How to Make a Scarecrow : Accessorize Scarecrow

Uploaded by expertvillage on 26.09.2008

So now you have your scarecrow in place you have decided where you going to position him.
You can really start to give him some character and add some things to him I am going to add
a scarf to mine. You can add a hat another great thing is Halloween time you can put
a bowl of candy right here in his lap and it you have any corn husks those work really
well to. You can really put anything on him you like. So with mine I'm simply going to
use the chair and the scarecrow and I am going to slide this through the back and I am just
going to position this scarf around his neck and that?s going to start to give him some
character cause it?s a cold and blistery day for him. If you have an old straw hat that
looks really great on here. If not you can pin the corners up if you want to make him
look more new age and you can place a base ball cap on him. If you want to scare the
kids make him look a little more real and those are some great ways you can really accessorize
your scarecrow and start to bring him to life.