Mahabharat - Episode 38

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I am impartial
So, I can say without mincing words...
...that a volcano cannot be contained
But in Hastinapur, the Partition was used... contain a volcano on the verge of eruption
Yuddhistir, in the hope of peace...
...agreed to the proposal
However, as Time...
...I shall tell you what I know
Dhritirashtra's decision will not avoid war
Dhritirashtra may not have thought of all this
But Shakuni has made his plan with great care
The land of Khandav is on the west of River Yamuna
An infertile land of stones...
...where dwelt the Nagas and demons
Which is why Hastinapur was made the capital
Though Khandavprasth was a part of Hastinapur... was never considered a part of it
The game being played was that...
...the Pandavas be given half the kingdom... that Dhritirashtra could not be called unjust
And yet in reality what they got...
...was next to nothing
Which is why the other four brothers...
...did not like the division
Father's sweet talk eventually did the trick
I am not surprised at this suggestion
He did cheat us of half the kingdom
He is older than we are
It is not right that you use such words...
...against him
Why can't he behave more graciously
Is this the way to talk to your brother?
Forgive me mother but...
...there should be no 'but' when talking to a C1092mother
Okay. I'll ask the question differently
Who gave Father the right... divide the nation...
...without asking us
If you do not accept...
...Yuddhistir's decision...
Then what should I do?
Is this the way to talk to an elder brother?
There is no question of rejecting the decision
But speaking freely...
...keeps the family together
Speak Naku. What were you saying?
I only wanted to say...
...that Hastinapur is ours by right
Yuddhistir was made Crown Prince
Then why did Father divide the nation and...
...give it to Duryodhan?
Did you hear that?
This is based on one 'only'
Had it not been 'only' What else would he say?
If Grandsire is behind this plan then his decision...
...must be right
Why don't you understand
Admitted that Grandsire is on your side
So, the Partition has some significance
But I cannot believe that he suggested...
...Khandav be given to us...
...and Hastinapur to Duryodhan
We accept the Partition but...
...why should we leave
Duryodhan is younger. Let him go to Khandavprasth
Why should we be always driven out?
If you permit, we can ask Grandsire:
Our land was divided but what did we get?
Yes. What did we get?
Even I can answer that question
Then answer it
The king has given you your Land of Action
Do your Duty and shape your Destiny
That is the secret of life
O man! Your own hands...
...hold your own Destiny
Our respects
Come. Sit by my side
Do you want to say something...
...which mother should not know
Why did you say that?
You have called us to your room for the first time
I do not want mother to know that... younger brothers are angry with me
She will be sad to hear this
We are not angry with you but we are sad...
...that half the kingdom was given to Duryodhan
You are blaming both...
...Duryodhan and Father for taking away...
...half the kingdom
Duryodhan is our brother
You are saying this in spite of...
...the wax house?
Tell me who is not related to you?
Hastinapur was our father's capital...
...and it should rightfully be ours
Do you know the meaning of 'right'?
You have to pay the price for that
Every right brings with it duties
The first duty of a king... to ensure peace for his people
If we do not go to the Khandavprasth...
...there will be no peace in Hastinapur
I have decided to leave...
...Hastinapur for its own good
Does this not mean that...
...after your coronation...
...we will have nothing to do with Hastinapur?
Why should that happen?
Does a child's relationship break after birth
Sometimes one has to go far... keep a relationship alive
But none of us has...
...opposed your decision
My brothers will never oppose me
What I need now is your help
Khandavprasth must become lndrapresth, Land of lndra
Did not Krishna Say:
The king has given you your Land of Action?
The success will be ours...
...and so will the failure
But I cannot do this alone
Because you brothers are my hands and feet...
...eyes and ears
If you are not there, I cannot even walk
Bhim is my feet
I cannot fulfill my responsibility
Arjun is my hands
Nakul and Sahadev are my eyes
I do not want the throne of Hastinapur
I want my brothers
If you are with me...
...we can turn Khandavprasth into heaven... that even Lord lndra will want to live there
Besides, mother does not want to stay in Hastinapur
If you still do not agree with my decision...
...I'll tell father that... brothers want Hastinapur, not peace
...the Partition out of fear
I want to avoid war
If there is war...
...another river of blood will flow
The story of this river will be longer than the Ganges
Here we will be busy...
...defeating Uncle Shakuni's conspiracies
Here is war and there is peace
Here is destruction, there is progress
Here the palace foundation is crumbling
There we will build a new palace
If Krishna could leave Mathura... search for Peace in Dwarka...
...why can we not go to Khandavprasth?
The truth is I am worried that...
...Shakuni will not allow to stay in peace even there
The cursed snake has bitten...
...the Kuru family
The Partition has shaken...
...the very confidence of the Kurus
How long will you stay awake?
Now you have decided to divide the nation
At least sleep now
Sleep is not like Grandsire...
...that I order it and it will come... do my bidding
Sleep is something...
...which will come when it wishes...
...and close your tired eyes
Sleep is a nomad...
...which rarely comes to palaces
As for me, it seems sleep has...
...forsaken me
What's the reason for your insomnia now?
You said everything but...
...did not answer my question
If I had the answer I would have...
...told you
It is as if I have no answers to any questions
It is as if I am the question... search of an answer
I am the arena and I am my own rival
I am at war with myself
I do not know...
...who will win this war
This means... are hiding something from me
There are many more things...
...which I wish to hide from myself
What have you got here apart from darkness?
Why should I add to that darkness
You are doing me an injustice
Are you happy with the partition?
You did not even have to think to answer...
...but I still do not know whether I am happy or not...
...after dividing the land of my ancestors
Duryodhan's arrogance...
...his arrogance contains the fruit of his ambition
Never forget this
He is the heir to my ambition
...whatever was my right...
...but could not attain
This Kingdom belongs to Duryodhan
It also belongs to Yuddhistir
I have done injustice to both
Why are you still worried?
Yes. Even the Pandavas are out of the way
Yes, but they have also taken...
...half the kingdom with them
Even I did not like that...
...but what could I do?
Sadly enough, father's loyalty... divided between me...
...and the Pandavas
He cannot say anything with Aunt Kunti around
So, forget the half given to them, uncle
There is Earth to conquer
I will expand my Kingdom
There is no doubt about that
But we have lost a part of Hastinapur
Until Hastinapur is whole again...
...I will not know any peace
Start thinking about this problem, nephews
Uncle, Yuddhistir has not yet been crowned king...
...and you have started conspiring
The earlier the better... that we may rest tomorrow
It is important to befriend the Yadavas
From where have the Yadavas come?
From Kwarka, my son
It is impossible to fool Krishna...
...because he is too clever for that
But Balram. Try and befriend him
Serve him and feed him well
Touch his feet and hold them fast
His feet?
I don't even like touching my father's feet
I know
Balram is neither your father nor your Uncle
There is no need to touch our feet because...
our blessings are always with you
Grow out of your childhood, Duryodhan
Here you will have to touch someone's feet
If you want to be successful in life...
...learn to touch someone's feet
If you cannot do this, I'll return to Gandhar
Uncle, has it never happened that...
...I have not listened to you
Balram! Okay Balram it is!
Very good!
What's this Krishna?
Subhadra's letter
What's it?
Nothing much. All's well
The Crown Prince is home
Yuddhistir I'll bring him in
I was talking about Prince Duryodhan
O yes! He is now the Crown Prince since...
...Yuddhistir is now the king of Khandevprasth
-Bring him in -Yes sir
Does Duryodhan wish to see only you?
Don't I matter?
Does it mean that... one should come and see me?
People come to meet elders...
...and not the young
You can only be given blessings
Of course
-My respects -Greetings
Come. Sit next to me
Do you know Krishna?
My Brother. We have never met
How could we meet?
He was so busy welcoming his brothers
Greetings Duryodhan
I, too, was eager to meet you
When I heard that you were coming I thought...
...I could hear you play the flute
You thought only about your pleasure?
But I left my flute in Nandgaon
That is a great injustice to us
-lsn't it? -Of course!
He can be friendly and detached by turns
He is without attachment
I have never left you, have I?
I won't let you go
I want to show you around Hastinapur
It is not as beautiful as Dwarka...
...but it's worth seeing
You won't come?
No Brother
I will first go to Vidur...
...and then Sage Drona and Grandsire
These are the people...
...who make Hastinapur worth visiting
Okay. You meet them
I am going out
Here Brother
Let's go Brother
Yes Duryodhan
I have never tasted such a delicious meal
I am really content
Did you hear that?
Look who is content
That's the truth!
I am tired of eating rich food
When I come again, I'll be your guest
This house will be blessed
Will you remember your promise
He never forgets
The Lord of the three worlds...
...eats at Vidur's house
Even the simple food...
...had the taste of love
May I ask a question?
Why not? Do ask
I am here to answer questions
Is Hastinapur on the way from Kampilya... Dwarka?
All ways pass through Hastinapur today
Even you know that
Whatever is happening, let it happen...
...and wait for what is to happen
My Hastinapur is passing through bad days
Why else would...
...a worthy Prince like Yuddhistir be exiled?
Days cannot be good or bad
Only actions are good or bad
Only actions
If that is the norm...
...why is Yuddhistir penalized for being good
Why do you think it is a penalty?
It is an opportunity to build a new city
Do you think...
...Duryodhan could do it?
If not, let whatever is happening happen
Yuddhistir and his brothers...
...will soon travel on the path of progress
Duryodhan is helpless
He cannot walk on this path
Because, O Sage...
...Duryodhan by himself is a cipher
He is mere branch of Dhritirashtra
Trees are bound to the Earth by their roots
They can move neither forwards nor backwards
They can only break and fall down
They provide the fuel for circumstances
O Sage if you ask a question... not fear the answer
You are fighting with your own self
You are both Duryodhan...
...and Arjun
But always remember what you once said:
Arjun is that Man who will...
...reveal God in His true form
Is this tree and enemy of yours?
The biggest drawback of anger is that... cannot differentiate between good and bad
Why punish this helpless tree...
...for Dhritirashtra's injustice?
It cannot protect itself
As a warrior, your duty is... protect the helpless
Grandsire, if you were aware...
...that an injustice was being done to us...
...then why did you not oppose it?
Allowing injustice to happen... like supporting it
You are right, my son
There was no other way to save Hastinapur
If Father did not stand in my way... bow would have solved the problem
That may very well happen
Do not be surprised, my son
I am three generations behind you
My vision has blurred
I cannot clearly see what lies...
...on the other side of the night
I am sure that...
...Kunti has never told you that...
...I wanted Dhritirashtra to be the King
It is not that I don't know...
...that a blind man cannot be king
This was not because he is the eldest Son
He is also my student
I know if he was not made king...
...he would think injustice had been done to him
This would have made him a complex personality
Which was not in our interest
But at that time...
...Vidur came with his new Ethics...
...and I could do nothing
I had to remain silent
Had Mother Satyavati not Crowned Pandu this problem...
...may not have arisen...
...because Dhritirashtra would have been satisfied
He would have seen that only Yuddhistir was worthy
But why lament over the Past?
We should look to the Future and Peace
Come along with us, Grandsire
We can sacrifice the Kingdom...
...but we cannot sacrifice you
It is not in my power to go with you
I am bound to the throne of Hastinapur... a cow tied to its shed
The king has ordered that all noted scholars...
...are to be invited for Yuddhistir's coronation
1008 Brahim Mahouts...
...under the supervision of priest...
...will bring the water of then Ganges
Yuddhistir will ride the king's own elephant
Behind this elephant will walk...
...Brahmins and other Citizens
All prominent citizens...
...will be invited for the coronation
Now begin to prepare for the coronation
-My respects -Greetings
Any news, Vidur?
Duryodhan is showing Balram Hastinapur
What does he want?
He is not happy with the Partition
He will always aspire to get back...
...the other half he has lost
What does he have that he wants to expand his kingdom?
Dhritirashtra uses his eyes to dream, doesn't he?
O God!
When will this jealousy end?
My respects
Come O son of Devaki!
My respects to you
Since when do elders pay respects to youngsters?
What arithmetic has made me older?
Age, Grandsire
You are a guest
I cannot prove you wrong
Please sit
You first
Please be seated
You, too, be seated
What will you do after the coronation?
I may go to Khandavprasth with the Pandavas
Will Balram also go?
Only he knows
Duryodhan has taken him out
Looks like he's lost
He hasn't returned yet
He may stay for a few days
He is older. I cannot say anything
Please eat something
I can't eat any more
Just a little more
Give him some more
Which is the best weapon?
For me, it is the plough
But the best weapon is the mace
You are disciples of Sage Drona...
...which is a great honor
It is also honorable to be your disciple
No. I am not a teacher
I can use the mace. That's all
But you taught Bhim
But you are not his cousin, are you?
Blood is thicker
What are you saying?
Duryodhan is just like Bhim to me
I'll send Krishna back to Dwarka and...
...return here for a few days
Not for a few days
I'll learn to my heart's content
Okay. Learn as much as you want
I'll teach well