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We send one of our girls
Chris Mcgonna, to a rally to collect signatures for a petition
she is gonna ask people
to sign a petition banning Dihodrogene Monoxide
That's Di (2), Hidrogene, Monoxide, (H2O), water
that's right, water
and she is not going out even to stretcht the truth
not at all
She is just gonna talk about what water is
and what it does
with vocabulary intolerant of environmental hysteria
Hi, this is a petition for dihodrogen monoxide
what it is, it is a chemical that is found
now in reservoirs, and in lakes, pesticides
different kinds of companies are using it
styrofoam companies, nuclear companies
and now when they use it in pesticides,
when we are washing our food with things like that
it is not coming out
it, of course, means that it ends in our grocery stores,
in our babies' food, stuff like that
causes excesive sweating, affects urination,
anything that helps the environment
These people signed
we don't know if they thought, but they signed
here we are
can I get you guys to sign a petition?
what for?
banning Dihodrogene Monoxide
would you sign?
here you are
thank you, very much
and our petition woman was given signatures left and right
OK, mostly left
because, man, there are lots of people against that evil WATER
It's everywhere, we really need to ban it
these passionate, informed people, didn't even need to ask
what dihodrogene Monoxide is
they didn't even ask
is passion suppossed to replace common sense?
we understand the desire to join up and do something important
it's sexy, to save the world
but you gotto spend a couple of minutes to find out
if you are really saving the world
and not just being herded around
by some politically motivates assholes
who may not really care that much about the environment
but see this as some chance to raise money for whatever
they think is a good idea
no end never justifies the means, of lying
man, there are a lot of people who signed the petition
and we aren't talking about a handful of dopes
we are talking hundreds
it causes a lot of urination, vomiting
even the head-organizer of this rally signed the petition, eagerly
thank you very much
hi, this is a
and our petition was still getting signatures
companies, the pesticides companies, styrofoam companies, nuclear companies
all of these people use it
finally, we let her tip him
are you concerned about water?
I am, yeah
is water something that should be banned?
what sort of water, actually?
should be banned?
No, I don't think so,
I think we need to drink water and
I don't know what you mean by it, that water should be banned
this petition is to ban water
Dihodregene monoxide is water
no, no, no
yeah, yeah, yeah
OK, yeah
we set these folks up
but it does show that maybe they aren't so much enviromentalists
as they are joiners, of anything