CGRundertow ORDER UP!! TO GO for iPhone Video Game Review

Uploaded by CGRundertow on 14.01.2012

It’s deeper than a deep frier. It’s more addictive than a cheeseburger combo, hold
the mustard. It’s one of the best cooking games you’ll ever play, and now it’s available
in a delicious little takeout size in the App Store.
It’s Order Up To Go.
As delicious as it is, you might not recognize the brand name. The original Order Up was
released to the Wii in 2008 and was really one of the better third-party games on the
system, but it stayed largely under the radar. Fortunately, it’s been reheated for a release
to the App Store...and even as leftovers, Order Up is fantastic.
Order Up To Go is a cooking game with a heavy emphasis on multitasking and even business
management. In a sense, it’s more a restaurant simulator than just a simple cooking game.
Not only are you preparing meals in the kitchen, but at the end of the day, you’re also going
over the finances. Stressful as this would be in reality, it’s inexplicably fun in
Order Up To Go.
Playing as an ambitious chef, you literally land on the island of Port Abello. See, because...mushrooms.
As soon as you regain your bearings, you begin looking for work. With a restaurant scene
as booming as Port Abello’s, it’s not long before your culinary skills are put to
work. And although you start small, you’ll eventually make enough to buy new restaurants...slowly
working your way to the fanciest in town.
If you have played the original, much of this should look familiar. Order Up To Go is basically
built from the same general structure as the Wii game, but surprisingly, the recipe has
also been given quite a few tweaks for this iOS release.
At its core, though, Order Up To Go has the same ingredients. Orders come to the kitchen,
and you have to put them together. You tap an order to open it up, and you quickly get
to work. Each ingredient is prepared by hand, so you’re peeling lettuce, slicing tomatoes,
flipping burgers, and you have to finish the orders as quickly as possible for a maximum
Multitasking is the focus of Order Up To Go. And in fact, if you don’t learn to make
multiple orders at once, your customers become angry, your tips diminish and your reputation
suffers. Not an ideal combination for an aspiring restauranteur. So while those burgers are
cooking, it’s probably a good idea to drop some fries and slice tomatoes. You might even
fill the drinks, but don’t forget to flip the burgers.
Otherwise, you’ll have bigger problems than a bad reputation.
Now, I worked at a McDonald’s when I was in high school. I can tell you the multitasking
in this game is almost eerily similar to actually working at McDonald’s. You’re rushing
around doing a million things at once, and the only difference is it’s somehow fun
in Order Up To Go. It’s addictive, even. Once you’re rolling, you’re unsatisfied
with anything but total restaurant domination. And that’s perhaps the greatest achievement
of Order Up To makes food service fun.
But how does it compare to the original? Well, a few items were removed from the menu. The
business side is a bit less involved than on Wii. You can’t hire extra help, and buying
things for your restaurants is a lot simpler and less in-depth in this game. But the graphics
look tremendous, and the core gameplay is still awesome. In fact, having this game on
the go might be even better. It’s really an ideal time killer.
Order Up is still best played on the Wii, but if you can’t find a copy, this is a
more than adequate replacement. Order Up To Go is a terrific addition to the App Store,
and it’s still one of the tastiest cooking games on the menu.