[eng] BEAST @4minute Mr Teacher Ep 6 cut

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SH: Oh! Its doojoon oppa~!
SH: Oh! Its Yoseop oppa~!
GK: Hello, Im Beast's Gikwang.
DJ: Lee Gikwang is here!
[Appearing for the third time on 4minute's show!]
[Manly-idol Beast!]
[From Malaysia to Taiwan with big success!]
[What kind of help will Beast give this time?]
[Will they be able to pass the problem?!]
YS: I have seen the movie "Species" when i was in Taiwan
YS: There was a fire that came out in the middle of the movie
Gy: We have already that done~
DJ: Is it burning stuff?!
[At this moment!]
SH: Sit downx3. You're blocking the camera
DJ: You're blocking the camera.
[Ah, cute maknae dongwoon~!]
DW: This..we..that...
DJ: Doesnt it repeat itself?!
[They opened the door and close it repeatedly?]
DJ: Then they will go out like this!
YS: Eukyakyakyak!
YS: These days my laughing voice is very fun right?
GY: Do it again!
YS: Eukyak!
[Yoseop comical laughing voice]
HS: Use a baseball bat to hit them!
[You're going to beat the ghost?! Kekeke]
YS: That's right~ During elementary school in 4th grade i did it before!
[Hyunseungie, what more is there?]
HS: Its showering
HS: PD-nim, i will give you your favourite member signature now.
[(Kekeke) All disagrees]
HS: Like this
DJ : You're wrong. you are left with one more chance to guess
YS: Hyunseung ah, you go away. Do you know you can't do anything well?
JH:We had two wrongs because of you!
[Our beloved Hyunseungie, you are really 'BLANK!']
[Now,she is clapping out loud!]
HS: I have washed my hair
DW: There was a time at home when he was very scary
DW: Hey! I know you're in there! Hey come out!
DJ: Let Lee Gikwang try it once.
YS: Eh??? Lee Gikwang was here?
DJ:You can see what he is trying to say by looking at his eyes
SH: Do you know what the problem is about?
GK: I know what is
GK: Let Hyunseungie do it~
HS: The cordi can help with dressing up as a ghost
DJ: You're so funny!
HS: From head to toe!!!
HA: Toilet water, these things may be right
GK: Hand washing!
[Could it be..?!]
[ Hands will meet the water when you are washing! Is it the correct answer?]
HA: Dont want~ Hand washing have already been tried!
GK : Hand washing, let's try it once
HS: Hey I think it would be hand washing!
HS: If not hand then it would be ___ or leg washing!
DJ: Its not __ or leg, we should start thinking about it from the start again
GY: I think what he(GK) said was right.
JH: we should go back to the ghost in the toilet
JY: Didnt i say it would be the ghost inside the toilet bowl.
DJ: That sounds a bit out but how would the ghost react?
[Could it be like that(referring to yoseop's action)?]
[Yoseeobie's interpretation- The hands of the ghost would be stretching outwards]
DJ: Then it would change back again to water
DJ: It came out!
DJ : It looks like he is showing "Eh hi~!"
GK : In Taiwan, ghost in the houses are scared by running water?!
[What will the result be?]
PD: Correct!
[Yoseobie's actions led them to the right answer!
GK: But whyx3?
SH: 4MINUTE's Mr Teacher fighting!