Kingdom Hearts 3D - Lea (English subtitles)

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Lea: W-where...
Lea: Just what happened to me?
Lea: Roxas!
Lea: I'm...
Lea: Dilan... Aeleus... Even... Ienzo...
Lea: That's right... I'm back to normal...
Lea: Just the founding members of the Organization?
Lea: There's all of Xehanort's other followers, and after that, there's Braig and...
Lea: Isa.
Roxas: Hey Axel... do you still remember?
Axel: Hmm? Remember what?
Roxas: The promise you made to us.
Axel: And what's that?
Roxas: No matter how many times we go away, you'll always be there to bring us back.
Axel: Oh yeah...
Roxas: Got it memorized?
Axel: The promise of two best friends.
Lea: Looks like they're still hanging around this joint- just like I thought.
Lea: Hmmm? The other two back in the real world yet?
Aeleus: Dilan and Even regained consciousness, but they're still not stable. I'm making them rest inside.
Lea: I see. Well them, if they aren't outside, I'll go look for them.
Aeleus: No, we looked, but it looks like they aren't returning there either.
Lea: Mmm... By any chance, they couldn't have been taken to another world, could they?
Ienzo: That's unwishful thinking, isn't it? When the stolen heart of a person is reborn, they are reborn in the place they were an instant before [their heart was stolen]. If not, if the world they should have returned to was stolen, the lost person is gathered in an in-between world. Then, a world called Traverse Town was formed, and it is there they are reborn.
Ienzo: Or perhaps..
Lea: Yeah yeah, gotcha. So if we were reborn in this world, isn't it kind of funny that they aren't here with us?
Ienzo: It would appear so, yes.
Lea: This is getting to be so exhausting. What do you think about the fact that they weren't reborn here?
Ienzo: Naturally...
Lea: That's good enough. Bye, I'll go look for them.
Ienzo: Huh? How?
Lea: The dirty jobs are always left to me.