What is ScreenChomp? The iPad app to Record. Sketch. Share!

Uploaded by ChannelTechSmith on 09.09.2011

What if there was a world where teachers and students could talk to each other outside of the classroom?
The ScreenChomp iPad app makes sharing your ideas and knowledge easy and fun, no matter where you’re at.
ScreenChomp has a simple white board, a variety of markers, and a scrolling background that lets you doodle on any image.
It allows my teacher to record on-the-go tutorials with full audio and send them home with students.
All he has to do is send his videos to ScreenChomp.com, and then paste the link to his blog or webpage.
This helps me better understand the material when I’m not in the classroom.
That’s how I get help, but what if one of my friends still doesn’t get it?
This is my friend Joe. Joe just can’t seem to understand how to do a problem, and he’s ready to give up.
It’s not hard for students to feel alone and worried when they can’t understand something at home.
That's where ScreenChomp comes in. It bridges that gap between the problem and getting help.
Joe can draw his math problem on ScreenChomp while explaining what he’s not understanding [...]
[...] and then send the sharable URL out to his friends.
I may know how to solve the problem, so I can make a video and send it back to Joe, explaining how to get it done.
This takes a lot of the stress off Joe’s shoulders.
And it gives him the confidence to keep studying.
So, how will you start using ScreenChomp?

Download the free app today, on TechSmith Labs or directly from the iPad app store, and find out.