Australia Business Visa Introduction

Uploaded by BVAustralia on 28.10.2009

Are you a business owner and thinking of emigrating to australia?
Then keep watching. . .
Hi there, my name is Mege Dalton of Business Visas Australia.
I’m an Australian solicitor and an Australian registered migration agent.
My specialty is business visas.
Applying for Australian visas can be a relatively stress free
and pain free process if you have the right person assisting you.
My offices are located in Dublin, Ireland, but I assist
clients from around the world.
Emigrating to Australia don’t have to be hard.
I have a 100% success rate to date.
When you first contact me, I will be able to assess whether or not
you’re eligible for a business visa.
It’s a big decision to move to Australia and a lot of people
take a lot of time to think about it.
So once you have thought about it and decided you want to go,
then you have to make sure what the process is going to be.
In my experience as a business visas specialist, I found out that a lot of my
clients, before they engage my services, spent many hours on the internet trying
to research Australian business visas and the requirements and how
to apply for an Australian business visa.
Doing a lot of internet research can also mean doing a lot of assessment forms
for different migration agents and that can be annoying.
It's annoying because it takes up a lot of time and you might
not necessarily get a good assessment of your eligibility or what your visas
options are, how much it's going to cost you to engage an agent.
As a business visa specialist I make sure that my clients
know exactly what they need to provide for their applications.
This cuts down on delay and it also cuts down on expenses.
Any business visa applicant has to be well informed particularly
about how they are eligible for the visa and also be well informed
about what documents and information they need to provide.
The Australian business migration programme is
trying to attract successful and experienced business people,
business owners, senior managers, senior executives.
As a business visas specialist my main aim is to help
clients navigate complex process.
First, by ensuring that they are eligible to apply for the business visa.
and secondly, making sure that they have a very good chance
of successfully attaining the business visa.
I try to take the hardwork out of the business visa
application process for my clients.
Call me or send me an email, I will get you assessed today.
Thanks for watching and goodbye.