An introduction to Zetadocs Express (April 2012)

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An introduction to Zetadocs Express for Microsoft Dynamics NAV
Zetadocs for Microsoft Dynamics NAV is
the leading document management software add-on
for Microsoft Dynamics NAV
The new member of the Zetadocs family, Zetadocs Express,
uses SharePoint 2010 or the SharePoint Online feature of Office 365
This video will take you through a short demonstration of
the main features and benefits of Zetadocs Express
Zetadocs brings three areas of benefit:
reduced costs in handling business documents,
improved service for both customers and suppliers,
and a way of reducing your CO2 emissions
Let’s consider April who works in the accounts team,
handling payments to suppliers
When April receives an invoice from a supplier,
it’s her responsibility to get it approved,
such that she can make payment
She locates the relevant purchase order in Dynamics NAV
and then drags and drops the document onto the order
in order to upload it to Office 365 and associate it with that order
She can now enter the supplier’s invoice number and post the order
The supplier’s invoice is now securely stored in Office 365,
where both users of Dynamics NAV and other appropriate employees
can access it easily
Let’s see now
how April can get that purchase invoice approved on screen
without having to use a paper-based process
She calls it up and clicks “Start Workflow”
She can now assign it to Ben to approve
Zetadocs Express is linking across here
to a simple SharePoint workflow
provided as part of Office 365
Ben is alerted by email that he needs to approve the purchase invoice
A link takes him into SharePoint,
where he can view the purchase invoice on screen
and approve it for April
As Office 365 is a cloud service, Ben can do this wherever he is:
away on business, working from home or in the office
When Ben has approved the invoice, April is alerted by email
Within Dynamics NAV,
she can see that the invoice has been approved
She can now go ahead and arrange to pay the supplier
Let’s now consider Arnie, who works on the Accounts Receivable side
One of his tasks is to issue invoices to customers
Using Zetadocs Express,
Arnie can email an invoice directly from Dynamics NAV
This saves him having to print it out,
put it in an envelope and send it using conventional mail
The email is addressed automatically
using contact details held within Dynamics NAV
A copy of the invoice is uploaded to Office 365
to save Arnie from having to print off and file a paper copy of it
In this short demonstration we have seen how Zetadocs Express uses
Drag and Drop to capture documents,
Workflow for approving documents on screen
and Save and Send for emailing directly from NAV
Each of these features is taken further in other editions of Zetadocs,
as well as offering Batch Mode and Customizations
There’s more information on these other editions of Zetadocs
on our web site
including videos on Electronic Invoicing,
Supplier Invoice Processing and Proof of Delivery Tracking
Let’s finish with details on how to get Zetadocs Express
The software is available for no additional cost for customers
who are on a Business Ready Enhancement Plan
and are running the Role Tailored client
of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 R2
Full details are given on the Zetadocs web site
Thank you for watching this video on Zetadocs Express