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Things To Do in New York With Your Kids
Hello I'm David Hill with New York Habitat.
When many people think of New York,
they think of a giant playground for adults.
Well my friend I'm here today to tell you
that there's also tons of fun
and exciting things to do
with your kids in New York City.
Broadway with its shows and comedy clubs
is also a fun hotspot for kids.
You'll find Disney classics like Shrek,
Lion King, the Little Mermaid.
Fun for the whole family.
Another favorite destination
in New York City is Central Park.
There are playground sprinkled
all over the place.
Slides, swings, sandboxes,
tons of fun to be had.
There's even a carousel
and a full fledged amusement park
that turns into an ice rink in the winter.
New York city is also known for its museums.
The Manhattan Children's Museum
is a great place for kids of all ages.
You'll be able to tromp through the
rain forests with Dora the Explorer
and even take the wheel of a real life
New York City fire truck.
Of course a great way to experience
New York City as a family
is by renting one of our
furnished apartments.
At New York Habitat we've got
family friendly furnished apartments
all over the city.
Including this beautiful apartment
just a few blocks away from
the Manhattan Children's Museum.
So your kids are probably going to want to
go to Toys R Us,
with its giant indoor Ferris Wheel.
They're going to want to stop by
FAO Schwartz
one of the world's best known toy stores.
Empire state building,
Statue of liberty.
You know all the hot spots,
but hopefully today we were able to
show you a few of the things that
you can do in New York with your kids.
If you've got suggestions
feel free to leave some comments below
and until then I'm David Hill.
I'm with New York Habitat.
Thank you for watching our video
and have a great visit to New York City.