Teenage Motorcycle Racers (Part 7/8)

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- This is what we've spent years working up to.
And everybody-- all the hard work and dedication that comes
down they only got a couple races left this season.
If they don't go now, go home.
That's it.
KEVIN SCHWANTZ: It's about consistency and what we saw,
as Gustl talked about everybody's results.
That one really fast lap and then landing in the gravel
isn't going to get you the result, it's not going to get
you the practice that you need to turn--
to learn a technical racetrack like this.
Great racetrack, lots of fun to go around.
Once you find your way around, I think everybody
will really have fun.
BENNY SOLIS: Second to last turn, I was looking--
I was walking it, it looks like everyone comes
in on the left side.
KEVIN SCHWANTZ: Ideally, you want to get in, get back, and
really concentrate on getting through that right and driving

PETER CLIFFORD: Daijiro is one of these kids, when we saw him
first in 2007, you just look at him and you go, wow, that
kid looks so beautiful on the motorcycle,
he's an absolute natural.
And since then it just hasn't clicked for him.
He's always there, he's always quick, but he hasn't--
he hasn't won another race since [INAUDIBLE] last year.

STURLA FAGERHAUG: It sucks if you got a bad rear position,
like I did in Sacksbury.
I was stuck in about tenth in the first corner and had to
pass everyone.
And then trying to catch the leader, I crashed.
And the times I started in first this year, I won.
It helps a lot if you qualify good.
KEVIN SCHWANTZ: It seems like all the kids are putting that
added pressure on themselves right now.
And I think we're seeing the effect on some of the kids.


- You've been having shit for lap times on this track.
You gotta go.
And then when you win it, shit, your times started going
boom, boom, boom.
There's only a couple guys going quicker than you, you
just took your turn to get there.
HAYDEN GILLIM: I didn't want to crash.
- That's OK, I'm all about that.
HAYDEN GILLIM: Because they said if you crashed and your
bike was messed up you wouldn't race [INAUDIBLE].
- Well, that's cool.
That's fine.
But you still gotta get out there and get some laps for
tryout time you know?
That's the key.
- Most of the people that are helping him understand that,
hey, you just gotta get through this year, you've got
to take advantage of this, you've got to go do the best
that you can.
Don't let yourself get down.
I believe 100% of my being, I know Hayden has all the tools
that he needs to be a world champion, to be a multiple
world champion.
- You better break it in when you got new brake pads.
They told us four laps.
- And hold the brake, you know, how I showed you.

I want to see him in the front.
I'm really tired of seeing him in the back.
He'll be in the front, where he belongs.
Not twenty, fifteen, no way.
Not five.
Not five.
COMMENTATOR: Kent gets a good start, all the men on the
front row get a good start.
Kornfeil is there, as is Hiura.
There's the red helmet of number 33, Sturla Fagerhaug,
the Norwegian.
He's the cup leader by 25 points from Jakub Kornfeil.
Marino leads, from Kornfeil, from Kent, from Gagne.
And there's Fagerhaug--
absolute disaster, and he walks away in
total dejection there.
Well, that 25 point lead has just evaporated.
Oh, it's a collision there, as Hiura
and Marino come together.
That was sort of going to happen sooner or later.
- We got one out.
I think it's Solis.
COMMENTATOR: Poor old Benny.
He really has--
things have not worked.
And he just lost the front there on the brakes at the end
of the straight.

- Last lap.
Here we go this is it.
COMMENTATOR: Gagne comes around the outside, but Hiura
gets the drive.
It's Hiura with the drive up the hill.
Beautiful run up the hill, and there's the
leader Jakub Kornfeil.
Out onto the start and finish straight he can just cruise
across the line now.
Perfect ride for Jakub Kornfeil, the second perfect
ride in two weeks.
KEVIN SCHWANTZ: Jakub got a good start, got out front, got
away from all the chaos that was going on behind him.
He managed to pick up 25 points, which makes the
championship between him and Sturla Fagerhaug absolutely
even going to the last two rounds in Brno.
JAKUB KORNFEIL: My bike was 100% and it was-- everything
was very, very, very good.
COMMENTATOR: And perhaps you don't know that Sturla
Fagerhaug, in fact, crashed out of the race.
So you've now tied on points with him.
JAKUB KORNFEIL: It's very good.
I have the same points, I think, now.

- A lot of emotions involved at this point.
The highs and lows of racing have become evident.
A lot of these kids have a lot of pressure on them, and right
now Sturla is folding under the pressure.
This is two races in a row he's crashed out.
STURLA FAGERHAUG: After I lost two bad races, I've just been
home chilling with friends and stuff.
And getting ready for the next race.
STURLA FAGERHAUG: For training I do running and stuff, but
mental I'm just being myself.
It's not like I have to prepare my
mind, really, for anything.
I've just been handling it pretty well anyway.
Down here is mainly where I hang out.

My TV and my Xbox down here.
This is where I hang out.
My friends come over here and just chill, listen to music,
watch movies, play Xbox.
This says Norwegian Motorsport Athlete in 2008.
I got 20,000 Norwegian, which is about almost $4,000.
Just won that last year, it was a nice prize.
GURO FAGERHAUG: We always have been into motorbikes.
Sturla would come with us to the races.
So since he was a baby, he liked it.
We didn't say anything to him like, you have
to start with this.
On the contrary, I would say.
We told him it's very expensive.
So we'd rather not.
Certainly, if you want to do this, you have to
get your own bike.
STURLA FAGERHAUG: They had me collecting empty bottles,
which you get money for in Norway.
So I collected about 10,000 of those and bought my first 50cc
motocross bike.

GURO FAGERHAUG: He was like a grandpa.

GURO FAGERHAUG: I feel that I am there as a
mother, nothing more.
A person that could support him if it's needed, or just
hang around.
I like so much to go to the races, not only to watch him.
But also to watch some other other GP classes, and just to
be there on the track.
STURLA FAGERHAUG: I don't know really why my parents always
want to come to all the races.
Say you have a normal job and then your parents is going to
come there and watch it every day.
You understand it's kind of weird.
I've seen some moms freak out when their kids are riding,
and I just think, if that was my mom, I'd punch her in the
face, you know?
GURO FAGERHAUG: If Sturla crashes, or gets fifth, sixth,
I know that he would be disappointed.
But I'm not disappointed.
After all, this is a race.
And they're so lucky to be there.
They are so good at what they're doing, and
they come so far.
STURLA FAGERHAUG: Now I'm tied for first with Jakub Kornfeil.
I'm going to Czech Republic.
It's his home track, so it's going to be hard.
But, still think I've got a pretty good shot.
KEVIN SCHWANTZ: Sturla's had a great season up to the last
couple rounds.
And he's made a few critical mistakes, and given a large
chunk of points away.
Coming into the last round, know that they
Jakub Kornfeil has--
this is home track-- he's got that home
field advantage here.
And with that Sturla, I'm sure is, of the two of them,
feeling more tension than the other.

- Perfect, thanks.

GUSTL AUINGER: Everyone can get passed during the race,
for many do a little mistake.
Accept this mistake.
OK, it was a little mistake, I don't do this anymore.
Next lap I do it better.
I carry on.
I am part of the Rookie Cup.
I am part of the team, and I am strong enough
to be in this team.
It's the last weekend for this season.
Don't think about results in the past,
think about the moment.
And take care of you all, and I wish to
see 27 smiling faces.
KEVIN SCHWANTZ: Going into the file round here in Bruno, the
excitement and the tension in the tent is pretty amazing.
There's certain sides, like some of the guys are going to
try and work together off the front.
And this track's big enough, and wide enough, and fast
enough that I think we're going to see a pretty good
group at the front.