Improve video search rankings with simple SEO tip [Creator's Tip #43]

Uploaded by reelseo on 14.06.2012

This week we’re going to talk about the best way for you to share your YouTube channel’s
URL in a way that actually boosts its ranking in search for both the channel and it’s
videos. That’s coming up on this week’s Creator’s Tip.
Hey guys, my name is Tim Schmoyer and welcome to ReelSEO’s Creator’s Tip where every
week we just want to help you guys out who are making online video content here on YouTube
and tips for you marketers and all you kind of people out there. This week we want to
give you something that I actually just recently learned, I thought it was fascinating and
it’s this. There are several ways for you to share your YouTube channels URL. Some of
them actually help you in boosting your videos and channels ranking in the search, some of
it actually has no influence at all. And unfortunately the way most of us share our channel URLs
in social media and website media it really doesn’t help it at all and by that I mean
we just say, here’s my channel on
Well that will technically lead to your channel but it will not build any link equity for
you, it will not build search juice surrounding that URL because YouTube doesn’t actually
look at your URL as or whatever your URL happens to be. Technically
the way YouTube and Google sees it is and that is the link that will internally
start building ranking juice and all that good stuff for your channel’s URL and the
videos that are on that channel.
So if you post a link to your channel anywhere online, it is much more advantageous for you
to use that whole account user name at that point. I know it doesn’t
look as pretty but that’s how Google and YouTube see your channel and if you link to
that you’ll be building much more link equity and much more search juice for your content
that way then you would if you just used the pretty URL that doesn’t have user in it.
How effective is this quick little trick? Well apparently videos that were previously
ranked around 25-30, once their account owner switched to promoting their channel name with
the user in the URL, their videos went from around that ranking up to being the top one,
two and three spot in a matter of a couple of weeks so apparently it makes a big difference
to structure your links the way Google and YouTube internally see your links, it will
make a difference in your search and discoverability and how people find you, so it doesn’t look
pretty but it’s probably worth doing. I hope that helps. If you guys have any experience
with this and SEO for your videos as far as how you structure your channel URL and how
you share that, please comment below and let us know your experience and if this is your
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