Driving Sports Reports - Extra! Best and Worst from 09 LA Auto Show

Uploaded by drivingsports on 11.12.2009

This week, on the Driving Sports TV Extra! WeÕve got our 5 finest and 5 funkiest from
the 2009 LA Auto Show. Eager to put a miserable 2009 behind them,
car makers looked to the future at this yearÕs LA Auto Show.
And, just like the city that hosts it, the industry rolled out yet another model mix
of excess and environmentalism, style -- and silliness.
First, the good stuff: There werenÕt any 10,000 pound Escalades at this yearÕs show.
Nor were there any cars rolling on 43-inch, diamond encrusted wheels. Thank god.
Though there were lots of cars that were worth drooling over, we managed to whittle them
down to a list of our five favorites. Without further ado, weÕll start the countdown
withÉ Number 5: The Ford Fiesta and Mazda2.
Both these cars are basically the same. And both have been enjoyed by our European cousins
for far too long. In 2010 theyÕre finally coming to the US, and theyÕre bringing their
perky little 1.6-liter motors with them. Number 4: MINI Coupe Roadster
We love MINIs. We love Roadsters. Word is, this little rake has already been approved
for production. Number 3: 2011 Ford Mustang
We covered it on a previous show. And, any car that getÕs both 300hp and 30mpg is a
winner. Who cares if it has a solid rear axle? You donÕt need independent suspension for
big smoky burnouts, and that is what the Mustang is for.
Number 2: Lexus LFA From the same company that brought us the
trophy car of the pseudo-environmental movement, the Prius, comes a 552-hp supercar with a
200 plus top speed. Okay, Toyota, we now forgive you for the whole Prius thing.
Number 1: Audi R8 Spyder. With a 518-hp 5.2-liter V10 and drop-top roof,
the only thing sexier is Scarlett Johansen and Gwenneth Paltrow jello wrestling. John
Favreau, are you listening? On the flip side, weÕve also tracked down
the five worst cars from this yearÕs LA Auto Show. Starting with:
Number 5: The Porsche Panamera. ItÕs a Cayenne with short legs. ItÕs built
for people that have too much money, want four doors, and a car with a Porsche emblem
on the nose. Number 4: The MINI Cooper Coupe.
We hear this silly thing has been approved for production. WeÕre confused as to why
MINI would show both this atrocity, as well Coupe, which you will remember made our list
of good cars at the show. Regardless, this is one ugly car in person.
Number 4: Rolls Royce Phantom CoupŽ ItÕs a Òdriver orientedÓ Rolls for $400,000.
Sorry, for $400,000 a Òdriver orientedÓ car is actually called the Lexus LFA.
Number 3: Honda Accord Crosstour Honda says itÕs not an SUV. We beg to differ.
ItÕs an SUV that weÕd expect even Sir Mix A lot would have trouble liking. I like bigÉ
Number 2: Spyker C8 Aileron Spyder Vulgar is an understatement. And, unfortunately
for Spyker, even Saudi princes arenÕt as well off as they used to be.
Number 1: Chevy Volt. While the world continues to wait for GMÕs
electric car, that will be available Òreal soon now,Ó the MINI EV, Nissan Leaf, and
Tesla roadster are already in limited, but real production. By the time the Volt does
manage to ship in limited quantities it will already be well behind the curve and nobody
will care. Except, perhaps, for GM management in charge of this project that will all be
looking for jobs in early 2011. Thanks for watching. WeÕll be back next week
with another installment of Driving Sports TVÕs Extra!