Researchers Create Transparent Lithium-Ion Battery

Uploaded by StanfordUniversity on 18.07.2011

[sound] Stanford University. The lab we demonstrated in small scale devices we can
make these batteries transparent. The power we can get out is similar to
existing lithium ion batteries. We can power devices or we can power an LED. It
is not as straight forward as you will think. Battery has two electrodes, one
positive one negative you assemble them together you assemble them in a way
[inaudible] overlap. Instead of blocking all of the empty space, you let them
overlap and in this way, you can make the whole battery transparent. >> We use PDMS,
a common kind of polymer as a substitute and it's fully transparent. >> The other
thing that's transparent, eventually you'll have a whole device that'll will be
transparent. >> You ask everybody, would you like to have transparent cell phones,
I bet, you know, a lot of people would say yes. For more, visit us at