Wilson Football Factory Ep. 3: The One Millon Football Man

Uploaded by WilsonSportingGoods on 14.01.2011

So tell me who this guy is they named the street after
oh... thats me i uh... turned footballs here for forty four years
oh yeah everybody knows charlie was the
ultimate employee
Charlie never missed over three or four days of work in its entire career
he came here everyday the only job he ever did was turn footballs.
Well I'll tell you what
they've figured out that the 500 balls a day that I made
the uh last figure
was over a million
the whole family came over and the whole family was taking pictures
we've had various big NFL players big line men
come in here
watch a guy turn a ball and we say you wanna try it? well sure
they'll get the ball about two thirds done and it looks like a big knot
they can't get it finished so our turner will have to pull it out
and finish it for them
Can I see your hands? can you hold them up for me?
forty four-years I turned footballs never hurt my hands until I retired
Charlie, this was his life
and he was hopping some of those balls he made went to the Cowboys because I know he's a big Cowboys fan
Dallas Cowboys I know they're not good right now but they'll be coming back
A lot of brands what they've been trying to do
in the last decade or so is tyring to buy that authenticity and get that authenticity
well we have it that's been crafted and nurtured for almost a hundred years now
We're real, it runs through the culture of our people, why so special
its the only football
thats made
in the United States
i can't think of a product that we make
and we make over ten thousand products
that better symbolizes what our company is all about
than a Wilson football and that's something to be proud of thats something I've done with these hands right
takes hard work, takes craftsmanship, its awesome
the people here should be proud that this is the NFL capitol of the world
that's right, that's right.