Prevent Neck Hump

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{\*\generator Msftedit;}\viewkind4\uc1\pard\sa200\sl276\slmult1\qj\lang9\f0\fs32 Hello, I'm Paula Moore The Chiropractor showing
you today how to prevent neck hump. Neck hump is not a Dowager's Hump and for the difference
between the two please watch my video, 'forward head posture'.\par
Today we are going to talk about how to prevent neck hump, which is the fatty hump which develops
at the base of the neck from the years of poor posture (slouching with forward head
leaning). \par You will need a towel from home. Roll it up
into a sausage about 2.5 inches thick. You then place the roll in the apex (the greatest
point of your poor posture). That is usually about mid-shoulder level (bra-line for women).
You can hold it with both hands or place it down onto the floor. Don't do this exercise
on a bed, you need something solid. \par Place it along the apex of your curve, lie
back over the roll with knees bent and head touching the floor. If you head feels like
it is miles from the floor and you have to lift your chin up to get your head to touch,
then this posture has already developed on you. You may need to see a health care professional
before you are able to do this exercise. \par Then take your arms and stretch them right
up in the letter 'V' position. If your arms are a mile from the floor then start with
the letter 'T' position. After several weeks of doing this, you can flatten your legs,
so you get a great big stretch right through your body. Link your fingers and really stretch.
Feel the lengthening in your spine. \par You may want to do some breathing and relaxing.
This is a wonderful way to meditate. Work up to doing just 60 seconds. That may feel
like a lifetime when you begin but you don't want to do more than that. When you come of
the towel, roll off it to the side. Give your body 30 seconds to adjust and then sit upright.
\par You can work up to 5 minutes. 1 minute a day
for the first week. 2 minutes a day in the second week, then 3 minutes. By the end of
a month, you should be up to 5 minutes every day. Don't rush this process, because you
can make yourself too sore.\par After you have used the towel successfully
for a month, you can purchase a pool noodle. They come if a long form and you can get them
at Homebase or B&Q or probably on ebay. Use a bread knife and cut your roll about 1 foot
in length, depending on how wide you are. This is less forgiving than a towel. This
really is only for those who have been working with the towel for a month.\par
Place it in the apex of your curved posture. Lie back over the roll. Place it where you
are slumping the most. With bent knees while you head touches, you want to allow your chin
to tuck in. Stretch your arms right up. This is much harder than the towel. After a couple
of weeks, you can flatten your legs. Your arms are either in the 'V' position or the
'T' position if you find they are too far away from the ground.\par
After 60 seconds, roll off, let your body re-adjust for 30 seconds before you sit upright.
Again, work up to 5 minutes on the roll. After you have been doing 5 minutes daily for a
month you can go right up to 10 minutes daily. \par
That combined with my 'Forward Head Posture' exercise, will really help you improve your
posture.\par Good luck and send me any questions that you
have.\fs22\par }