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Highlights of the news today Wednesday 12th September
Militant Union set to destroy our education with two pronged attack
Long running Heli service from Scilly Islands to be axed
Labour Councillor to give back salary he has not earned in attendances
Coalition set to stop small crime compensation payments
Fiscal slippage leaves Spain with funding gap
Whilst Greece still struggles with debt ñ Golden Dawn clear the path ahead
9/11 It is the 11th anniversary today ñ lest we forget
Israel still pushing Washington over Iran Thought for the Day ñ Political correctness
and paybacks And Finally ñ beware low flying cactii!
The hard liner and militant TUC is set to cause mayhem for British school children and
the education system in a two pronged attack. First, this Marxist Unions new ëmanifestoí
will stop after school sports, drama and even taking down or putting up childrenís art
work on the classroom wall. The second attack is that the TUC has backed co-ordinated strike
action by public sector workers over pay and opened up a new front in the industrial confrontation
with the government after last year's pensionís dispute. This move was reported as the NUT
and NASUWT, which are the two largest teaching unions and represent over 600,000 teachers
ñ have set an indefinite ëwork to ruleí protest from the 26th September. This means
in plain English that teachers will not supervise pupils during lunch breaks and will not be
available to cover absent fellow teachers. A W@8 reporter comments ëThis shows the writing
on the wall for the future of our children. The only thing these teachers are interested
in is their salaries and their principles that of spreading the Marxist word and deed.
It will not affect the massive amount of immigrant children now in our schools, to whom education
is a new toy and Labour clones would never ëoffend the newcomersí. The average teacher
today is a write off, many cannot speak proper English and are thoroughly indoctrinated into
the ways of the Frankfurt School of Indoctrination and should be replacedí.
A long running helicopter service which flies from the Scilly Isles to Cornwall is to be
axed. The company that runs the service which helps people with mobility problems says a
main factor is the costs in fuel and expenses along with falling passenger numbers and a
land dispute over the heliport with superstore chain Tesco. Holidaymakers loved the fast
trip across the sea to Scilly and back during the summer months. A resident of Scilly has
said ëIt wonít be the same when the service is goneí. A W@8 writer commented ëYou would
have thought Tesco with their millions would come to the aid of its shoppers wouldnít
A Labour councillor in Leicester who has been to only one council meeting in 4 months is
expected to pay back the £3,500 he was given. Iqbal Desai said that he had not attended
meetings because of ëpersonal reasonsí but now has to attend a Labour meeting on the
issue of his ëpayback.í One Labour councillor commented ëthat he has to do the decent thing
and ëpay it back or part of it!í
The Lib/Con coalition government is to slash ësmall compensationsí for criminal injuries.
So now with the cuts to the amount of police patrolling the streets and the closure of
many Police Stations throughout the UK and no cuts to immigration - the hike in crime
will escalate by the day. Only those suffering from ëserious crimeí injuries will be rewarded
financial compensation. Police have claimed that 6,800 frontline jobs have been lost since
the last General Election. A W@8 writer comments ëIt is a pity this small compensations slash
was not brought in for the murderers of Charlene Downes ñ who received a total of £250,000
between them for their ëtraumaí. It will just make claims higher from those who probably
do not deserve it, not the real victims of crimeí.
A widening fiscal gap, pressures from the business community and credit ratings agencies
could mean that Spain is on the path to a full blown bailout, reports from the EU have
stated. The Spanish Prime Minister, Mariano Rajoy is looking into whether the terms for
a new ECB plan to bring down Madridís borrowing costs if Spain seeks a bailout from the rescue
fund are satisfactory but said in a television interview on Monday that he still has not
made a decision. Spain must raise 30-40 Billion Euros by the end of 2012.
Greece is still struggling to uphold the promises to the lenders who are propping up the country.
Reuters have reported that the Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras will meet European
Central Bank President Mario Draghi in Frankfurt today.
Meanwhile in Greece, the nationalist party, Golden Dawn, have gone and cleared up illegal
immigrants from a market near Athens. Posing as Police, they asked non Greeks to produce
papers of their legal right to be the country. One stall which was run by an illegal immigrant
making money but not paying taxes was chased out of the market and had all his illegal
merchandise destroyed. One Golden Dawn MP commented, ëíNo papers, over here illegally
and working illegally - we did what Golden Dawn must do.íí
Today marks the 11th anniversary of the worst Islamic terrorist attack in world history.
In New York the names are being read out of the 2,983 people who were killed in New York,
the Washington and in Pennsylvania, but for the first time politicians will not address
the ceremony in New York. President Barack Obama said that ëthe US had emerged ëeven
strongerí from that dayís death and horror. President Obama attended the ceremony at the
Pentagon and Vice President Joe Biden is expected to speak at Shanksville.
The dispute between China and Tokyo over the Senkaku Islands in the East China Sea has
started to escalate in the region. The 2 islands that are privately owned, have received a
purchase offer put forward by the Japanese. China is outraged, saying the islands are
part of Chinese sovereignty and belong to China. Taiwan also has tried to make a claim
on the islands. The Chinese government has sent 2 naval vessels to the region which are
being closely monitored by the Japanese coast guard.
An Arab League mediator is to travel to Syria this week. He will be meeting with President
Assad to try and find a solution to the crisis. In the meantime, 20 of Assadísí soldiers
have been murdered by rebels in the city of Aleppo. The UN envoy Lakhdar Brahimi has said
that it will be a mammoth task to stop the fighting in Syria which has apparently killed
hundreds over the last year and a half.
Israel is still pushing Washington over action with Iran. However, the American government
has said there is still plenty of time to come to a diplomatic solution over the Iranís
nuclear programme. The Israelis say they want immediate action on Iran as Israeli Prime
Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has laid down the gauntlet saying the United States must
draw a red line over the Iranianís nuclear project. A W@8 reporter commentedí Poor old
Netanyahu ñ it must be difficult living in the knowledge that one of your neighbours
wants to blast your country to Kingdom come and is encouraged by other Muslim countries
to help them do ití.
Breaking News. The US Ambassador to Libya, J Christopher Stevens and three other Americans
were killed in a deadly attack on the US Consulate in the eastern city of Benghazi. President
Obama condemned the attack in a statement at the White House on Wednesday and vowed
to bring the perpetrators to justice. It is rumoured the assault may have been planned
by extremists and inspired by Al-Qaeda. The attack followed a protest at the US Embassy
in Cairo over a low budget anti Muslim film made in the US and it appears that this assault
in Benghazi was another response to this film. Two Marine anti terrorism security teams have
been sent to Libya to bump up security there.
Thought for the Day - Political correctness and paybacks?
Although I cannot comment specifically on the court proceedings in Fareham Hampshire
surrounding the Mrs. Walker case and her leaflets, I can and will comment on the ridiculous effort
on the part of the CPS and the Chief Constable of Hampshire to bully an old lady. It is quite
clear that the British National Party is being targeted in this case, which never should
have been brought to bear. There is a huge amount of crap being aired from 5 years ago
that Mrs. Margaret Walker sent out. She was never prosecuted for this but just given a
verbal warning. You would never think it. The opposing counsel has not stopped in an
attempt to blacken Margaretís name with these initial and up to now hidden leaflets. Now
the opposing counsel is a Julian Knowles QC and in case we are left in no doubt as to
whom he owes his extremely liberal attitude to, it is of course, because he hails from
Cherie Blairís Legal School of how to get money out of practically anything that moves
company, Matrix. These are apparently the big boys of the legal beagles and if Knowles
is anything to go by I would avoid employing anyone on principal who had anything to do
with Mrs. Blair. On an aside, it is rumored that when Blair
was in No 10, she was called to Australia to raise money for a childrenís charity.
I believe around £65,000 was raised and she took £50,000 of it for her after dinner speech
ñ so really all this talk about charities and immigrants getting their rights all depend
on the state of the Blair pocket at that time! Suffice to say on another point Blair must
be the only person to have started two illegal wars centered around the Middle East and when
leaving premiership promptly became through United Morons the Middle East Peace Envoy.
But I digress, now onto my fourth whole day at Fareham court. I was thoroughly disgusted
at the way opposing counsel led his skeleton statement not only did he bumble his way through
2 hours of repetitive stammering and page turning but he centered his case on the 5
year old leaflets sent out by Margaret who was clearly going through an anti Scottish
phase and everything that was not English phase. However her remarks on the state of
the NHS and Scotland were pertinent. I would say that she has improved greatly since then.
Of course these letters proved manna from heaven for Julian who simply went to town
on his own little cloud. His climax was attained however by the second recent leaflet for which
Margaret is being prosecuted. I believe he mentioned the last page where Margaret has
highlighted the plight of very young girls who have been groomed and spread a liberal
coating of red ink over that paragraph. Julian then decided after badgering both Margaret
and our BNP Press Officer with the supposedly gory details of bloody knickers to name it
ëvaginal bleedingí. At this point I gave up, especially when he tried to get a future
or past physic reading as to how or what the reaction was of the council members she sent
it to. How many variations of ëif you do not like it put it in the biní can you say?
She sent out 500 of these leaflets, hand done and paid for in postage by herself, a labour
of love you might say, the Police received 24 complaints back, that is around 5% were
offended ñ tough.
Julian Blair because that is what I have named him also harped on about EU regulations and
the Human Rights Act and a long preamble about a lady who sent photos of foeuteus through
to chemists who supplied the morning after pill. We also had the local plod who had arrested
Margaret in a dawn raid when she was in bed and her son was also arrested then released
as Margaret admitted and in fact yelled from her bed that it was her who sent the anti
Muslim grooming leaflets. This DC Plod Wilson or Stumpy as I will call her failed miserably
in her research of what should have been the pivotal point of the reason behind sending
out such literature. The case of Charlene Downes and her murder. Apparently Stumpy did
not know of the case at all.
The BNP are involved because Margaret put the web address on this leaflet but in fact,
unnoticed by Julian Blair if you put you can get BNP Paribas of the Bangladeshi
National Party. But the general view is that the court, the press and the Blairites are
all desperately avoiding the issue that is the elephant in the room, the actual cases
of Muslim underage sexual grooming that are just coming to light. They do not want to
go there. It offends their image of multiculturalism and the Islamic faith. Margaret is not anti
Islam but she is along with me and many others, anti Muslim grooming gangs which are spreading
south all the time. Poor old Chief Constable ñ he might be hoist with his own petard in
the future. What does it say about evil and men that do nothing?
When Margaret Walker was being cross examined, she gave as good as she got and brought up
the subject of Mrs. Downes and the general lack of sympathy she has received from the
press and public whilst this prosecutor was busy ascertaining how a few recipients of
her leaflets felt when they had received them. The comparison between losing a daughter and
getting some unwanted post is really hard to take even in this local provincial magistrateís
But I had the feeling sitting in that courtroom that we were watching a rather bad play with
an assumed ending. It was all rigged the whole kit and caboodle. Of the three magistrates,
2 were joined at the hip and obviously liberally inclined and words fail me on the big guns
of the prosecuting counsel Julian B! The magi themselves spent two hours this afternoon
talking about it and yet another date has been set for the final run of this farce!
The point about fighting it is that Margaret thought she was doing the right thing and
informing certain councils of the problems that have occurred further north and pointing
them the BNP site ñ not so they could do anything, they couldnít, they are minor to
say the least officials and if they are upset by leaflets like that they cannot be much
good to anyone with problems The CC (chief constable) cannot bring criminal proceedings
but can do ASBOS. Now research has shown only 3 out of every 100 Asbos asked for are ever
turned down, so they are on a sure thing here. Julian is asking for a permanent ASBO, which
would mean Margaret would virtually be under house arrest the rest of her life, with no
communication to the outside world at all. She has abided by her interim asbo and has
no intention of doing any more leaflets, as she said, the BNP and ProFam have taken up
the cudgels for Karen Downes and indeed Karen came down to the first hearing and spent some
time with Margaret discussing her daughterís murder. Julian tried to say that Karen Downes
would be shocked by the leaflets but of course she wasnít.
Thank God for Mr. Colcannon. He is Margaretís counsel and is superb. He lets Julian have
his mumbles in court ñ everyone deserves their 15 minutes or in this case nearly 3
hours total of fame!I will of course let y listeners know the outcome after the 25th
September but I think we all know where this is heading. The Police are rather like whores,
they hear the chink chink of probable ëracismí plus the bonus of the British National Party
and they are in like Flint! The outcome is probably already in the pipeline, and the
magis are only bumping up the time line because more so in legal doings time is money but
then that will suit J Blair and Matrix because the more time the more money! We will have
to wait and see.
And finally, KSAZ-TV of Phoenix, reported that a couple from Arizona, said their house
was damaged when a 30-foot-tall cactus on their property broke apart and pieces struck
their home. Mr and Mrs Lindstrom of Mesa said the saguaro cactus broke apart Saturday morning
and cost $3,000 to remove. Two arms of the cactus hit the shed outside before it hit
their house. Damage included a smashed computer and ripped out wiring for their telephone
and cable TV. The main body of the cactus stayed upright by leaning against a telephone
pole. The Lindstroms say that Fridayís monsoon could have contributed to the cactus breaking
You have been listening to the W@8. I am Lynne Mozar and I wish you all a very good night.