Extreme Garage Makeover

Uploaded by motorztv on 26.03.2012

I'm Chris Duke and today on Motorz we're doing an extreme makeover!

Hey welcome to Motorz. For the past three seasons of the show our garage studio has
undergone quite a few changes. Most people that watch this show don't even think that we film in a
standard two car garage. Now if you check the first episode from a couple of years ago you'll see
that it is a very basic two car garage. I had boxes everywhere. I had bikes hanging from the ceiling
over there. I had stuff hanging off the wall and I had some very basic hand tools. Well,
with help from the Sears Blue Tool Crew we're getting an extreme garage make over. We're going to show you
how to install some of the awesome products from Gladiator and we're going to check out some of the great new
tools from the Sears Blue Tool Crew. Well, lets guy this thing and give it a make over!

We went ahead and assembled two of Gladiator's storage products so you could see what they look like.
We've got a modular gear box down here that has a single slide out shelf and lockable
plate doors. The only thing you need to do to assemble this is to put the wheels on the bottom and these bumpers
on the sides. The jumbo gearbox takes a little bit more effort just because it's so huge its
got three adjustable shelves that support up to fifty pounds each and lockable diamond plate doors
and they're designed to be hung on the wall using Gladiator's gear track system or their
gear wall system. They give you all the hardware that you need including an allen wrench so the only
tool that you need is a phillips screw driver. Lets get started on this one.

The included assembly manual is very easy to understand and
to make it even easier they've labeled many of the parts like this to know which direction they go.

Now that the top and the bottom are on
we can get to the back which is really easy. You've got these panels that are clearly labeled
A, B, C, D, and E and they just interlock along the back. Once you've got these all
lined up then you just screw them down with the provided phillips screws.
Since we're not going
to be hanging our cabinets on the wall, we're going to install the four levelling legs on the bottom.

Stand the cabinet up and square it up and then you can tighten
the bolts and then put in the shelves.

The metal shelves have these tabs
that slide into slots right here on the side of the cabinet. Sometimes they can be a little tight though so grab a
flat blade scredriver and bend them out a little bit so that you can get them in there.
That's loud.

Now that we're done putting the finishing touches on our tall gearboxes we can finally get to the workbench
and the wall behind it. Now if you're tired of those antiquated peg boards you should definitely check out Gladiator's
gear track system. They've got a variety of accessories to hold all your stuff from these
metal and mesh baskets, hooks to hold screwdrivers all the way up to a bicycle
these nifty storage bins, a cleanup caddy, and a bottle opener.
Now the gear tracks not only look great but they support a ton of weight so you can hang anything on them
from these tall gearboxes to the wall gearboxes that we're going to install in a little bit. First lets get
all this stuff out of the way and get to our gear track. Now above our workbench we're going to be hanging three
thirty inch wall gearboxes and we're going to use the gear track to hang them. Now we went ahead and
figured out where our studs are and pre-measured everything. And while not required, we went ahead and pre-drilled some holes
for our screws. Now to do this you might need some help, it'll be a lot easier, so grab a buddy. Buddy get over here!

We used our tape measurer to make some marks from the ceiling
and then a four foot level to make our lines nice and straight.

we used Gladiator's gear track system for above our workbench, but you could also use their
gear wall system as well.

With our gear tracks installed it's time to hang all of our
accessories and our cabinets. Gladiator makes a wide range of cabinets all the way from 24
inches wide up to 30. This is one of the 30's that we're going to be installing 3 of up here. And one of the really
cool things about all the Gladiator products I wanted to point out is their packaging. It's out of control.
Everything is really well packaged and wrapped up.
Check this out. We've got cardboard pieces on the side with this nice styrofoam in there.
And of course the product is well wrapped.

And check this out on the inside. We've got these styrofoam stilts holding up these two by fours, real wood
so it's not going to get busted in shipment. Now these cabinets
are great. They come pre-assembled with the key right there in the door. All the shelves are already installed
and to hang them you can bolt them directly to the wall or you can hang them on
the gear track. Just bolt these to the back. We'll show you how
well they slide right in. Now you want to tighten this top bracket all the way, but the bottom one
you want to leave loose. You need that slack for when you put it up on the track. Now grab a buddy and lift it
up and put it on.
Alright, is that in? Now the cool thing about
these gearboxes and the gear track system is that you can move them around all you want to position them into place
then when you're all done you tighten down that bottom bracket and secure it a little bit better.

Well we're done installing our gear track
and our cabinets. Now for large areas you might want to check out their gear wall system. Now let's
move our workbench and put up all our accessories
Right about there looks good.

And finally my favorite Gladiator accessory, the bottle opener!
paired with one of the storage bins
There we go, that looks nice.
Gladiator maple workbench comes in two sizes. An eight foot as well as a six foot that you see right
here. Now this table along with the modular gearboxes creates a system that allows you to move your gear
where ever you need it. And you get some additional workspace area. Plus, to be able to move
all this stuff out of the way and reclaim that space just takes a couple of minutes.

Well now that we're done upgrading our garage with all the awesome storage
products from Gladiator garage works let's check out some of the tools starting with our Craftsman bench grinder.

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Roger writes, hey Chris first of all I wanna start by saying I love your show.
I'm a huge fan. I really like all your videos, but have you ever thought of maybe using older cars or a more
common car like a Honda Civic in its mid 90's? I would love to see that.
Thanks, your fan Roger. Well Roger we actually used a Honda Civic in season
three for an E3 Spark Plugs episode. You might want to check that out. But as we move
forward we'll be sure to include more imports such as Toyotas and Hondas on the show. We've already got
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Now Michael writes, Hey Chris, I'm a do it yourself type person and love working on cars just like you.
Your show has taught me a lot on how to do things on my own. I've always wanted to have my own shop, maybe start with
oil changes, tire rotations, spark plug changes and later move on
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My question to you is, what would you recommend me to do or do you have any advice? Well
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Well that does it for our extreme garage make over. All made possible
by our friends at the Sears Blue Tool Crew. Now for more information on all the tools and
storage solutions that we featured on today's episode, just head on over to our website. Or you
can even go to your local Sears store to see everything up close and personal. We'll catch you next week
on Motorz! Hey Clay, what do you think of your new home buddy?