Thanksgiving Day Dinner Recipes : How to Mix Ingredients for Whipped Sweet Potatoes

Uploaded by expertvillage on 17.01.2008

Hi my name is Lori with Figs Catering in Austin, Texas on behalf of Expert Village today we
are going to show you how to make a entire Thanksgiving meal. Now that I have my sweet
potatoes into the bowl I'm going to go ahead and whip them up. You want to whip them to
a nice soft consistency you just want to make sure before you add your egg to the sweet
potatoes that your potatoes are not hot or it would cook the eggs and you don't want
curdle egg in your sweet potato dish here. So I'm going to go ahead and add that in.
Now that I have that incorporated I'm going to add in the rest of my ingredients I'm going
to do a pinch of salt, about a teaspoon of pumpkin pie spice. And pumpkin pie spice is
really great product to use cause it is really a combination of different things like cinnamon
and cloves, a little bit of ginger, it has a lot of different things. Lastly I'm going
to add about 6 tablespoons or so of sugar. A alternative to this you can also add like
a light brown or dark brown sugar. I'm going to make sure that this is thoroughly mixed.