Nike ACC Collection: How it works + ENGLISH SUBS

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Hi, welcome back to the Unisport WebTV studio
where fall has made its arrival, with more rain than sunshine.
Luckily, people still play come rain or snow and as most of you know,
that when you play in the rain, it's quite a different experience
than playing in the dry.
This is an issue that Nike would like to address, and in an attempt to do so
introduced their All Conditions Control (ACC) technology in alignment with the new colours
to all of their boots and not just the Nike CTR360 Maestri III.
What is this ACC and how does it cope in the rain? I'll be finding out as i test it today - welcome!
New boots naturally mean plenty of new colours and
we must say that Nike did well with their new vibrant colourways that spices up the autumn weather.
The colourways aren't the main event as for this release, it is instead the All Conditions Technology, ACC,
which has been introduced to every one of the four boot silos.

The ACC technology is a feature on the boot which has been applied as a coating to the upper material.
This has made the upper feel a bit more sticky
compared to boots without ACC technology, for instance the previous models.
As we saw it with the new Nike CTR360 Maestri III,
the ACC coating makes the upper slightly more water resistent.
Therefore you get the same level of friction in the wet
as you would in the dry.
Therefore the ball won't slip away from you or get the feeling that you're lacking control
and you will get rid of the problems you face when playing in wet conditions.
That is at least Nike's intention with the ACC coating.
To really show how ACC works, I've come up with a small test.
I've taken the older models without the ACC technology
and naturally the new ones with ACC technology.
We're going to see how they'll react when they get wet
and how they grip when paired with a standard Nike Maxim ball.
Check out what happens when I take the older Vapor VIII
and wet the upper, where it does grip the ball, but it isn't
working mindblowingly well.
As we now take the Vapor VIII with ACC and make it wet,
more than it already is,
you can see, that it grips noticeably better than the old model.
The same goes for the rest of the boots.
The ACC model works a lot better.
After finishing the test I was somewhat sceptical about the result,
which pointed towards the ACC boots being remarkably better
at gripping the ball than the boots without ACC.
Therefore I got a colleague to try out the same test,
and he ended up with the same result, quite impressive I might add.
Therefore, the conclusion is adding up to be,
that ACC works convincingly better in wet conditions than boots without All Conditions Control.
It does really feel great on your feet,
and as you dribble a ball it's nice to have the same level of control,
in the wet as you would in dry conditions.
Nike, this is great work and to salute you, you get a big thumbs up!
On the Vapor VIII, the ACC technology isn't the only new improvement,
because, as you can see Nike have added a securing strip
around the nose of the boot where the outsole attaches to the upper.
As the quick viewer might have noticed, this is something,
that Nike's pro athletes have had on their boots since the Clash colourway of the Vapor VIII.

so you might say you get a 'pro benefit' in the new boot.
That's pretty cool.
One of the other reasons for Nike to add the strip was
that with the previous models, some were unlucky enough
to have the upper seperate itself slightly from the outsole.
Nike have therefore taken the consequences
of the compromised durability and added the securing strip,
to enhance the overall durabilty of the boot.
Now, when the time has come to sum up,
it seems that ACC is a technology that's come to stay.
In addition I might just add, that it works, really rather well
you get a better touch on the ball in the wet and even though you don't become either
Ronaldo, Rooney, Iniesta or Pique when you wear the boots,
it really does a great job nonetheless.
It's important to say, that this doesn't improve
your touch on the ball in wet conditions,
but it does give you the same friction and touch,
that you get when you play in dry conditions.
And with that I really feel they've done a great job.
On top of that, I really want to stress,
that these three boots in particular,
seem to be a sure upgrade from their previous incarnations
simply because they give you a better touch and grip even in the wet.
Therefore, I am certain to keep playing in my Vaper VIII ACC instead of my old Mango's.
despite the colourway being a bit too much for my liking,
but you con't win every time.
This has been my opinion on the boots,
but what's your take on the colourways,
as well as the ACC technology?
Please leave a comment with your thoughts, in the comment box just below the video,
That's all from me,
but take care until the next episode
of Unisport WebTV.
Cheerio - take care.