WTF - Korean Flower Soap Flakes in a TUBE!

Uploaded by simonandmartina on 10.08.2011

So what you're saying is
I shouldn't eat this?
So, I'm pretty sure that this is candy and that I'm supposed to eat it.
No Simon, no.
I mean look at it. It's all blue and white and flakey.
No, no no,
and I'm gonna eat it.
No you're not.
Ok so put your hand out, and you're not gonna eat it ok?
Hay I'm watching you Mister!
Alright guise can you see this?
these are little fluffy little tiny petals and stuff like that
It's actually hand soap.
Yeah, I don't care what you say.
Even though this looks like hand soap I really want to eat one.
I wouldn't eat one Simon, I'm serious.
I'm gonna try it.
Are you really gonna try it?
I'm really gonna try it.
That's a terrible idea! Are you gonna put it right on your tongue?
Can you taste anything? Hahahaha!
It was soap alright!
Don't give it to me!
No I don't wanna...EWWW!
It's stuck on.
You have a clean shoulder now.
It was clean when I SHOWERED!
Try licking it.
HAY! Let me think about that.
Hmmm, do I want to lick soap? NO!
Ok so you might wonder...
Just just lick the soap.
Just lick the soap.
You might wonder why.
I'm not listening to you! There's no peer pressure!
I'm not licking the soap!
Just do it! It'll make a good video!
Ok you might be wondering why there's soap in a container like this.
Well, in Korea actually.
Eat it! Rock Paper Scissors!
Rock paper scissors and you eat the soap. Just eat the soap!
I did it you do it! We should do it together!
I'm not licking the soap!
We're family!
I don't care!
Why do I suffer from things by myself?
Cuz I didn't suggest that you lick the soap,
you were like "I'm gonna eat that soap"
and I'm like "I wouldn't do that."
I'm pretty sure that the rest of the world would be very interested
to see you eat some soap.
No they wouldn't. They'd be like "don't do it Martina!"
Ok. Rock Paper Scissors for it. Just Rock Paper Scissors for it!
Why not Rock Paper Scissors for it?
Cuz I have no reason to do it.
You gotta do it Rock Paper Scissors for licking the soap.
I'm going to cheat!
I had the ninja samurai
God crushes the ninja samurai.
No, come on Rock Paper Scissors for it.
I got God powers over you.
No, come on. Real Rock Paper Scissors
No! Ready? Rock Paper NINJA SWORD!
Just do the real, do the real, do the real
Rock Paper Scissors just lick the soap.
Why are you so afraid to do Rock Paper Scissors
Oh! I wonder if I'm afraid or if I just don't want to lick the soap?
Ah! You should just try Rock Paper Scissors for it then.
I won't lick the soap.
How about this: if I lose, I won't ask you to lick the soap.
How about, if I don't want to lick the soap I won't play?
Ok, if this was an amazing creative thing
that I thought was weird flavored like,
no no this isn't like Harry Potter's magical beans
where every jellybean tastes like snot and some taste like strawberries,
Anyways, I will not eat the soap,
but you could be wondering why this kind of packaging exists in Korea,
like, portable soap, um, well, FYI,
If you go to a lot of restaurants in Korea, they do not have their own washrooms,
they kind of like have this sketchy hallway of doom
where you're afraid to go down alone,
you're like "This better be good! Someone's gonna kill me!"
And then you, like, kick in the stall door
and it really looks like a horror movie scene a lot of the times,
Every singly hallway I've been down I'm like
"I shouldn't be here. I should go with a friend"
Every time I #2 it in public I think
this might very well be my last public #2
Well, I'm happy you spread that out with the world, Simon.
Anyways, these washrooms are shared with a bunch of places,
so nobody restocks the toilet paper and nobody restocks the soap,
because it's nobody's individual responsibility.
Right! If you go to a really high-end place,
or if you go to a chain like Starbucks or Tom & Tom's,
they usually have their own individual washrooms which are well-stocked,
In fact, they even have the soap sticks which are really awkward,
I'm not sure if they have this in the girl's washroom,
but right by the sink they'll have this stick pop out,
and there's this bar of soap,
it's been, like, impaled,
you just stab it on, and in order to wash your hands you have to stroke the soap,
I'm just telling you how you do it alright!
I just do it this way.
Really? I go this way.
You gotta two hand it!
You rub it around and you get it all over your hand.
That's true! It's really true!
Because if they left the bar of soap on the counter it would become a soggy mess.
They don't have a pump soap with liquid, they just have stroke soap.
Stroke soap. Anyways.
Thank you Korea for your stroke soap!
I like the stroke soap!
Nothing we said was inappropriate here because this is a fact!
If one of you comes to Korea and uses the stroke soap
MMmmhhmm, Simon and Martina's stroke soap.
That's right.
So perhaps you don't have any stroke soap available,
um, this would be very cool, because you would just take it with you.
And...we haven't tried it yet. We're gonna try it together,
But I'm guessing you would just dump it on your hand and get some water on it.
I'm pretty sure that's how soap works.
Wow! What do you know!?
And I'm pretty sure, it will liquify or.
if you lick it!
Lick the soap.
Ok. I got the soap and I'm gonna try it out.
Ok is that enough?
Are you sure?
I don't know! Just do it!
Is it like, 1 poo, 2 poos, 3 poos, 4 poos,
a pee, a sneeze, and a little bit of barfing.
Ok should I put water in my hand and then rub it in?
Ok, it's like... ooo oooohhh look at that!
There seems to be a little bit of blue tinge though.
What do you mean?
Maybe from the blue dye,
Are you hands stained now?
Oh oh, they're not stained. OH GOD!
Ok, so I actually think this would be very helpful,
I mean, if you live in a country or if you're travelling a lot
if you're going across Europe, backpacking,
and you need to make sure you have soap all of the time,
I think it's pretty good.
I'm gonna go get the green one.
Oh yeah, I want to show everyone the green container too.
The green one's really pretty and we're gonna give it away.
Ok got it.