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The Staff of Solomon... How did the activation test of the holy relic we handed over go?
As reported, the test showed that completed relics need a considerable level of phonic gain
It won't be easy.
Black Art... We need to show the world the technology of a lost civilization and make it our own by all means.
It's all give and take. I appreciate the aid your country has lent us.
I leave today's duck hunt and later developments to you.
Seems you appreciate my services. I expect you to uphold your end of the bargain, then.
Of course. I would do nothing less. Obedience is the key to longevity.
So despicably vulgar.
I'm tired of how remarkably unremarkable his homeland is.
I wouldn't tell someone like him under torture that Solomon's Ring had already been activated.
Don't you agree, Chris?
Are you in pain? Poor Chris.
Your hesitation got you into this mess.
You only had to take the girl here after she took the bait.
Not only did you hesitate, you returned empty-handed too.
This is necessary, right?
What do you mean?
I have to obey you if I want to see my wish granted, don't I?
Exactly. You have to accept me without a shred of doubt.
Otherwise I'd have to hate you.
You're so cute, Chris!
Only I can give you the love you deserve.
Don't forget this, Chris.
Only pain can be the bond that connects the hearts of men.
That's how it's always been.
Let's eat together now.
Why is Tachibana Hibiki late again even after all the punishment she got?
Teacher, Hibiki... I mean, Tachibana is taking the day off with a cold.
She's a lost cause.
This morning was too hard.
There's a champion in the making!
Well done.
Thank you!
I decided for myself to get some real training, but for some reason you had to accompany me anyway. I'm sorry.
Aren't there other ways to fight the Noise? Why do you have to rely on a highschool girl for help?
Maybe other countries know something.
Officially there's no solution.
Even in Japan anything related to Symphogear is classified.
But I kinda went out there in broad daylight...
Keeping word from spreading is part of our job.
But sometimes we need to go too far to do our job,
so by now most cabinet members and ministers dislike us.
They don't even call us the second branch of the Disaster Relief Squad anymore.
Just the "sore thumb".
The government's upper echelons swore us to secrecy, you know.
But we can't keep up.
I'm pretty sure they want to use the Symphogear as a diplomatic ace up their sleeve.
The EU and the US are just waiting for a good opportunity.
The development of Symphogear is based on theory and technology
that was born from a field that didn't even exist in science before.
No other country could even hope to reproduce it.
They must be grinding their teeth.
So basically everyone is having a lot of issues.
That reminds me, Chief. Where is Ms. Ryouko?
She's away on official business.
A government big shot summoned her.
She is there to fulfill her duty to report to the minister in charge
with regards to the security of HQ and the various defense mechanisms.
It's part of her job.
This is all so complicated.
The people who never want to take responsibility are the ones who make the rules complicated.
At least Minister of Defense Hiroki is a better man than that.
Ryouko is late.
Someone is talking about me.
Today the weather is so lovely! I feel like luck is with me today.
I'm... alive.
No. I just failed to die.
What did she live and die for?
You take this too seriously, Tsubasa.
A reed before the wind lives on where oaks fall.
I worked even harder since I was alone.
I stared into the eyes of death as I annihilated countless Noise,
and I never sought to find meaning in it and was content simply to fight.
I realized that my life had no meaning or value.
I think there is something waiting for us beyond all the fighting.
I fought believing in that, and now I know for sure.
What is it?
You have to find that out yourself.
Don't tease me, Kanade.
Then again, you're not even really there to tease me anymore.
That's a good thing, isn't it?
Not at all! I want you by my side!
It's up to you to decide whether I'm close to you or not.
It's up to me?
Then I...
Doctor, the patient is conscious!
Check all vital signs.
This feels strange.
It feels like I'm cut off from the world and time slowed just for me.
I see. I only skipped school for work or business-related events before.
There goes the award for perfect attendance.
Don't worry, Kanade.
I'm not as inflexible as you think I am. I won't trip.
So here I live, with my disgrace in plain sight for all to laugh at.
A single phone call from them can mess up my whole schedule.
They are hopelessly out of control.
They might be a relic of the pre-war era,
but hasn't this gone too far?
Perhaps, but they are our only weapon against the worst of disasters.
It's my duty to give them the freedom of action that they need.
A sore thumb indeed.
You must be the Defense Minister, Mr. Hiroki.
You bastards...
Sorry I took so long!
What is it? Did you miss me so badly?
Defense Minister Hiroki has been assassinated.
What?! Really?
Multiple "revolutionary" groups have assumed responsibility,
but we don't know anything with certainty yet.
We put every man on the investigation.
We were so worried because we couldn't contact you either!
Looks like it's broken.
I appreciate the concern.
With me I have classified orders from the government.
Defense Minister Hiroki helped make this delivery a success.
Lydian Private Music Academy High School Division
is basically the second branch of the Disaster Relief Squad.
After analyzing the Noise appearances occuring around headquarters,
the government has concluded that the enemy's goal is to seize Durandal.
It lies inside Sacristy D, which is kept locked on the lowest level of the facility: Abyss.
It is one of the few complete Relics.
The EU handed it over to Japan for safekeeping and management
on the condition that Japan write off some of Europe's defaulted loans
should the EU economy collapse.
And where would they have us transfer it?
There's no place safer than here!
There is a special vault for relics deep under Parliament
which is often called simply the Ruins of Memory.
They feel it would be safer there.
Since we are government employees, we have no way of refusing an order from up the food chain.
Durandal is scheduled for transport tomorrow at 0500.
The particulars are on the chip here.
Is that the Abyss?
It's three times the height of the Tokyo Sky Tower deep.
That makes it almost 1800m down!
Okay. Go get some rest until the mission starts.
It'll be stressful.
Got it!
Hey, where were you all day?
You can't just claim to have 'training' and vanish!
Well, you know, that was... I...
Give me a decent excuse!
Sorry! I have to run!
At least let me worry about you.
I'm sure Miku is mad at me now.
No use brooding over it.
Men are into this stuff, I guess...
Breaking News
Kazanari Tsubasa
Hospitalized from Exhaustion
Hospitalized from Exhaustion
Information control is my job as well.
Mr. Ogawa...
Tsubasa's life isn't in danger anymore.
For the time being she has to stay at the second branch's medical facilities and get rest.
We had to cancel her show at the end of the month too.
What do you think should be done to appease her fans?
Do you have a suggestion?
I don't want to pressure you.
Sorry. I didn't mean to talk down to you.
I just wanted you to understand that even the smallest of things
are backed by the efforts of many people.
I think it would take a load off your shoulders if you didn't try to bear all that responsibility alone.
That's very kind of you, Mr. Ogawa.
I'm too indecisive.
The really kind people are out there.
It gave me some peace of mind. Thank you!
I'll make sure I get some sleep!
Now, Hibiki, if only Tsubasa could be as honest with herself as you.
You're being deployed under the pretext of investigating the assassination of the Defense Minister.
Make haste for the Ruins of Memory.
Let's give it a good code name!
The Plan to Make Everything All Right For Only Us!
Find something to hold on to.
I'm a pretty good driver.
We're under attack! No confirmation, but presumably Noise!
They got to us sooner than anticipated!
They're in the canals! The Noise are using the canals to attack!
We're gonna die!
Genjuro, my boy, shouldn't we pull out?
That chemicals factory is one huge pile of dynamite.
Durandal will...
I know! But the Noise only attacked your escorts and not you,
which means they are under sentient control!
If they want to capture Durandal,
then our best bet is to get it someplace really dangerous and settle it!
What are our chances?
None too good. We're improvising!
This is so heavy, Ms. Ryouko.
Let's just leave it here and escape!
We can't do that!
I suppose you're right.
I guess the time for alternatives is over,
so just do whatever you want.
I'll fight!
Soon I won't be able to gaze at it anymore
I want to burn it into my memory
your laughter like a sunrise
Can I walk some more with you?
The heels are in the way!
Is the future I believe in an illusion?
I'm sure my wishes will be granted
I'm sure they won't simply vanish
I won't be afraid to fight
And even my experiences of injustice
will be full of love
Let us try the dreams we hold out
We have no time to shed tears
so because we have things we need to protect
our mortal lives make contact with war
My heartbeat will usher in a new age
She learned how to fight?
That signal... you've got to be kidding!
Today you're not getting away!
I'm still not in perfect control of my Symphogear.
How can I use my armed gear?
It activated!
Is that Durandal?
It's mine!
What the hell is she doing?!
Don't flaunt your power!
You're too strong to abduct... I...
No way... Was that the power of Durandal?
What was... all that power?
My body moved on its own and blew it all into oblivion.
That's Durandal, the completed relic that your voice activated.
Umm, I... And you... What...?
Does it really matter? The point is we're both safe and sound.
Transport operations temporarily called off.
Preparations for return in progress.
Yes, Durandal is undamaged, but...
The Swan
of the
To be
Here we are, where I used to belong, but
when I turn around, only the wind is with me
Don't let me down, don't make me confused
I will drown in despair
The sky from here is like a nightmare
and it comes to chase me
Dreams and reason and all my feelings
are once more erased
I can't wait for the end to these sad days
Lost and deep in my agony
I still wish to try to win
Although my hands are covered in wounds
they hold a little star that will never die
This light that fell from the heavens
shines for me faintly even now
I will reach out to others no matter how often I have to
although I can't imagine
how mere faith could ever be a strength
Shine for me, shooting star!