Baked Chicken Recipe : Serving Baked Chicken

Uploaded by expertvillage on 21.01.2008

Hi, my name is Branden Sarcas on behalf of Expert Village. Today I am going to show you
how to make a really great, really simple chicken recipe. It is baked chicken with pearl
onions, bacon and mushrooms. Now, it is service and presentation time, now what you would
normally do here is have your vegetable here, and you would have your starch here, although
with this dish you can forgo the vegetable because you are going to have onions and mushrooms.
So what I would do is I am going to do a nice starch like a potato or a mashed potato or
pipesome potato's. Since today we are just concentrating on the entree let me show you
how I would do it. Now, their is one of our chicken breasts I will actually face it out
reason being you want the slant to follow the visual height of the plate. See, if you
put it this way it is like flat, then it hits a wall. So if you turn it this way you get
a nice gradual flow upwards. We are also going to take our little wing that we have here
and kind of put this here as well, like kind of on the backside. Gives you more plate coverage
and gives you a nicer look their. Now, we have actually let our vegetable mixture cook
down until the liquid cooked out of it. So I am actually going to have to use like a
spoon to get the onions and mushrooms and everything out. We are just going to ladle
that right across the top. I actually let it cook down until it is really, really thick
which is the way I like it which is actually like gravy. Also, if you add the rux to it,
it would thicken up in the same manner. So, their you go you can see that we have a nice
colorful dish here and that you have your big chunks of bacon and you have your nice
rustic, you have your nice little piece of rosemary that fell out and some salt and pepper
color their. You have your tapeline onions their or pearl onions mixed in it's a really
great dish. Like I said if you get a starch here behind it to lean it up against like
some potatoes or even like some rolled up crepes or something behind it. Great dish,
it is really, really hearty it is great for the winter time. It is super, super easy to
make, I had a really fun time making it here. I guess now I have to say goodbye because
we are done so thanks a lot for watching my video thanks a lot for coming to Expert Village
and watch some more of my video's and with that being said have a wonderful night or
day if the case may be enjoy your chicken and enjoy all the compliments you are going
to get for making this great recipe. So, have a good one.