Practice video from GameClucks - Day #2 @ The International 2

Uploaded by natusvinceretv on Aug 30, 2012

- Come with me and I’ll show you some miracles!
- Oh, no-no! You’ll manage yourself, I believe in you!
- There’s no light!
- You have a power.
- Follow me and I’ll show you where everybody plays for money!
Let’s go! I’ll lead you to the real den.
Sometimes they play even for a life. Our way isn’t to the left.
We go to the right. You mustn’t shoot here,
so make it like you’re without the cam.
- Excuse me.
- Be very careful.
- Why did you leave me alone? I was scared;
I thought they would kill me! I was alone in this den!
- Yeah, it’s underground.
- Are these noobs already playing?
- No, they haven’t started yet.
- Haven’t started?
- The main question is where the 4th team is and who will find it?
- They are playing in the hotel.
- No, they’re in a secret place in this club.
- In this club?
- What’s the smell?
- We can’t tell you on the camera. We’d have to cut your tongue off later.
For you not to be able to tell it to anybody else.
- Is it an Ogre Mage? Russian one?