letters of the Supernal Name written on his head (Allah).”
“With the power of these letters” says the Zohar
“he opens up all the windows of heaven, and Mecca within them…”
Now what do we mean by Mecca?
The Zohar says, to be more accurate
that through the power of these letters Allah on this leader’s forehead
the prayer smashes through the window
The word for smashes is Mecca.
So through Mecca, you smash through the heavens
and your prayer goes into the spiritual reality, says the Zohar.
“And that leader over the sun, with the name on his head
he then rises up into the Zohar that glows around the sun.”
The Zohar is using its own name
as the Light that is shining in that spiritual sun
that Muslims reach through the name Allah
when they ascend through Mecca into that spiritual reality.
This is fascinating.
The phrase in the Zohar, in orange
“and that leader rises up into the Zohar that glows around the sun.”
In Kabbalah, when there is a numerical connection between two names, between two phrases
that means they’re related. There’s a meaning there.
“That leader”, the phrase “that leader” in the Zohar
is 154 in numerical value in Hebrew.
The name Prophet Muhammad in Hebrew is 154.
Which means you can now read that sentence that
Therefore, the Zohar is saying the holy letters upon that leader
the holy letters upon the head of Prophet Muhammad is ALLAH.
And the Light Glowing in the Supernal Realm is called Zohar.
Interesting, because when the sun is shining brightest at noontime
do you know what the name for the noontime prayer is in Islam?
Muslims pray 5 times a day
but when the sun is at its brightest
shining its brightest, glowing, the name of that prayer in Arabic is Zohar.
If you go to any website, here I went to the Islamic Supreme Council,
that’s how they spell the name for the noontime prayer.
Zohar, Zohar, Zohar.
If you are studying Kabbalah, and we presume you are studying Kabbalah
there are no coincidences.
All languages are sacred, even English.
Every language is sacred.
It’s just that certain languages are more powerful than others for ascending to the higher worlds.
But the very fact that these words are used
and they’re materializing in our world
is to teach us the profound unity underlying all religion
through the power of the Zohar.
Kabbalist Abraham Abulafia - 13th Century
Let’s go to the 13th century, Kabbalist Abraham Abulafia, he lived in the 1200s.
Abulafia wrote
“The prophets of the three faiths understood the one truth underlying Judaism, Christianity and Islam.”
The Kabbalists have always said at the essence
beneath the literal meaning
the three faiths are identical, are one.
I’m one body, I have a heart that shares blood,
I have a liver that receives blood.
Opposite functions but unified, serving one purpose.
So the three faiths may have different functions in the world
which we’ll get into, but there is an underlying unity beneath them.
If you take the name in Hebrew
Moses, Jesus, Muhammad
it comes to 753, equal to the phrase “the name of God unified.”
The Kabbalists say you want to unify the name of God, unify the faiths.
The name of God is Yud Kei Vav Kei.
The final letter Hei is separate from the Yud Kei Vav
The final letter Hei is our physical reality.
We’re separated from the spiritual reality.
Listen carefully.
There is SPACE. Remember space?
There is space between the last letter of God’s name and the other three letters.
That space is why we’re in an opposite reality.
When you unite the three faiths
you unite the name of God
which means the letter Hei returns back
and connects to make the name of God whole
which means our physical world elevates
connects to the 99% reality, the source of all Light.
Abulafia said a thousand years ago
“The four walls of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem:
one wall is for the Israelites, one wall is for the Muslims, one wall is for the Christians,
and the fourth wall is for the rest of the entire world.”
“The different languages created confusion
so that we no longer perceive the truth and unity.
Kabbalah,” says Abulafia, “and the 72 Names of God
can unify all the faiths and bring the peace and Redemption.”
And that is why we share Kabbalah and the 72 Names and the Zohar.
That’s what I said at the very beginning
we have one goal, and we’re ruthless: immortality and bliss for all people.
Abulafia realizes all the protests against the Kabbalists for trying to reunite the faiths
he says, “The one who wants to learn Kabbalah
should look at those ignorant rabbis who warn them not to
and look at them as if they are monkeys and consider all their actions the actions of parrots.”
Abulafia says, “If God brought the Kabbalists to the point where all the rabbis are calling him crazy
and even the children in the street call him an evil man
he should make himself strong as a lion and not ask for revenge.
The Kabbalist should do this for the sake of God
and not for the sake of honor.
Because God does this with all true prophets of truth.”
Every Kabbalist in history was scorned, persecuted
some of them were excommunicated.
Only after they left this world did the new generation hail them
as the greatest authorities in human history.
Says Abulafia, “If Rabbis come and try to take students away from Kabbalah
let them go.
The other side - the Evil Force - has to eat too.
Those who are worthy, will know to stay.”
Kabbalist Abulafia says, and those who are attending the Passover
we always scan the 72 Names of God during Passover
the night of the parting of the Red Sea
We scan it 3 times
right to left, going right to left
right to left going top to bottom
then left to right going bottom to top. Why?
Because Israelites write from right to left
Muslims write from right to left
and Christians write from left to right.
We’re scanning three times the 72 Names
to send the Light of the Creator to all the nations of the world.
Umm-ul-Kitab, The Mother of All Books
In the Qu’ran there’s a profound concept
called the Mother of All Books.
The Mother of All Books is said to be the originating point of the book of the Universe and all existence.
It is the source from where truth enters into our material Universe.
So the Muslims believe
even higher than the Qur’an is the Mother of All Books.
And they consider the whole universe to be a book
especially the upper firmament, that spiritual reality is like a book.
It says in the Qu’ran
“And verily, it is in the Mother of the Book, in Our Presence, high in dignity, full of wisdom.”
It goes on to explain that this Mother of the Book is in the presence of Allah.
And it’s the seed, the book of our physical reality
bringing it into existence, channeling truth and Light.
Look in the Zohar, which was written 600 years before,
"The Heavens, illuminate and construct the supernal glory, our physical existence
from the secret of the supernal heavenly Book
which is the Father of all books, the Father of them all
and from the secret of the Book which is the supernal Mother.”
The Zohar emanates from the supernal Mother, which is the realm of Binah.
If you take the phrase in Hebrew “The Book of Zohar” and “The Mother of All Books”, you get to 563.
Revelation of Mount Sinai
3,400 years ago, Moses stood on Mount Sinai.
600,000 Israelites were there to hear Revelation
and every nation on Earth also experienced Revelation in their own language.
The Kabbalists tell us
what really happened 3,400 years ago
when Moses stood on Sinai
is the world experienced immortality.
So all of the atoms in our body – no more space.
The whole world was immortal and blissful.
But then came the sin of the Golden Calf.
And this is what reintroduced Death back into the world
and this was the metaphysical cause behind all anti-Semitism.
Because the Israelites, through this sin
brought death and space back into the Universe.
We know Moses came down and he shattered the two tablets when he saw the Golden Calf.
When he shattered the tablets
death came into the world.
And the world was going to be destroyed
because there was now zero connection to the 99% reality.
So Moses goes into a cave and God then reveals two more tablets.
Moses comes out of the cave
comes down from the mountain
on the day that would become Yom Kippur, the Day of Repentance.
And he brings the second tablets, he puts them in the Ark of the Covenant
and he gathers up all the shattered pieces of the tablets
and puts them in the Ark of the Covenant.
And he writes a new Torah scroll
and he winds it up and puts it in the Ark of the Covenant.
The Torah tells us Moses’s face was shining from those second tablets.
It was shining so bright, the Israelites who built the Golden Calf
they couldn’t look at him, they ran away.
Moses had to wear a veil for the rest of the Israelites.
The Qur’an says that of all Prophets, Muhammad included
only Prophet Moses ever saw Allah and spoke to Allah, spoke to God, face to face.
What was that Light on Moses’s face?
The answer’s on the moon.
There’s another crater on the moon, named after another Kabbalist
who lived a thousand years ago.
That crater is named after Kabbalist Abraham Ibn Ezra.
He had an Arabic name, he was close with the Muslims.
His own son converted to Islam.
His name was Abu Ishaq Ibrahim al-Majid ibn Ezra.
Abraham ibn Ezra was the first to translate the writings of the Muslims into Hebrew.
Ibn Ezra says
“The reason for the shining on Moses’s face
is because God spoke with Moses face to face
so his face began to shine like the Zohar of the firmament.”
This is very important,
because the Zohar was not yet publicly revealed in Spain.
Ibn Ezra lived about 150 years, maybe more, before the Zohar ever came out.
You don’t find the word Zohar in any ancient Judaic writings.
It’s not in the Torah, it’s not in the Talmud.
The word “Zohar” only appears here, and on the Zohar.
Ibn Ezra says the light on Moses’s face was Zohar.
And he says, “it's the Zohar of the firmament".
But he says, “The Firmament is actually a book”.
Like the Qur’an and the Mother of All Books, the Firmament is a book
and it shines like Zohar.
Muslims all over the world
when they pray 5 times a day, including their Zohar prayer at noontime
they always turn to face Mecca.
The same way Israelites turn to face Jerusalem.
Inside Mecca, is a very holy sacred place called the Ka’ba, a big huge cube.
Same way Israelites meditate on the Temple and the Holy of Holies
Muslims around the world meditate on the Ka’ba in Mecca.
Now in the Islamic world, the Ka’ba is known as the “House of Allah”.
If you take the word “Ka'ba” and “Allah” and join them together
you get the word “Kabbalah”.
The word “Allah” has been concealed inside Kabbalah for thousands of years.
The Secrets of Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai
Ancient text discovered in the 7th Century
There was a text that was found, not from the Zohar.
It was its own piece of text called The Secrets of Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai.
They found it in the 7th century.
It’s called 'The Secrets of Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai'.
You know what it says in there?
“Immediately there were revealed to Rabbi Shimon
the secrets of the End of the World and other hidden things …
And when he perceived that
the kingdom of Ishmael - the Muslims - would come and exercise dominion over Israel, he exclaimed:
‘Why should we suffer under the dominion of the kingdom of Ishmael?’
“At once, the angel Metatron answered Rabbi Shimon and said to him
‘Do not be afraid, son of Man
for the Holy One, blessed be He, is bringing about the kingdom of Ishmael
only for the purpose of delivering you from Edom.
He shall raise up over them a prophet in accordance with His will
and He will subdue the land for them
and they shall come and restore it with grandeur.”
“The second king who will arise from Ishmael will be a friend of Israel.
He will repair the breaches of Jerusalem
and fix the breaches of the Temple and shape Mt. Moriah
and make the whole of it a level plain.
He will build for himself there a place for prayer upon the site of the ‘foundation stone"
“Consequently the Muslims will be a deliverance for Israel
like the deliverance associated with the ‘one mounted upon a donkey"
Anybody knows who’s supposed to ride a donkey at the End of Days?
The Messiah. The Messiah is supposed to come riding a donkey.
In this ancient text of Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai
he says the role of Muslims is going to be similar to the Messiah who rides on a donkey.
There’s a section in the Zohar called the Coming of the Messiah.
I will read you one verse:
“Rabbi Shimon raised his hands wept and said,
‘Woe to he who is present at that time
and blissful is the portion of he who is present and will be able to attend that time."
Rabbi Shimon is saying Woe and Blessed.
He said “Woe!” to the people who are going to be there
he says “Wow!” to the people who are going to be there.
The Zohar says, “Israel will be tested in the last redemption.”
Now comes the most important quote, in my opinion, in the Zohar.
It’s quoting the book of Daniel
“… And they who are wise shall shine like the splendor of the firmament.”
Who are the wise?
The wise are those who have, quote, “your book, Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai
the book called Zohar, which is from the supernal Mother called repentance.”
“…These people with the Zohar do not require a test
because the children of Israel in the future will taste from the Tree of Life
which is this book of Zohar
they will leave the exile, they will experience Armageddon, with mercy.”
Woe to those who will be tested.
Blessed to those who are connected to the Tree of Life, the Zohar.
There’s a verse that talks about the Woe:
“After these troubles have been aroused against Israel,
all the peoples and your kings will counsel together against them.
They will raise many bad decrees
and come upon Israel with one mind.
There will come troubles upon troubles.
And the later troubles will cause the earlier ones to be forgotten.”
“Then a pillar of fire shall be seen there, standing from above down for 40 days.
And all the nations of the world will see that pillar of fire.”
In response to this verse and, I’m sure, other verses
in 1935, Rabbi Yehuda Ashlag, the founder of the Kabbalah Center
wrote a letter to all the Rabbis of Europe, saying
there is “A black cloud hovering over Eastern European Jewry …”
A black cloud “… the likes of which mankind has never seen before.”
Rabbi Ashlag wrote that letter and told the Rabbis of Eastern Europe
embrace the Zohar, disseminate the Zohar, share the Zohar
with all of the Israelites of Europe.
In Europe, Germany specifically
is where the greatest majority of anti-Kabbalists have emerged in history.
This is Heinrich Graetz, German-Jewish scholar who says
"Moses de Leon the one who brought Rabbi Shimon’s Zohar to the world
“Moses de Leon is a despicable swindler - he thinks de Leon wrote the Zohar
He made use of Kabbalah
which had come into fashion, very popular, to procure for himself a rich source of revenue.”
He said Moses de Leon spread the Zohar
instead of Rabbi Shimon who wrote it
because he’s a swindler and it’s not real
he’s doing it to make money for himself
because Kabbalah is so popular now in Spain.
He says, “His intention was to deceive and to lead people astray.”
Same thing he said about Jesus.
He said the Zohar is a “notorious forgery” with ideas that are “insane”.
The Zohar, he says, has perverted the verses of the Torah.
Heinrich Graetz is the foremost Jewish scholar in history.
If you open up the Encyclopedia Judaica, the encyclopedia of Judaism
he is the scholar who wrote and contributed to all the encyclopedias
in the 19th century and 20th century.
These are the leading scholars.
Here’s another one, Salomon Reinach, German-Jewish scholar.
He said the Zohar is "one of the worst aberrations of the human mind.”
“The Zohar is a subtle poison” - this is his brother, Theodore Reinach.
“The Zohar is a subtle poison which enters into the veins of Judaism and wholly infests it.”
“The Zohar is a literary fabrication” - Leopold Zunz
Even today, “What they - Rav Berg and the Kabbalah Center - teach is heresy
It’s rubbish, phony; it’s manipulative; it has no spirituality whatsoever.” - Rabbi Immanuel Schochet
Even in the 16th century
when they were burning Qu’rans
they were burning Torahs
they were burning Protestant Bibles
Pope Paul IV said, “Print the Zohar!”
And the Rabbis said, “No! Do not print the Zohar!” People like us cannot have it.
In the Zohar, published in 1558, on the approval of the Pope,
is this paragraph, by the guy, the Kabbalist Isaac de Lattes,
who helped print the first Zohar so everybody could have it. He says
“That the hand of the government which rules over us with great wisdom
has not harmed us the Kabbalists during the Inquisition
is to be explained only by the fact
that the government has the good intention of removing the thorns
and the harsh expressions that provoke hatred between Christians and Jews.
But those Rabbis, the opponents of the Zohar,
who wish to uproot everything, are the true destroyers of the world.”
Here’s a video of Rabbis burning the Zohar of the Kabbalah Center.
Video of Anti Kabbalist Rabbis
So we know the Rabbis of Europe did not accept the Zohar.
And we know at the end, near the end, of World War II,
there came the pillar of fire, which is Hiroshima.
That is the pillar of fire that everybody saw around the world.
The splitting of the atoms, says Kabbalist Rav Berg, which was fission
is the greatest separation of space in existence.
So the space that exists in human consciousness
that comes between people
manifested by fission in the explosion of the nuclear bomb
which was literally, truly invented 1935 by a Jewish physicist
when he discovered fission.
Few months later, came Kristallnacht, the Night of Broken Glass, before the Holocaust.
The Power of Mercy
"because the children of Israel in the future will taste from the Tree of Life,
which is this book of the Zohar, says the Zohar, speaking of itself
they will leave the exile with mercy.”
There was mercy in World War II?
Meet the Sephardic Jews of North Africa
and come witness the power of the Muslims when the Zohar is in their hearts.
This is Andre Chouraqui
scholar and former Deputy Mayor of Jerusalem.
He wrote a book in 1968, where he says
“North Africa maintained a fraternity of readers of the Zohar, known as the ‘Chevra’ - the friends.”
“Zohar chanters in relay teams were engaged in their devotions day and night.”
“In Casablanca, there were five places where the Zohar was chanted 24 hours a day.”
“In the synagogues of Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia
prayers were preceded by a reading of the Zohar which sometimes lasted a whole hour"
“The Zohar served as a weapon of combat.”
How did the Israelites, the Sephardic People of North Africa wage war?
By meditating on the Zohar 24/7.
"the chanters,” says Chouraqui, “were usually incapable of understanding the Aramaic texts.”
They chanted, nonetheless.
According to Chouraqui
“Nowhere in North Africa did you find anti-Kabbalists opposing the Zohar as they did in Eastern Europe"
Meet Dr. Gil Anidjar, Professor of Columbia University
and some other people who have zero connection to the Kabbalah Center.
They’re from Morocco, we interviewed them, here’s what they say.
Most Moroccan households would have a Zohar in their house, to protect the house.
The Zohar was obviously granted its holiness and its meaningfulness in Morocco.
Considered to be protective, considered to be significant by its sheer materiality.
Having the book, having the volumes of the Zohar in the house, was protecting the house.
When somebody has a Zohar, we go and we kiss it and we pray
and we say, this is the protection, big protection, you know.
Our connection to the Kabbalists, our connection to praying with them
to knowing their prayers, to knowing the Zohar
children were participating, was all something to protect us.
Because we were small people in a big land.
The King, of course, all his family know about Zohar
because he was very, very, very close with the big Rabbi there in Morocco.
Every house has Zohar, my parents, my family, everybody has Zohar.
And we read, sometimes we make parties for the Zohar.
I don’t know if you could hear it clear,
but they were saying the King of Morocco had the Zohar
they would make parties for the Zohar, they would kiss the Zohar
I don’t know if you picked that up – the sound was not too clear.
Daveed Raz, Moroccan poet and musician, says
“Witnesses will tell you in World War II
when bombs fell on Morocco during the war, no one got hurt.”
“There was one synagogue,” he says
“where you saw the bomb fall right through the ceiling, the bomb did not explode.”
Joseph Perez - Moroccan citizen
“We knew the Nazi General Rommel was ready to roll his tanks right over us
because Rommel invaded North Africa
But suddenly, the tanks weren’t rolling. There were mechanical failures.”
“Bombs went off yet not one human being was scathed. This is a fact.”
Meet General Rommel, the Desert Fox
greatest field general in the German military.
Rommel invaded North Africa.
The destruction of the Jews was the top priority of the Nazis.
Everything else was second.
Rommel demanded the deportation of 250,000 Sephardic Jews.
Morocco had no army to defend itself against the German war machine.
King Muhammad issued a now historic response.
He said: “There are no Jews in Morocco, only Moroccan subjects.”
With the power of a sentence
the Muslims protected the Jews
With the power of a sentence, Rommel turned around and left.
Let’s repeat that.
Rommel just turned around and left.
To this day, make no mistake
I don’t care who, what, where anyone tells you
there is no rational explanation why Sephardics remained virtually untouched
during World War II.
But Moroccans will tell you
it was their “weapon of combat” that protected them.
99% of the world has no idea about the Zohar miracle in Morocco.
Or the Zohar miracles in our own personal lives that we’ve had.
They all think we’re nuts.
February 14, 1943.
Rommel launches a strike to penetrate Tunisia.
February 22 - he suddenly loses momentum
and the Nazi plans to eliminate Tunisian Jews never materialized.
Kabbalist Rav Eliazer Papo, he wrote,
“The study of the Zohar is lofty and purifying.
Read it regularly, even if you don't understand the text.”
Hitler and King Boris of Bulgaria were allies.
March 1943, 8500 Sephardic Jews are about to be deported to Treblinka.
While they’re at the train station, King Boris picked up the telephone and sent them home.
Not one of Bulgaria’s 50,000 Sephardics was sent to the death camps,
even though King Boris and Bulgaria was an ally of Nazi Germany.
In a book that explored this insane phenomena
look at the name of the author.
Can you see it from where you are?
Look at his name.
He doesn’t know about the Zohar either.
He wrote, “The Bulgarian Jews became the only Jewish community in the Nazi sphere of influence
whose numbers increased during World War II.”
Woe and blessed.
Now comes the biggest corruption in all of Judaism
the idea of the word “Sephardic”.
Sephardic does not, never did, refer to the Jews of Spain.
The word “Sephardic” is associated with Spain
because that was the place the Zohar was unveiled for the first time in human history publicly.
I’ll show you now where the word “Sephardic” comes from.
There are four levels to understanding the Torah.
P’shat, which is the literal meaning, which the Zohar says
“Whoever takes the literal meaning literally, it’s better you weren’t born.”
R’emez refers to the hints inside the Torah. You look for the hints.
The D’rush is the Talmud. You’re now interpreting the text.
And the fourth level is Sod, which is the secrets of the Zohar.
This was the traditional way in which we studied throughout history.
Most Jews, first the literal then the hints then the interpretation
but never, never, never the Zohar.
These four levels are known by an acronym from the first letter in Hebrew
but it works in English.
In Hebrew the letters Pei, Resh, Dalet, Samech
which spells the word PaRDeS.
Pardes in Hebrew means the orchard.
You’ll read in many writings, the Kabbalists went into an orchard
which means they were really going into the levels of the Torah.
If you take the letter Samech, the S from Sod and Secret
and you change the order of study, and you move it to the beginning
it spells in Hebrew, SePhaRaD.
Sephardics are anybody who embraces the Zohar first in their study of spiritual wisdom.
Zohar: The Coming of the Messiah
A Riddle: what is the one move that will reassemble the puzzle of Paradise?
Do you remember, at the very beginning,
when I said if you had a 52-piece puzzle and you took it apart?
And there’s more wrong combinations
than there are seconds that transpired from the Big Bang?
There is no time to rearrange and find it all
because trillions of years are gonna go by? Guess what?
Kabbalists introduced one move, not a trillion moves,
one move that will assemble the puzzle.
I will reveal the one move at the end of this lecture.
And then we will discover the secret to the Resurrection of the Dead for Muslims
for all people, and the arrival of immortal existence and Paradise for all of mankind.
Regarding the Age of Redemption,
meet Kabbalist Abraham Azulai.
He wrote 500 years ago
that Resurrection and Redemption will jump into super-high gear
in the Hebrew calendar year 5760.
The Hebrew calendar year 5760 was the year 1999, 9-11. (9, September)
If you open up the Zohar, it says, on the section of the coming of the Messiah,
“And that day will cause in the great city of Edom - any powerful Christian city
there will be a flame of fire.
That sound will be stirred up in the whole world, combining two kinds of judgments.
It will burn many towers, many towers will collapse”
How many kinds of judgment? How many planes hit the towers?
So, we’re in it.
It’s been happening for the last 5, 6 decades.
This is the reason why the Zohar is being spread.
Woe and Blessed.
So now, how do we bring Armageddon?
How do we bring the Messiah through Blessing as opposed to Woe?
You want peace in the world?
We have to look in the mirror and take responsibility, says the Zohar
and realize our relationships with the people in our lives
is the key to changing the world.
When I first came to the Kabbalah Center
I was raring to go, 23 years ago.
I said to the Rav, take all my money
I want to change the world, let’s do it, I’ll dedicate everything.
Five years later, I lost everything.
And then I realized, I didn’t come here to change the world.
The world doesn’t need me to change the world.
And the Rav told me, as he washed the floor with me and got rid of my ego
the Rav said, you came to change yourself.
And THAT changes the world!
Zohar and Science
Why does the Zohar reveal the secret of a round earth and seven continents?
Is the Zohar just trying to be a geography book or book of science?
What is the real reason?
Essentially, and it’s quite provocative, Israel is not about a state.
Israel is about a state of consciousness, not geography, not about a country.
And that consciousness is all about “Love thy neighbor”
and our neighbors are the Muslims.
Now it’s provocative, but there is no such thing, according to Kabbalah, as a Jewish religion.
The word Jewish does not exist in the Torah
it doesn’t exist anywhere in terms of religion.
The true word, found in the Torah, is Israelite.
There’s a famous story in the Torah about Jacob, one of the great patriarchs.
And in the story
we’re told that Jacob is wrestling with the negative angel of his brother Esav.
And they wrestle all night long
and only in the morning does Jacob defeat the negative angel.
At that point, the Torah changes Jacob’s name to Israel.
Now what does that mean?
We are Jacob.
And the negative angel is our ego, our self-interest, our victim consciousness.
When we defeat those negative traits
that is the only time we become an Israelite.
Israelites are those people who have the courage
the strength to overcome the self-interest
to overcome this idea that we’re victims
and to become responsible for other people’s happiness.
That is the term Israelite.
Now when a critical mass of people achieve this rare state of consciousness,
that is when the Messiah arrives.
And then, the entire world becomes the Holy Land.
In other words, the Holy Land is not some small parcel of land in the Middle East.
The entire world becomes the Holy Land, not just Mecca, not just Israel,
but the whole world becomes Paradise, becomes Holy,
connected to the 99% reality of Paradise when that transformation is achieved.
Each individual is a microcosm of the universe, of our world.
Now the problem is our ego controls the entire body.
The ego expands its borders to encompass our entire consciousness.
When we transform, when an Israelite starts caring about his neighbor ahead of himself
then his soul will extend his borders,
and therefore, the borders of the Holy Land will extend to reach the entire seven continents.
This is the secret reason why the Zohar was revealed in the 13th century.
Because it then reached Columbus in the next century.
Columbus then went out, found the New World
and eventually we found the other seven continents.
Because you can’t have the manifestation of the 7 heavens that Muhammad visited
the 7 spiritual realms that the Zohar speaks of
you can’t manifest that Paradise on Earth
until you find all 7 continents.
And this is why the Zohar was revealed in the 13th century.
Why does the Zohar reveal the secrets of heart disease?
You know, telling us bad fats clog our arteries.
Again, is the Zohar a medical journal? No.
Every relationship in our life is an artery.
Relationships between Israelites and Muslims, Israelites and Christians,
between ourselves and our spouses and our children and our friends and our competitors in business.
When the ego of the Israelites is involved
those arteries are blocked.
And then, there is a spiritual heart attack, a spiritual stroke in the world.
The Zohar says that the Israelite who
just like the heart pumps blood to all the organs of the body
the Israelite is supposed to share the Light
their talents, their gifts, their love with other nations.
And if they don’t nourish those other nations,
if the ego blocks those arteries,
that’s when gangrene sets in,
a metaphysical heart attack sets in,
and that manifests as hatred, as conflict towards the Israelites and the land of Israel.
When we share our love and our care,
and most important, when we share that Zohar,
which is the Light that shined on Mount Sinai,
the Light on Moses’s face of those second tablets, the Light that was lost.
When we share that Zohar with all peoples of the world,
we help Muslims become better Muslims,
Christians become better Christians,
Jews to become Israelites,
Buddhists become better Buddhists,
to help all mankind become a better version of themselves.
The Zohar, in essence, is telling us,
Israelites did not come into this world to make their own dreams come true.
The Israelites came into this world to make other people’s dreams come true.
Now you know what happens then?
That’s when 6 billion people will come forth
and make the Israelites’s dreams come true.
We’ve had it backwards.
And this is what we have to correct
and by sharing the Zohar with the Israelites, Christians and Muslims
this is what will awaken the Jews to take on that responsibility
of helping the world achieve their dreams.
This is a heavy responsibility, but the Zohar is clear.
If there are Muslims fighting Muslims, Sunnis fighting Shiites,
it’s because there is a lack of Light flow in the one body of humanity,
because we are all one
we’re supposed to be different
because just as the liver and the heart and the brain all serve different functions,
Muslims, Christians, Jews, Buddhists
we all serve different functions in the one body of humanity.
But if there’s problems in the world
it’s because the Israelites did not bring that love into the arteries that interconnect all mankind.
Why does Kabbalist Rabbi Shimon tell us Muslims and Prophet Muhammad play a role in the Final Redemption?
The last 2,000 years has been the rise of Christianity.
It’s been a Christian world for 2,000 years.
That is the building of what we call the Left Column – desire to receive.
Now in the age of Islam, it’s everywhere.
We’re now in the age of building the Right Column.
Kabbalah says the Left Column is the negative energy charge,
the Right Column is the positive energy charge.
What happens when you put positive and negative together directly, anybody know?
The result is a short circuit.
Now if the Israelites don’t bring that Central Column force to the table of humanity,
if we don’t perform our job
then we’re going to experience a short circuit unlike the world has ever seen before.
And the way we achieve that Central Column
is to resist our self-interest
to change from selfish to selfless
from takers to givers.
How it All Works: The Path to Paradise
According to the ancient book of Zohar,
the Universe is founded upon three forces:
Right Column, Left Column and Central Column.
These three spiritual forces emerge as receiving consciousness,
that’s our drive, I want this, I want food, I want sex, I want sleep, it’s our drive for life.
The Right Column is sharing consciousness,
I want to help, I want to assist, I have empathy, I have compassion,
I really wanna to go out of my comfort zone and help somebody.
Then there’s the Central Column, the free will to choose
am I gonna be selfish or am I gonna give, am I gonna give or am I gonna be selfish?
These three emerge in the physical universe
as the proton, the electron and the neutron.
In civilizations, Muslims are the Right Column,
Christians are the Left Column,
the Israelites are the Central Column.
Islam is Right Column, a nation of peaceful submission to the Divine Will.
Christianity is the Western Christian World, Left Column,
a nation that embodies freedom and the right of expression,
while using the desire to accumulate wealth and prosperity.
Israelites, according to Kabbalah, are the Central Column
and they contain both aspects.
They have submission to the Divine Will and they have freedom of expression.
All three nations contain portions of the truth.
When they are separate, when there is space between these three faiths,
there is imbalance and the truth becomes corrupted.
The Right Column, if it’s by itself, causes this “submission to God” to spiral out of control
and peaceful submission to Divine Will
leads to militant actions forcing people to submit.
The Right Column is lacking the “freedom” from the Left Column.
If the Left Column is by itself, it causes “freedom” to spiral out of control.
The “free people" will wage war on other nations in the name of bringing them freedom
even if they don’t want it.
The Left Column is missing the “submission and peacefulness” of the Right Column.
What’s wrong with Islam, what’s wrong with Christianity,
is that they’re missing the Central Column.
The Central Column alone is the one that causes the dangerous imbalance
in the Right and Left Columns.
This is the responsibility that Kabbalists
from Moses back to Abraham through Moses, from Rabbi Shimon, Rabbi Akiva
throughout history have tried to give to the Israelites.
But the anti-Kabbalists have prevented that from happening
and that is absolutely, says the Zohar, please don’t get mad at me,
that is absolutely no other reason for any militant Muslim, militant Christian, militant atheist
is because the world has been missing the Central Column of the Chosen People.
That is the secret of Chosen People.
Chosen People, my friends, is a code.
It comes from the word “Am Segula”.
And “Segula” comes from a vowel that looks like this.
It’s a code for the 3-column system.
Chosen People are those people
who must walk the Central Column path of the 3-column system
to bring balance to Muslims, balance to Christians,
by getting rid of our own selfish, narcissistic, victimization ego.
Here’s how it works.
Israelites are like a filament in a light bulb.
This brilliant but simple metaphor from Kabbalist Rav Berg has been used for 30 years
and we still need to reach a critical mass of people
who have the courage and the compassion to want to live this path.
Islam refers to the positive pole in a light bulb, the Right Column.
Christianity is the negative pole in a light bulb.
Filament has one function in a light bulb: resistance.
So the Left Column pulls in electricity,
the Right Column is the electricity,the current coming in,
and the filament says, “Stop!” It resists it.
When you have resistance in a light bulb, the bulb illuminates.
The light goes on for the entire room, for the entire world.
Israelites must resist ego, envy, selfishness.
As we resist, share and transform,
we bring balance to our Muslim and Christian brothers.
Moses is mentioned more often in the Qu’ran than any other individual,
even more than Prophet Muhammad.
Moses gave us a path to banish the ego of the Jews
turning us into true, authentic, compassionate Israelites.
We blew it with the Golden Calf.
We have the Golden Calf today, the whole physical world,
which is to feed our own desire.
But there is a secret revealed by the Kabbalist Abraham Ibn Ezra.
The power of the Light on Moses’s face.
He came down with the second tablets,
he came down on Yom Kippur,
because that is the time of repentance,
to heal and repair the world.
And that Light on Moses’s face was Zohar.
The Zohar is the Light that brought immortality to the whole world.
That’s what nobody understands. They think it’s a book.
It’s the Light that we had on Mount Sinai.
The Zohar has the power to remove space.
That’s what the Zohar does.
The Zohar is Light that emanates from its every letter, every word, from its very pages.
That Light removes darkness and it removes space.
We can now solve the riddle of the one move.
Remember what we said, there is more moves than there are seconds since the Big Bang?
How can one move assemble that puzzle?
Instead of trying to move this combination here,
and try this combination here,
all you have got to do is one move
remove the space.
You take away space, and the puzzle comes back together again automatically.
What does that mean, remove space?
Satan is space.
And the Ego is Satan.
Every time we take pain on our Ego,
we remove the space in our lives, in our body, and from the people around us.
That is how you reassemble the puzzle of Creation.
And all your immortal atoms will come back together again,
because there’s no more space separating them.
And that’s how Resurrection will happen.
When the space is gone from the world,
then the puzzle will come back together again,
the bonds will come back together again,
because the individual atoms never die.
When our ego creates space between people,
we get mad, we get angry, space comes between our immortal atoms.
That’s why we get old.
Every time we react, every time we get mad, every time we’re selfish,
we may even win the argument,
we get space into our lives, we get older, we get sick.
When we bond the 3 columns together
Christians, Israelites, and Muslims
bonds form between our immortal atoms.
Here’s the secret
This did not become Heaven because everybody shared with their neighbor.
Forget sharing.
They did not achieve Paradise because they decided, hey, let’s feed each other.
What a beautiful act, sharing! That’s not it.
What they did is they removed the space between them.
Sharing is how you do it.
We are not here to share.
We are here to remove the space between our atoms, between people.
Sharing is how we do it.
The idea is to remove space. And space is Satan.
Now you know the secret of Resurrection and Paradise.
When Christians, Israelites and Muslims come together
we remove that space,
that spiritual space in the world and we’ll see miracles.
Atom becomes Adam,
reborn, immortal, all of mankind.
Give forever, you will live forever.
You’ve just enjoyed the teachings of Kabbalist Rav Berg. Thank you very much.
"I have unconditional tolerance for everything, except intolerance" - Kabbalist Rav Berg