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Let's welcome Wonder Girls and 2PM!!
Hello everybody! We're 2PM!
Just now 2PM introduced themselves. Heard that Wonder Girls knows how to use chinese to introduce themselves. Can you introduce yourselves using chinese?
Hello everybody! We're Wonder Girls!
How does it feel to be in Taiwan?
Ok, translator. Oh! That guy infront is too tall already.
Translator, can you ask them how does it feels to be in Taiwan? Like 2PM, it's their first time here. So let's ask them how's their first time in Taiwan.
What did he say?
Just now he said so many things. Translated to Chinese, it just means that he's happy
Actually, it means this. They're happy that it's their first time in Taiwan. And they hope...
Is that a new dance group?
Hope what?
Hope that they'll appreciate their performance tomorrow night
Bubble Tea
That is very nice to drink
Yeah bubble tea! Err.. nice to drink
He learns (chinese) very fast
Because in Korea, heard that Taiwan's food is very nice to eat
How many times did Wonder Girls came to Taiwan?
They came the previous time. 2nd time already.
Then is there any food that left a deep impression on them?
Pineapple cake
Heard that Wonder Girls ate beancurd before
Beancurd! Beancurd! Nice to eat!
It feels like beancurd is her friend. "Beancurd! Beancurd!" When we mention beancurd, her eyes brightened up.
There are many korean idols came to Taiwan to eat but this time they came to Taiwan to perform.
Can we ask them if they prepared anything special for this time's performance
Don't understand
You still ask me if I understand?! We asked you to come because we need you to translate. What did she say?
We've prepared our new song
Ohh! Why didn't you speak Chinese just now?!
New song but chinese version
Should say that their song already have chinese and english version because of people in Taiwan, they specially added chinese version
Is it a new song?
You know their new song, 'Without U'? In their MV, they look very handsome. So did 2PM prepare anything special?
Oh special edition..
Do they know how to sing in chinese version?
See that expression!(we already know the answer. Hahaha.)
Got listen to any chinese songs? Is there any chinese songs that you're familiar with?
'Unfortunately, it isn't you'
Oh.. Fish Leong's song!(a female Taiwan singer)
-Singing that song-
Very good!!
Thank you
So we can anticipate this performance! Other than 2PM's new album, there is also Wonder Girls' new album
Yes, this is our new album
No wonder you know how to speak Chinese!
There's about 5 songs
Just now we said so many things. A reminder to everyone that the concert is on Saturday, 6:30pm at ???
We know that one of 2PM's member acted in the show called Cinderella's Sister. It's popular in Taiwan right now.
[Basically they're thanking Taiwan for supporting them and they're gonna give presents to the two Taiwan guys..]
Thank you
You're welcomed
Let's ask 2PM and Wonder Girls to end this show together with us
We have an ending. Everybody let's all say together "All Show, see you tomorrow!"
Ok, 1 2 3. 'All Show' see you tomorrow! Bye bye!
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