How to Frost Cupcakes

Uploaded by allrecipes on 06.12.2010

Cupcakes are petit and easy to serve and depending on how they're frosted and decorated
they can go from standard afternoon snacks to high style desserts
dress them up or tone them down to suit the occasion
there are three easy methods to frost cupcakes
spreading, piping and dipping
first make sure your cupcakes are completely cooled down otherwise they
may crumble when you handle them
the spread method - this is the easiest way to frost a cupcake
you need a bowl of frosting and a spreading tool like a blunt knife
or a small spatula
hold a cupcake in one hand and you're spreading tool in the other
for an even spread over the entire surface scoop up a generous dab of frosting
with your knife and plop it in the center of the cake
now for the fun part of frosting
release your inner artist
make one big swirl pattern a bunch of little wavy swirls or dab the
frosting to make spikes
the pipe method, if you have to ice a lot of cupcakes this is the fastest way to
you need a pastry bag a large star tip
and a rubber spatula for this method you'll need a double batch of frosting
to fill the pastry bag first attach the tip
And then sit the bag in a tall glass
or measuring cup and fold down a three or four inch cup
use the spatula to scoop frosting from the bowl into the bag
fill the bag no more than two-thirds full or else the frosting will squirt out
of the top
you can re-fill the bag as you work
lift the bag out of the glass and twist the top to close it
You can use a twist tie to keep it closed if you like, hold the main body of the pastry
bag in your dominant hand keeping the twisted end folded under your palm
making sure the frosting is all being pushed down
set the cupcake on a flat surface and squeeze out the frosting using your
other hand to guide the tip
start by piping a circle around the outer edge of the cupcake continue the
coiling motion until you reach the center of the cupcake
to finish off stop squeezing the pastry bag and then pull the tip up
twisting your wrist to get a swirl on the top
if you have a lot of cupcakes to frost place them on a baking sheet into neat
rows start piping from left to right on the the center row
and continue to the next then rotate the entire baking sheet so the next rows
are closer to you and start again from the center row
twelve cupcakes ready to go
the dip method
if you like a smooth and shiny coat of frosting over the top dip your cupcakes
into a bowl of melted chocolate glaze or ganache
the glaze or ganache should be warm to the touch but not hot
if it's hot the icing will drip right off the cupcakes
hold the cupcake upside down by it's base and dip the top of each cupcake into the
bowl of ganache twist your wrist slightly as you pull it out of the glaze
let the excess glaze drip back into the bowl
set the glazed cupcakes on a baking sheet or waxed paper to catch drips
that's it!
after you've frosted your cupcakes, you may want to dress them up even more
get creative with sprinkles candies and lots of fun
for parties or just to get a big smile from your favorite kid you can even add
little toys
and that's how you make the sweetest and cutest cupcakes ever