"TrackList the Series" - 1x03 - Make Your Own Kind of Music

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English subtitles by Valeria Rosso
So, let's see what we know of Valentina so far - Ok
She goes to university - Yes
She likes shopping - Yes
And she's damn hot - That's right
What else do we need?
Tommy, I'm sorry but I have to go
You bastard!
A chase. Great idea!
What better way to begin the day?
Chases are fun
Well, the rest of Tomaso's day doesn't promise to be equally interesting
The fatal interview with assistant Guillotine-Gianfrotti is near
So let's make Tomaso meet someone
Who could change the course of his whole life
Hello, Tomaso! - Hi...
Have you noticed that recently things have not been so good, haven't you?
Excuse me, how do you know my name?
Have you ever thought of rebelling against this society that oppresses us
that crushes us
Smashing some skulls
Hearing the noise of shattering bones
Shattering, Tomaso - Shattering?! Guys...
Just kidding...
You must have thought, however, of changing all this
Well, actually I...
Living in a better world
which you have concretely helped to create
For a better world!
Creation of a better world...ok...
You know, you should come to one of our meetings
If you would just give me... - Your soul!
Soul?! - Your number
We'll call you back
We just need your signature here
But it doesn't mean anything, does it? - Of course not!
Ok, I'll sing then… Nooo!
Atheist Marx
You damned unbeliever
Corrupting young minds
Though not particularly bright ones. - What??
Ssshh, my boy, be quiet
We'll meet again, Piergesualdo! Be sure of that!
You may have won the battle, but not the war!
Ok, let's go! We have a lot to talk about
You haven't confessed for a while, have you?
Hello, Loris Hello... Caterina
I am Barbara
I'll call you soon!
See you later then - Ok. Bye
Hi there - Hi
What are you doing? - I'm going to class
Nice - What about you?
I am Loris
With me you could develop your talent, you could become a real...
A strange guy has been following us for at least 15 minutes
He's been following us for at least 15 minutes?
He's right behind us... Look at him!
That's Battista, my bodyguard
Don't worry, he's a good guy
Pier, every time I see this girl
I feel... I don't know... something inside... I freeze... I start sweating... I don't know...
And at night I can only think of her
I think.. I don't know how to say it, I think I've fallen in love
Well, so you're planning to get married soon?
What? Get married? Are you kidding?
What the...? What have I said? - Battista!
Forgive him! Go for a walk! Get over it! - What have I said??
Tomaso, we still need to discuss a lot of things
For instance, rectitude is something you have to learn
Accidental meetings
Blocked ways, foolish choices
Words unsaid
Hidden feelings, chases
But nothing happens by chance
Everything has a meaning in its becoming
Tomaso, it's time that you joined us
He's all yours. Take him!
Hi, my name's Mauro. How are you?
What the...?
Piergesualdo, nice to meet you
Be ready to run
But you think queuing all this time for this Gianfrotti is really useful?
If it weren't really necessary, I'd have already run away
But they say that if you don't make a good impression from the beginning
He takes it personally and...
Just like I said
Listen, Tommy, can you go first, please?
No, no, you know it is a value for me, ladies first
Yeah...A true gentleman
Listen, you weren't in class today
But I wanted to ask you if you'd like to come over for dinner sometime
Gladly! - So you can meet my flatmates...
Yeah, cool - Wow! A dinner among university colleagues...
I'll try to come too!
Well, actually I don't have many chairs... - No problem, I have plenty!
Nor dishes... - But we can order some pizzas...
Tommy, what do you like to eat? We can cook something special for you...I don't know...
She looked at me!
It's done!
No you're mistaken, she was looking at me
She looked at ME!
No... She looked at ME!
She looked at me! - She looked at me!
Hello, Mauro here. Who's speaking?
Oh God it's you. No wait, I don't have a pen here, wait!
Hey, Tom! - What?
I was... - Oh God I'm a human being too, it's over, let me through!
I think it's for lap dogs to stay here for Gianfrotti
You're right, and we're no lap dogs. - Of course not!
What's the use of all this? - Exactly! Let's go, shall we?
Let's go!
D-? Are you kidding me, Professor?
I have no time to waste, I'm a busy man, I have to work
To support my family, I have children to raise
Give me a D! It's the third time I've taken this exam
A D? - A D! And we get this over with!
Well done! - F
What? F?? - An F
You don't understand, I have no time to waste
Enough! You write like a child in the 5th grade
Missing contents, missing capital letters, missing punctuation!
People like you make me feel sick of teaching
Chair warmers like you!
Here's what you're going to do.
You go away. Parasite!
It'll be very difficult for you to ever pass the exam
Did you see how good I was?
Hold on a second, the pen!
Stop it, please, stop it! That's enough!
That's enough!
Wasn't there a table here once?
Happy hour? - Margarita time!
What are all these changes? These posters on the wall?
Nothing, I just wanted to make the wall more colourful.
You see, the brunette, the blonde and the red-haired.
Yeah... well not all of us need to put girls against a wall to be able to see them.
Well not all of us need to sleep with a different girl every night to feel like a true man
Tomaso is back?
I think he went to see a professor, he should be back soon
So now you're Tomaso's new mentor?
Yes, why? You wish it were you?
Add friend. Friend request sent.