When Natasha met Justin Bieber

Uploaded by TheZamzone on 12.08.2010

Oh my goshh!! Its Justin Bieber huh? what me?
NOO, You have a misunderstanding I am not justin bieber
Your Justin Bieber!! I know what bieber looks like okay I am not stupid
No I am just a regular kid like you No your justin bieber
ummmmmm...... okay fine oh my god I knew it omg eeek haha I am sooo
happy its you can I have your autograph please Sure...
Oh my gosh like omg I think your sooo hot... will you marry me
what hell no! can i at least have a hug oh my gosh pplease
please please give me hug Back off woman! your crazy!
yes, i am , iam crazy for you i am crazy for you justin bieber
omg please just give me one freakin hug, NO
omg why not please just one hug never mind i want a kiss
here omg i am goin to need to text all my friends
justin bieber just blow kissed me ee like omg this is sooooo gonna be my facebook
status uffff