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BETH HOYT: Fleet week.
Fleet week.
Pick me.
Let's, let's tap dance together.
Isn't that?

Hey guys.
OK, stop everything.
We just started.
I know.
Stick with me.
Now if you're watching live what I'm about to say will
make no sense.
But if you're watching on demand, as many of you are
right now, you should click this, this
annotation right here.
You can watch me in playlist.
I look, I look so much prettier there.
Seriously, click it.
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Click it, OK?
OK, hello my pretties.
I'm the wicked witch of the west, except I'm not really
mean at all and I actually, I frigging love water.
Drink it all the time.
I'm also a pretty good swimmer, so there's that.
Huge hands and I'm all torso.
I'm like a, like a lizard, short legs.
So I was built for the sea.
Not so much the land.
I struggle on land.
Anyway, I'm Beth Hoyt.
Welcome to the Bangarang.
What's the bangarang?
It's what the Lost Boys yell in Hook.
And also it's my name for what you're about to watch, the
half an hour live comedy show on the internet that has, well
it has me and never before seen videos and the Daily
Show's Wyatt Cenac.
He's going to be with us later on to talk about news and
comedy and comedy news.
We're still taking questions from the live
comments so get in there.
Let's do one right now.
Let's do it.
Come on, 2012.
Show me how we work it.
This is from GlitterZuz07, "please give me a shout out,"
something, I can't quite read on the screen.
But I'm sure it's like I would appreciate, that's probably
what it says.
I would appreciate that very much.
Well, we just did that, so do it again?
I feel like I nailed that one.
Feel like I really nailed it.
OK, so Wyatt will be here answering your questions and
your comments, but then also today we've got the great
Gilbert Gottfried live in the studio for another one of his,
of his Gilbert Gets It segments.
And then after the show, Gilbert and Wyatt will decide
to form a vaudeville style comedy duo called Cenac and
Gottfried and two tour the heartland of America planning
to sell out crowds at county fairs.
Will that actually happen?
Probably not but it could.
It's a live broadcast, guys.
Probably not, probably won't happen, but maybe, could, you
know, maybe.
Probably not.
OK first stop.
It's one of those never before seen videos I
was telling you about.
And this one is something you guys have been asking for,
Tweeting over, heavily desiring, just whining through
the interwebs.
Give us tutorials on Photoshop from a really passive
aggressive, impatient tortured guy named Donnie Hoyle.
New episode.
In this one, Donnie is on a fast moving train leaving his
monastery, but no matter how fast he goes, he
can't outrun his past.
It's another episode of You Suck At Photoshop.

DONNIE HOYLE: My name is Donnie
and you suck at Photoshop.
And, and so pull your hand out of your pants and give
yourself a low five, great job.
Let's say you're on a train rocketing through the
Himalayas on, you just escaped from a monastery where you've
spent the last few years and you're on your way home
because you want to exact revenge on your wife's lover
and it's, it's really cold.
And, you, you've been in a monastery for the last few
years with a bunch of dudes and you just, you want to warm
things up a little bit, but you, you went to open up
Photoshop to get some of your warming photos and Photoshop
had thrown up all over itself because it's a new version of
Photoshop and the people who made Photoshop thought it'd be
really cool if they made it look like an
MP3 player from 1996.
And then, I mean, I know what you're thinking, you're
thinking, Donnie, Donnie, we can't afford to buy a new
Photoshop every 10 minutes because we spent all of our
money on our girlfriends on Friday night on fourth meal.
And so I actually, I think I agree with you for you to
spend money on a new version of Photoshop would be like
buying a Large Hadron Collider to do your
social studies homework.
So I'm going to show you a video that proves that you
don't have to have the newest, greatest thing to believe that
you're part of the crowd or that you can do it.
And perhaps along the way we'll get inspired by the
things of the past.
My name is Donnie and you succeed at Photoshop.
You Succeed at Photoshop is brought to you in part by
Sign up a friend and get one free hour, and Byte magazine,
and Sega Dreamcast, the console of the future.
Hi, welcome to another installment of You Succeed at
Photoshop with me, Donnie Hoyle.
I'm so glad to have you back with me again.
You are getting so much better at Photoshop and I'm, I'm very
proud of you.
Well, let's just get right down to it.
Uh, let's go to our good, old friend Photoshop.
You know, every time I open the application up I just
think about all of the great, wonderful ways that we've
expressed ourselves together and, well,
let's open up a photo.
Maybe you recently went on a camping trip with that new
special someone that you've been uh, spending, well, a lot
of time with and you and some very good friends from your
high school days threw a bunch of tents and supplies in a, in
a camper and headed on out to uh, to do
some camping together.
Let's, let's open up, up a photo and I, I've got this
great photo here and as you can see it
was a beautiful day.
The colors aren't as rich as they could be and in fact
they're, they're not balanced quite, quite right.
What, what can we do?
I, I know what you were going to say, let's use the hue
saturation tool.
Good for you.
That's, even though that's not correct, it's great that
you're taking the initiative to try and come up with
different ways that you can do it.
But why don't you let me show you the right way to do it?
Does that sound good?
Look, we're actually going to go to Image,
Adjust, Color Balance.
And we're going to balance the color this way.
Now, what this allows us to do is we actually have a little
bit more precise control over the different types of colors
in the image and allows us to, to focus in on certain things
so, I, I definitely think the sky was a lot bluer
that day, you know.
DONNIE HOYLE: I, I'm down in the basement working on my
Photoshop video series m'lady.

Love is a many sple--
DONNIE HOYLE: I'm, no you, you have to use the T, press the
TV video button.
And don't, tape over Quantum Leap, but don't tape over
Touched By an Angel.
Touched by an Angel, lady love berry.
I love you.
I, I love you.
Well, let's um, so let's, let's start by uh hitting the
midtones, we'll select the midtones here and we're going
to bring up the blue.
And be very careful, oh by the way we have to click the
Preview icon here so we can see what we're doing.
We want to make sure we don't get too much blue in there.
And OK, that's looking pretty good.
And we haven't done too much here to the, to the, to the
other colors yet.
Let's go to highlights because this sky uh, is, is really
bright up there and we can start to see
the sky coming up.
But what's happening?
We're getting too much blue.
So let's, uh, one of the good things to note about art and
life is that you always want to have your cool and warms
uh, in, in opposites.
So if your shadows are cool, you want your highlights to be
warm, that's right.
And if you do it the other way around.
So we've got some cool highlights
with this cool blue.
So let's, let's go to our shadows and bring up a little
bit of the red in there to pop some contrast.
See how that brought that to life a little bit there?
And uh, and we'll just, now check this out.
We flip the preview.
Look how dull and dreary that was and now we're getting so
much brighter and livelier and, well that's, you know,
show me the money.
DONNIE HOYLE: I, I'm going to be right up sweetie.
Sugar plums.
Um, so let's try that with, with another image that might
have a little bit punchier color.
It's gonna be a, a little stronger and see if we can do
the same thing.
Let's see I've got a, oh this is a good one.
I've got this.
Heading home.
This was on our way back from the trip.
And, and look at those oranges there.
We really--
Nothing will stop us from painting this picture.
Nothing will keep us from exacting our revenge.

COMPUTER VOICE: Where are you, man?
Come on.
Man, where are you?

BETH HOYT: You guys should feel so lucky that
we got to see that.
Do you know how hard it is to find a mobile
hot spot in the Himalayas?
It's like--
OK, I can't think because can you feel it?
There's a comedy legend with me here in the room.
It's Gilbert Gottfried and he's our resident ranter.
He's the one who says all the things that you think, but
then like you're afraid to say.
And he's back with another installment of
Gilbert Gets It.

Gilbert Gottfried here.
Let's talk about a couple of idiotic things going on in
this world of ours.
Skechers, the shoe company, is being forced to pay $40
million for falsely claiming that their Shape-Up shoes
could help people get in shape.
I get it.
You want to look sexy but you don't want to work for it.
The ad showed a model with great ass and said if you wore
the shoes that that ass could be yours.
So I wore them for a month, showed up at the model's
house, and asked her if I could have her ass now.
My ass still looks about the same, but I got a really sexy
restraining order.
Still, I'm going to wear the shoes for about another month
and see if I could get her breasts and vagina.
Skechers really should have gone with their original
campaign, put down the devil dogs and get the
fuck off the couch.
Meanwhile in Sweden, a man is advertising
himself as an evil clown.
Evil clown?
As opposed to what other kind exactly?
He's hiring himself out for children's birthday parties.
He threatens the kids, stalks them, and then smashes their
birthday cake.
Look, I get it.
The parents want the birthday party to be
entertaining for them.
And the parents say their kids loved being scared senseless.
Since we're speaking for the kids now, they also love being
beaten and molested.
Renting the evil clown is pretty cheap though, of course
it doesn't include the cost of years of
therapy for the child.
I wonder if I could pay this evil clown to
wear Skecher's Shape-Ups.
Because if there's one thing I can't get enough of, it's an
evil clown with a perfect ass.
I want more crazy stuff to talk about so send your ideas
to Twitter, RealGilbert, and let's see what we can do to
fix all of the stupid in this country.

BETH HOYT: Thanks Gilbert.
Guys seriously, keep tweeting in topics you want Gilbert to
sound off on.
Send it to RealGilbert, hashtag Gilbertgetsit.
We want them.
He wants them.
Do it.
OK, up next is another MyDamnChannel
original comedy premier.
It's the apartment through hell.
It's Co-op of the Damned with Rosemary's other baby.

CAROL: Hey silly, this was in the bedroom.
SEAN: Oh, goofy.
CAROL: Ooh guests.
SATANIST: Hi, welcome to the building.
SEAN: Thanks.
I'm Sean.
This is Carol.
And you are some sort of cult?
SATANIST: Accurate.
SATANIST: Tell me.
Have you and your wife considered having a child?
CAROL: You mean like for you guys?
Aw, you guys are Satanists.
SEAN: Totally.
Count us in.
SATANIST: Just like that?
CAROL: Sean, can you imagine me carrying
the spawn of Satan?
SEAN: Your sister's going to be so jealous.
Let's call her now.
CAROL: Yeah.
SATANIST: That felt a little too easy.

SATANIST: Hey, hey.
Look who's here guys.
CAROL: Who wants snicker doodles?
SEAN: We thought now might be a good time to talk about
logistics and stuff.
CAROL: Yeah, like when your boss is going to go to town on
my fertile crescent.
SEAN: Also, have you guys talked about baby names yet?
SATANIST: Uh, we're pretty set on Damien.
Yeah, we can circle back to that.
SATANIST: OK, well we should go actually.
CAROL: Oh, where are you going?
SEAN: We could, we could--
SATANIST: We have this thing that we do.
Did you get my ovulation calendar I sent you?
SATANIST: Oh my god.

CAROL: Never too early to think about it.

SATANIST: OK, so once you have the baby, we'll
take it from there.
Simple as that.
CAROL: What the hell is going on here.
SEAN: Yeah, who's the shiksa?
SATANIST: How the hell did you get in here?
CAROL: Are you guys backing out?
Sean, do something.
SATANIST: Just explain what's going on.
SATANIST: All right.
We looked into it and the mother of Satan's baby can't
have gone to ASU.
CAROL: It's the number one party school.
SATANIST: And then on Facebook you friended the uh--
SATANIST: Extreme couponing.
CAROL: Yeah, I like that show.
SATANIST: And you put on that outfit and you looked at
yourself in the mirror this morning and you thought, yes.
SATANIST: Why are you so afraid of looking pretty?
SATANIST: And do you know your SAT verbals are lower than
your credit rating?
SATANIST: And snicker doodles, really?
Do we look like Mennonites?
SATANIST: What we're trying to say is we're just
not that into you.

SEAN: I'm still cool, right?
FEMALE SPEAKER: If it's a boy, can we name him Maverick?

MALE SPEAKER: And the house is haunted.
MALE SPEAKER: Yeah, we know.
That's why we got it so cheap.
FEMALE SPEAKER: You're the ghost.
MALE SPEAKER: Yeah, just like that huh.
MALE SPEAKER: Hey, uh, how's the internet
connection here ghost?
MALE SPEAKER: It's dial-up.

STEVEN WEBBER: Hi, I'm Steven Webber and you're watching
MyDamnChannel Live.

BETH HOYT: Hey ya.
How ya doing?
Are you thinking about Wings?
Wings the show.
Oh but, oh but now you're thinking about Buffalo wings.
Oh now.
And now you're thinking about BW3 Buffalo Wild Wings.
And now you feel empty and sad inside right.
I'm sorry.
Hey, hey.
Have you tweeted and or Facebook and or commented to
ask Wyatt Cenac a question?
You must do that now because he's going to be
here like so soon.
Your voice, your voice, your voice can--
That was real time.
I just--
Your voice can be heard.
Not literally of course.
Let's not get carried away.
This isn't like, this isn't Star Trek or something.
Oh, but this sounds futuristic.
A contest in the future with PitchCon.
What's PitchCon?
It's this big event in LA where attendees pitch their
killer TV, movie, and internet video ideas to execs.
MyDamnChannel will be there.
And this year attendees can submit their own video to
possibly be featured on MyDamnChannel.com.
Yes, you on this show.
So if you've got a hankering to do some broadcasting, maybe
this is your in.
All the details are on PitchCon.org, so check that
out, but in another tab.
Don't you, don't leave.
Don't you dare leave me.
OK, so last week we had Steve Rannazzisi from The
League on the show.
Do you remember that?
He was so nice.
Let's show them.
Let's show them that thing.
STEVE: Um, I mow my lawn.
I uh take care of the family.
And I do stand up at night.
And I watch uh Real Housewives of New Jersey.
BETH HOYT: Do you?
He does.
What a sweet guy.
Who could imagine that Steve could also be the D-bag
antihero on Daddy Knows Best.
But he is.
Here he is in Daddy Knows Best.
This one's titled "Game Night."
FEMALE SPEAKER: Dirty, dirty Sanchez.
NANCY: Mo, money shot.
BRAD: Yes.
STEVE: I said that, too.
Money shot.
I told you porno Pictionary was the way to go.
PHIL: Hey, why don't we kick it up a notch and make this
into a swinger's party?
STEVE: I choose Nancy.
NANCY: What?
STEVE: That little filly.

PHIL: What are you talking about?
STEVE: For the swinger's party.
I was choosing up like draft picks, no?
PHIL: No, that was a joke, Steve.
STEVE: Yeah, I know.
I totally, haha.
I get that.
I was kidding, too.
I would, I'm not even attracted to Nancy, so ugh.
PHIL: So now my wife's unattractive.
STEVE: On the contrary, my friend.
Your wife's smoking hot and if I were single, I would be
(MAKES NOISE) in that.
PHIL: Wow.
FEMALE SPEAKER: Oh yeah, you would just--
NANCY: No, no.
No, Steve, actually you're the last person in this room that
I'd want to have sex with.
STEVE: Yeah, OK.
You know Brad's here right?
Have you met Brad?
Sitting right over there.
NANCY: Yeah, I met Brad.
STEVE: You're telling you would have sex with Brad
before you had sex with moi?
NANCY: Yeah.
STEVE: Really?
FEMALE SPEAKER: You know what, you'd have to get behind me in
line though because I would totally hit that.
I would totally hit that.
Look at me.
Everybody's getting on the Brad wagon.
OK, he's smart, sophisticated, and he speaks three languages.
It's very sexy.
BRAD: Two and a half.
Spanish, French, and soupcon of Klingon.
STEVE: That's not even a language.
What are we talking about?
Phil, can you do me a favor and help me out here?
Help a brother out.
PHIL: What am I going to say?
Brad's awesome.
I got to agree with the girls, you know.
He's pretty attractive and if I was going to have a
relationship with a man, if I was going to experiment, I'd
want Brad to be my first.
STEVE: Oh, dear Jesus Christ.
FEMALE SPEAKER: Oh, so sweet.
STEVE: Are you telling me right now you're looking at me
and telling me you would have sex with Brad before you would
let me enter you as your first?
PHIL: Yes.
You're aggressive.
You would, I, I feel like you would hurt me down there and--
FEMALE SPEAKER: You have no idea.
PHIL: You're like a bull in a china shop.
STEVE: Damn right I would wreck you.
You know what's wrecking me right now?
All this talk about Brad being better than me in bed.
You have no idea what I have to offer, huh.
You see this move Brad?
You cannot even fathom what this move is.
Don't do this.
STEVE: Nancy, stare at my face right now.
Watch, doubletime.
Emily, ba-ba-boom.
FEMALE SPEAKER: Just stop Steve please.
STEVE: No I will not stop because Brad started this with
his macho atmosphere.
You want to have a hump off?
BRAD: I'm not going to hump the air.
I'm too busy humping my wife.
FEMALE SPEAKER: Oh, wow, lucky her.
No more OK.
No, no, no.
STEVE: How about that?
Four and a half inches.
No VDs.
Grade A meat.
PHIL: That's, that's enough.
That's it.
You crossed the line, Steven.
All right.
It's time for you to go.
PHIL: Get the fuck out.
FEMALE SPEAKER: I am so sorry.
I'm sorry, sorry.
STEVE: No, we're not sorry.
Opposite of sorry.
FEMALE SPEAKER: Are you happy, Steve?
Are you happy?
STEVE: No, I'm not happy.
So you're sorry.
STEVE: No, they didn't even let me show
them my go-to move.
The hot toboggan where I do the whirl and twirl.
I'm going to go back and show Brad.
That will put me over the top.
Hey Brad.
Check this one out.

MALE SPEAKER: If he's not a stoner or a lawyer, we're not

STEVE: Hey, I'm Steve Rannazzisi from Daddy Knows
Best and you're watching MyDamnChannel Live.

BETH HOYT: Thanks, Steve.
And hello, Wyatt Cenac.
BETH HOYT: Thank you for being on the show.
WYATT CENAC: Thanks for having me.
BETH HOYT: For those of you sitting there who don't know
everything, absolutely everything about you already,
Wyatt has been a correspondent on the Daily Show for Jon
Stewart, for the, for Jon Stewart with the past, these
are my prepositions--
with Jon Stewart for the past four years.
And if you're into comedy probably seen him do, you've
seen him do his own comedy sometime somewhere.
I'm a big fan.
I'm really excited to have you here.
WYATT CENAC: Thank you.
BETH HOYT: And um, I'm really excited.
I wrote a bunch of questions.
They narrowed them down by 7/8 and said, you know, you can
ask this many questions.
But before we go any further, I think we should give another
shout out to GlitterZuz07 who really wanted a shout-out.
So, hope you're happy, GlitterZuz07.
BETH HOYT: If you're not frigging happy by now
WYATT CENAC: Hopefully by the end of this you have at least
three more, I would think three more Twitter followers.
This was a YouTube comment.
So if you have Twitter followers from this too then
this, you should be really happy.
BETH HOYT: Good looking out.
You're a caring person.
WYATT CENAC: Yeah, well I remember, I remember the
GlitterZuz07s of the world.
BETH HOYT: Forever.
OK, I have these questions for you.
I'd like you to choose one and then, you know, you choose it,
you promised you'd answer it so it's like you're choosing
you know, your own faith here.
WYATT CENAC: All right.
Are you trying--
BETH HOYT: They're all random.
Some of them are very personal.
WYATT CENAC: OK, are you trying to force me into some?
BETH HOYT: Not at all.
I'm really not.
WYATT CENAC: I'll seem like I'll go blue.
BETH HOYT: Go blue.
Go blue.
I went to Michigan.
I did not.
I appreciate your shout-out though.
If you could have any animal as a pet, which
one would you choose?
Sorry, real personal.
WYATT CENAC: Uh, a dog.
BETH HOYT: There you have it.
WYATT CENAC: Wow, this is easy.
This is really easy.
BETH HOYT: There you have it.
Do you have a dog?
Do you have a pet?
BETH HOYT: But now we all know.
WYATT CENAC: But don't show up.
Don't try to bring me a dog.
He wants to, I mean, it's better to keep these things
pipe dreams.
WYATT CENAC: Well, let me get it on my own.
Don't force a dog down anybody's throat.
You never hear of that.
Like you hear stories of people getting like tricked
into, like oh I got tricked into getting married or I got
tricked into like having a baby, but never oh I got
suckered into getting a dog.
BETH HOYT: People give you dogs for like Valentine's Day,
isn't that a thing?
Or is that just in moves with like Zooey Deschanel or
something where they're like I got a puppy.
WYATT CENAC: I think that may be just a
plot device in a movie.
Kind of like an Iron Man, those things don't exist.
Oh, gosh.
WYATT CENAC: OK, I'm picking another.
BETH HOYT: Hard-hitting realities.
WYATT CENAC: Yeah, there is no Iron Man.
Um, I'll go this one.
BETH HOYT: Does everyone assume you know everything
that's going on politically all the time?
And do you?
BETH HOYT: And do you?
Does everyone?
WYATT CENAC: I don't know if everyone assumes that, but I
think a lot of people assume that I, uh, that yeah I'm
always paying attention to the news and I've seen everything
and I, yeah, which I haven't.
It's miserable to watch it.
BETH HOYT: Do you, do you give them like a fake answer?
I mean, everything sounds legit coming from your voice
so do you just maybe sometimes give them an answer whether
it's right or wrong or are you just like, I don't.
WYATT CENAC: Well, no.
I think it depends on, sometimes there's somebody
who's like, you might be, you might be approached by
somebody and they're like, oh my god, can you believe what's
going on with whatever thing?
And it's like, nope.
I don't know what you're talking about.
And then they kind of get disappointed
and it's like, yeah.
Yeah, it seems like there's a shift where either they think,
OK, you have this encyclopedic knowledge of current events
and know everything that's going on in politics at this
moment and if you don't, if you don't know even just one
little thing they automatically then think
you're a bimbo.
Or just like, oh you're a.
BETH HOYT: Gosh, you're in a tough spot.
WYATT CENAC: Yeah, so It's like you either have to know
everything or you, if you know, if you just miss one
thing, if you mispronounce like, oh, it's Barney Sanders.
And they're like, no it's Bernie Sanders, you idiot and
so then they're very angry.
BETH HOYT: Oh, god careers getting--
Well, you do have a powerful thing having that voice.
I mean, you could just be misinforming the public all
the time and they'd be like Wyatt Cenac and I think they
would believe you.
WYATT CENAC: Well, I should hope they're not looking for
me for their information.
BETH HOYT: A lot of people.
WYATT CENAC: No, that's--
BETH HOYT: I know it's, it's a good thing that if I don't
misspeak I don't get taken down.
I'm very good with my words.
I'm very careful.
WYATT CENAC: Sure, no we've seen that so far.
BETH HOYT: Pick another one.
WYATT CENAC: Picking another card.
All right.
BETH HOYT: Into the.
WYATT CENAC: I'll go, I'll go with this one again.
Do you ever get giggly?
WYATT CENAC: Do I ever get giggly?
BETH HOYT: I just I can't picture you giggling.
I mean, I want to.
I've been trying.
I've been like just really.
WYATT CENAC: I don't get giggly.
I get tittery.
BETH HOYT: Oh, you do?
WYATT CENAC: I titter.
BETH HOYT: What does that take?
To get you there?
To titter?
WYATT CENAC: Uh, I think it probably takes like getting
tickled or something like that.
Then you titter.
BETH HOYT: That was cute.
I like that.
Look at all these other questions I have.
But all these other people tweeted in
questions and stuff.
WYATT CENAC: All right.
Well, let's see.
BETH HOYT: Let's go, let's.
We're going to, we're going to look at the
questions from them.
We're going to come back in a minute and get to the internet
Q&A but first it's Captain Hippo.
They handle all our fake commercials here at
MyDamnChannel and they're back with another product
displacement and this is called Warmageddon.

MALE SPEAKER: Let's go, running in place.
Let's move it.
Move those legs.
Move those legs and fix your hands high.
Hands high.
Hands low.
Hands low.

MALE SPEAKER: Billy, Billy.
Hang in there.
Hang in there.
MALE SPEAKER: This game is awesome.

BETH HOYT: I know they were trying to use hyperbole to
make a joke, but there's no way war could be that bad.
Anyway, let's get to the Q&A. Let's just uh, let's just get
to what the first question is from someone and it's a tweet.
It's a tweet from AustinEckels.
When did you first just know you
wanted to become a comedian?
WYATT CENAC: Um, first Austin, it's one M. Um, just so that
way people don't give you a hard time about that.
Secondly, um, I think I knew when I was,
I was pretty young.
I think I was probably like uh, I'd say 11 or 12.
And I remember like seeing how cool it was
to make people laugh.
And so it was like, oh I kind of want to do that.
And so I think it was.
Like I think before that I thought, oh I want be a doctor
because I had seen like Cliff Huxtable on the Cosby Show.
BETH HOYT: Yeah, I was going to say Doogie Housier.
WYATT CENAC: But then I realized, oh, I don't actually
want to be a doctor.
I want to do, what, I want to do the thing that he's doing.
He's just making people laugh.
Good switch up there.
That was a good choice for you.
A comment now from YouTube now is from NedEhrBar.
Uh, is it tough being so dreamy?
WYATT CENAC: I, uh, I did not realize I was, I was dreamy,
so thank you NedEhrBar.
Oh, is that what it was?
BETH HOYT: Maybe that's what that is.
WYATT CENAC: No, thank you.
I didn't, I, I, I did not realize.
And if you could go back in time and sell 15, 16,
17-year-old, maybe even 26-year-old me that I'm dreamy
he would appreciate it.
BETH HOYT: Gosh, where were you then?
But yeah, good thing you know now.
You should have known.
Comment from YouTube is kevinconn, Hey Wyatt, any
plans to write more comic books?
WYATT CENAC: Um, I'd like to.
I'd like to.
I wrote uh two sort of small comic book things for Marvel.
And I'd like to write more.
I actually have uh a few ideas and it's just about trying to
find some time to do it, so maybe.
BETH HOYT: That's exciting.
Uh Timbre question is from socratescloset.
I'd like to ask your opinion about people breaking out into
song at random.
He'd like to ask, I think we're just going to assume
they asked, he asked.
WYATT CENAC: OK, what do I think about people who break
into song at random?
WYATT CENAC: It's weird if they can't sing.
Um, it's probably not as weird if they're on the show Glee.
There it probably makes more sense.
BETH HOYT: It's probably less random then.
That's probably the other part of it is if, if they do it and
there is a backing band I have no problem with it.
Then it's, he OK.
BETH HOYT: You know like, either lucky you, you know, or
or this is pleasant to listen to.
WYATT CENAC: Well, It may not be pleasant to listen to, but
I can't argue with the fact that they took the time and
effort to actually get an backing band good for them.
BETH HOYT: Good clarification.
A Tumblr question is from mrsmrdrprofessor, in light of
recent events--
that's a cool name-- in light of recent events, how can we
be sure you're not a hologram?
WYATT CENAC: You can't be sure.
You have to trust.
I was going to just punch you, but then, we'll just, we're
just going leave it to trust.
WYATT CENAC: Well but then, you could also, you could also
be a hologram.
BETH HOYT: Exactly.
WYATT CENAC: Really the only one that knows for sure is
hologram Tupac who controls everything that happens on the
internet and at Coachella.
WYATT CENAC: Hologram Tupac books Coachella.
Most people didn't know that.
Breaking news.
Tumblr question is from kees, bees, keebeeskhaos.

Have you called in for the Bounty Hunter's cartoon?
Have they called you in for the Bounty Killer's cartoon
what with your awesome King of the Hill specs?
Also, why are you so awesome?
With the big wide open smiley face.
WYATT CENAC: Thank you.
That's very, uh, that's very nice.

And thank you for knowing that I worked at King of the Hill.
Uh, yeah, I wrote at King of the Hill for uh about three
seasons and I wrote a few episodes there
and a lot of fun.
Um, they haven't called me in.
So yeah, if you want to, I guess, start a, start an
online petition of some kind, you know what?
Get GlitterZuz07 on this.
BETH HOYT: She's, it's the least she could do.
WYATT CENAC: You're assuming GlitterZuz07 is a woman.
BETH HOYT: I know, I just.
I know.
I know.
WYATT CENAC: Don't be a slave to the gender binary.
Don't be a slave to the gender binary.
BETH HOYT: I absolutely feel terrible about that.
I think we have a comment.
Thank you.
Ashattack91, can you tell us a joke?
WYATT CENAC: No, I'm not getting paid for this.
BETH HOYT: Well, I mean you can.
BETH HOYT: Yeah, absolutely.
So the answer is yes.
WYATT CENAC: I mean, I could, yes.
If you're asking if I have the ability to, yes.
BETH HOYT: Absolutely.
I mean, yeah.
WYATT CENAC: But will I?
BETH HOYT: He's here to mostly make a lot of good
You guys, if you're prone to tears, I just, now is the time
to start blubbering because that's all the time we have.
Doesn't that just fly?
I know.
But seriously are you still crying?
You're such a baby.
There's going to be more shows.
Get over it.
Daily Grace is here tomorrow.
And Wyatt and I actually we're going to take a moment um,
we're going to leave her a little love note on the old
BETH HOYT: Going to be making just an impromptu drawing.
WYATT CENAC: All right.
BETH HOYT: You guys can't see this yet um, I'll just draw
the first part.
This will be on the show tomorrow.
I'm just starting off with something I think Grace will
like, which isn't a margarita.
It couldn't, I mean I should have done that.
I'm gonna, I mean, maybe I'm gonna include that.
WYATT CENAC: Well now you're taking away everything.
BETH HOYT: I didn't tell them everything.
WYATT CENAC: You're taking, you're taking
the surprise away.
You're taking the magic out of this.
BETH HOYT: No, there's still more magic.
I'm almost done.
It's very intricate.
It's a whole zoo.
It's not a zoo.
You guys, she's going to like that.
WYATT CENAC: We'll see.
BETH HOYT: I think so.
Thanks so much for being here, Wyatt.
I'm back on Friday with the weekly wrap up and next week,
next week is just all up in the air because I'm not sure
how sunburned I'll be.
We'll see you then.
In the meantime, think about more excuses for being late.
WYATT CENAC: GlitterZuz07.