Bref j'ai fait de l'airsoft [english subtitles]

Uploaded by TacticalBlackCats on 06.09.2012

In brief.
It was Thursday evening I got a call from a friend.
I let the phone ring because I like the ringtone.
I missed the call.
I had no more units. I had to wait until he called me back.
He called me back I picked up the phone
he said: what are you doing this Sunday?
I thought about my last Sundays
I sleep
I watch videos on the Internet
I clean my room
I sleep
I go shopping but only hardware stores are open on Sundays
I didn’t want to sound like a loser
I said: Something awesome, what about you?
He told me: Wanna play airsoft?
I heard: Need backup!
I said: OK
The game started. Everybody ran, so I ran.
The team went right, I went left.
I saw something moving in the bushes.
I got hit.
I went right.
I hit one Tango, another Tango
I stepped on a sniper in ghillie suit I apologized
I hit a third Tango.
I saw a fourth guy.
I aimed, I shot but ran out of BBs.
I got hit.
I stayed with the team. We walked in column.
They gave me a grenade.
I unpinned the grenade, throw the grenade.
The grenade bounced back and fell at our feet.
The squad leader looked at the grenade.
I looked at the squad leader.
The squad leader looked at me. He was about to say something.
The grenade exploded. We got hit.
I realized I lost a magazine.
As it was as dark as the floor I wandered for 20 minutes before finding it.
I defended an area. I ran out of BBs.
I changed magazines. My battery got discharged.
I took my back up. It degased.
I got hit.
I saw a Tango far away. I shot.
I saw my BBs falling at his feet.
He shot at me, had a higher range.
I got hit.
I had to cover an area with a team mate.
As there was no activity My team mate left without telling me.
A Tango came from where he left
I got hit.
I stepped again on a sniper in ghillie suit.
I was defending the area with the team.
My phone rang.
I picked it up.
A Tango localized us, we got hit.
I thought: This time, I would play tactics.
I outflanked the Tangos walked for miles
crawled through brambles cut through nettles
swam in swamps
to arrive behind the Tangos.
They didn’t see me. I saw they didn’t see me.
I shouldered, aimed, heard a whistle.
Game over.
In brief, I played airsoft.