Gönülçelen )) Episode 49 - Part 1/6 [English Subtitles]

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No mom he's fine, don't worry.. his temperature is normal
I think I exaggerated a little in my fear
I mean
I got scared that something bad might happen to him
Good morning, Mr. Murat
Good morning
you seem to feel better today
yes much better
Thank you
get well soon Mr. Murat
get well soon Mr. Murat
It's clear that everyone has learned of my sickness
Miss Hasret was worried about you when she couldn't reach you
In fact I was suffering from a cold that's all
Let me tell you that you're very lucky
Miss Hasret was very sad because of your state
yes Mr. Murat
did you wait for long?
No I just arrived
let's go then.. I am really hungry
Oh! I'm such an unlucky woman
Why all of this is happening to me? Why?
Oh Nakiye! Are you still talking about last night?
Ms. Nesrin.. Are you really sure?
that Shewket did not see me
I told you he did not see you Nakiye
We told him you're sleeping so he left
What did he look like?
He seemed like an honest and courteous man
Was he swarthy? Was he tall?
Nakiye I have no desire to talk about this, can't you see my state?
You're right
Is there any news about Murat?
Unfortunately, no
Jeren said that he has a mustache. Does he really?
Nakiye, can you bring me tea?
In fact, the mustache is not something that is bad
so what!
Are you getting the tea from Reza
I'll get it.. do not complain
I want it with apple flavor
Forget the apple and pear flavor and have it regular.. it's soo good
the tea is here
- here you go - thanks
drink it up
Balçiçek! Hey girl help me
I can't I'm too sad
Oh, you
My sister Kadriye, do you have a butterfly-shaped pasta?
yes I have. Wait I'll get it for you.. Wait!
Hey Girl good that you came
We came but where are you going to the serving tray?
I lost my mind. Since morning and everyone is calling me
while Balçiçek did nothing
Take this I'll go to the store.. Come on boy
Look at me.. Why didn't you help her?
the woman woke up since eight in the morning
sympathize with her
sympathize with her!! And she doesn't sympathize with me
I'm sitting here all alone
you're alone and me too.. Jafer is not here and Cobra as well
have I said any word Balçiçek
Jafar dumped me and Cobra went after him
and you are talking as if they are similar
Oh, my legs
Sit and rest a bit
Oh, my legs
Oh! you're tired girl
Look Gülnaz, you need someone to substitute for Cobra in his absence
Miss Balçeçik doesn't do a thing
Kadir one time he's here and othertime he's not
I no longer have the strength anymore
No need to find anyone Gülnaz I will help
of course
Your hands are soft they won't sustain the washing detergent
you'll have dry split hands God forbid
Don't worry, nothing will happen
you weren't even born when I used the powder detergent
did you hear?
Artist, what happened to you?
- God bless you Mrs. Saime - please don't thank me
- Now you're in charge of this place - Ok, don't worry
Everyone is talking about you at the hotel
you have confused everyone last night
I did not confuse anyone
I worried when I saw you in that state that's it
I had little temperature, but I remember what you brought me
I have tried to prepare something fast
Why are you laughing?
No I'm not laughing
... But Murat
it makes me happy that you took care of me that's all
I didn't take care of you.. I mean..
I just stayed a little bit by your side that's all
so be it.. Ok then, I am happy that you stayed a little by my side
I didn't stay long I left after you went to sleep
Ok.. I will edit my comment
I'm happy that you stayed by my side until I fell asleep
I will do the same if someone else was in your place
So don't think I acted like this just for you
Ok Hasret.. Ok. I understand
Why don't you drink orange juice?
So you don't get sick again
Why are you laughing? You're irritating me
Ok.. Ok.. I won't laugh
Come on finish your orange juice we have a lot of work
Ok I'll finish it
I wonder what is Cobra doing? Did he find Jafer?
I hope he found him.. what will I do without Jafer?
I don't wish for anyone to be apart from his lover.. it's hard
I got used to him a lot.. How I can explain to you
An angel in the form of a man, he was respected and serious
modest, good-hearted
But he's gone, he's not here anymore.. It's all over now
I will say something..
There hasn't been more than one day since Cobra left.. but
Do you know how much I miss him?
I can't describe this crazy man
Separation is very difficult
Before we start our life together, the man is gone
I'm here alone with my unborn babies
And why are you crying aunt Kadriye
Several days ago I cooked a pot of beans, I added lot's of salt
so it turned out to be too salty
and I had to throw the whole pot of beans in the trash
Why are you like this?
We are in such a bad state, dear Saime
stop it.. stop it.. calm down.. get a hold of yourselves
What happened?
Wouldn't you play the piano?
No I don't want to
look I will sing better this time.. I can feel it
let's try again later
Shall we go and pick some flowers?
Is it the composition that is the problem?
yes the composition and me
the composition is fine
you play perfectly
It's me that is the problem
I can't sing it well enough..
If I could the album would've succeeded
Look Hasret
I know you blame yourself because the album didn't sell
I know you do not trust yourself
but you must get over this
This does not mean you are unsuccessful
so the same applied to you
Just cause you did not like this composition
it does not mean you cannot make a better one
Is it ok if we do not work today?
What will I do with Shewket.. will you help me?
Well I do not know
After leaving the man waiting in the park
he came home to see you, so he's a good man
The man really loves you
he really loves me?
A lot
If you saw him standing at the door, you would understand
He was worried about you very much
He was shaking whenever he said your name
What happened after that. Tell me
I've to go to the lesson
Shewket is calling
you talk to him freely and I will go
Thank you, and you?
yes, I'm sorry I had an emergency so I couldn't come
yes I did not call
in fact yes I can
what time?
yes I know that place.. Ok we'll meet there
No this time I will surely come
Are you Cobra's wife?
yes I am.. come in
We couldn't get a hold of him
so we said if anything happened we should know about it
What is this about?
Cobra made an agreememnt with our boss
so he would organize a show tomorrow night
Our boss even payed him an advance
Now, that we can't find Cobra, We expect bad things to happen
wait a minute my nice brother don't think of anything bad
I'll call Cobra and tell him about our conversation don't worry
that would be the best thing to do
ok.. You have a good day.. knock on wood!
Oh, Cobra.. Oh, Cobra..
you presence is a trouble and your absence is even more trouble
What should I do?
I think you are carrying that for no reason. It won’t rain
It is good to be ready if it rains
Where are we going?
I do not know, let's just walk
Come on man.. Open your phone Cobra..
He doesn't answer.. would he answer?? of course not
Ok sister.. are you done with my phone
Oh! here take it.. What value does your phone have?
won't you tell me where we're going?
really?? It's a great idea
This means your fishing rod will touch the water finally
and this is not all
In the evening we'll fry the fish we caught and eat them deliciously
I won't eat
Why? Don't you like it?
No.. I like it..
but I won't eat the one we caught ourselves
It would be very brutal
Let us go, and I will work on convincing you
what is it? didn't you leave a short while ago?
We didn't hear any good news yet
So we needed to come again
you can talk freely, she's not a stranger
We heard that Cobra had promised another place
to organize a show tomorrow night too
I swear to you, Cobra hasn't done such a thing in his life
he's an honest and straightforward man
She's saying the truth.. Cobra won't lie in business
I hope so
God willing
the signed contract is in our boss's safe
you should know that we use all our legal rights
Cobra took 3000 Euro as an advance
And our boss won't forget such an amount.. Be aware of it
Ok... 3000 in what currency
In Turkish Currency.. it means 3 billions
Do you have any news from this Cobra?
No I don't have any news about Cobra
but I will get them and I'll call you tomorrow
If the theater was empty tomorrow night
then our boss will wrech this office.. be informed
Do whatever you can to find him
we only needed the Mafia to come here in these circumstances
I'll have an early delivery..
He took 3000 as advance..
who knows what he's doing with this money now
Oh my God.. Girl look. try calling him
My brother in law forgot his phone here
Open it and tell whomever not to worry
my sister this is me Kadir
Kadir what are you doing next to your brother in law?
sister, I am at home?
did Cobra return?
No I answered the phone
Did I call you by mistake?
sister have you gone mad?? listen to me
listen, talk to me with respect.. I'm your older sister
give me Cobra quickly
my brother in law forgot his phone home, that's why I answered it
What happened?
Ok I understand.. close the phone boy.. close it!!
I'm silent, I do not know what to say?
If you allow me, I will explain
yes.. That would be better
For example, how did you find me?
I mean, after all these years
Do you remember our teacher Ms. Jonay in elementary
I remember her
I have visited her one day
We looked at an old photos album together and I saw your picture in it
Then Ms. Jonay told me that you visit continuously
And you send her cards between now and then
Yes, I send her cards on holidays
She showed me a card
It had the address
When I spoke to her I know that you worked at the mention
then and along with my busy work I searched and found that mention
I can not believe it
and did you find me there?
No.. Unfortunately
But I did not lose hope
I asked the residents there and they told me that you moved
So I took your new address from there
you troubled yourself a lot
In fact sometimes I was surprised with my actions
I used to tell myself :"what are you doing Shewket?Control youself"
but a voice inside of me told me you're in the right way continue
that voice was right
I mean that when a person
embark on a road, he must go till the end
In short this is what happened and you know the rest